Astrology Helped Me Realize I Wasn't Crazy
by Sissy Blue

When I was young, I searched high and low, far and wide, up and down, and even sideways for answers when no one around me seemed to even understand the questions.

This was very perplexing for a youngster, but it didn’t get any better as an adult. The questions persisted. Why were there times I felt depressed for no reason? Why were there times I felt I could just touch something and it would turn into gold? Why were there times I could get hard work done with ease, yet other times easy work turned out to be hard? Why did everyone think I was a little weird?

I was forty years old before I discovered Astrology, and I can look back and see how much easier things would have been if I’d known about it sooner.

The Natal Chart helped me understand why I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I’ve got Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the Midheaven! Of course! Even if I bite my lip, determined not to jump out there and blurt something out that will come back to haunt me, if I am asked, "What do you think?", my mouth opens, the noise comes out, and there I go again.

But at least, now I understand my tendency to do that, and have the opportunity to work on it.

After I studied the Natal influences for awhile, I was delighted to learn about Transits! I remember my statement exactly, "You mean the planets out there right now going around and around make aspects back to my Natal Chart and affect me?"

It wasn’t long until I realized I had found the answer to all of my questions. I was born with a certain set of influences "built in," so to speak. That was the "starting point." But the planets didn’t stop in their tracks just because I was born. They kept moving, taking no notice of my importance, or lack of it.

As the planets made aspects to my Natal Chart, I could see the influences manifest in the real world. This wasn’t just theory. Very quickly, I learned that each planet brought its particular flavor to an aspect.

When Pluto came along, it usually meant an ending. But that only made way for a new beginning.

When Neptune came along, it could bring delusion and confusion, but could also bring dreams and creativity.

When Uranus came along, it could bring sudden changes that I had hesitated to make, and sometimes it brought new ideas.

When Saturn crept in, it was time to work on the foundation of a project, or think about security and long-term plans. It was also a time not to expect quick results, for Saturn doesn’t hurry. Sometimes Saturn brings depression, because we only see the worst side of things.

When Jupiter came rushing in, I learned that whatever I touched would not turn into gold, even if I expected it to, and that I’d better not leap-frog off a cliff, expecting to pick up a parachute on the way down. Opportunities would come with Jupiter, but I had to be realistic.

When Mars came along, I could count on great energy, but it was better used in digging a ditch, and not used in my communication.

As the years went by, I learned more and more about Astrology and Transits, and after fifteen years, I no longer wonder why I feel a certain way, or why things are happening like they are.

Now, I try to use each Transit positively, because I do have that choice. Each Transit is full of possibilities, and it is not the planet’s fault if I wreak havoc, when I could have accomplished something worthwhile. The planet only brought the influence. I’m the one that decided what to create with the influence.

And as for those questions that plagued me, I certainly found the answers in Astrology. I wasn’t weird or crazy. I was just unique in my own little way. Each one of us is unique. And that’s just the way the world needs to be!

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at