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December Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. You make many big changes this month, yet you may not be sure where they’re all coming from, for unconscious impulses stir your actions. Your understanding of the world undergoes a major shift as the month wears on. Something very big is going on at home which expands your horizons. Out of this renewed vision may come a new perspective on your role in the world.

A windfall may come to you this month, which provides a new freedom in your work. This is a good month for negotiations; breakthroughs can occur which increase your net worth. Are you having a problem with your home? Don’t continue to suffer with it. Siblings have a special role in your life this month. You may shift your relationship to a group or to a friend.

You’re destiny’s child these days, Gemini. Kind of a big responsibility, huh? With Saturn in your sign, you’re feeling isolated—not pleasant for Gemini—but this month you will get plenty of love and attention. Accept it—don’t let Saturn put its walls too high. In fact, your relationships with people can deepen in a very satisfying way. You’ve just had a breakthrough which now opens new spiritual pathways for you.

Your long realignment continues, Cancer, with an emphasis this month on your workspace and your health. Travel, or spiritual study or teaching can be very rich now. You may find yourself taking on a new project to promote your values. Love is in the air for you, and after mid-month you find many people knocking on your door. Your persona and your identity both undergo change.

You continue working to extricate yourself from an abusive situation which is deeply disturbing. This month you make some breakthroughs, thanks to your own creative efforts plus help from friends. Again, be discriminating in your associations. Sabotage, especially through a male, is possible. Your guides are helping you, and a beneficial shift may appear from seemingly nowhere.

This is a strange and changing month for you, Virgo. The vortex of your life whirls around you, and somehow you can maintain some detachment. Home is loving and exciting, perhaps with friends visiting from distant places. You make a major change in your security base, perhaps connected to a relationship connection or separation. A man has special importance re your reorientation.

You’re communicating up a storm, establishing a new projection in the world. This can lead to new work or new assignments. Much energy goes into work this month. Watch out for burnout and for alleviating stress with drugs. Make the effort to learn a relaxation technique, and then use it. You feel good about your life and about the people around you.

SCORPIO. Home and family draw you now, and you want to do something creative in that arena, perhaps something special to honor the holidays. With an urge now to shop and share, you’re prepared to play Santa Claus. And to help others in other ways as well. This is a compassionate season for you, and you really learn that "giving is getting." Enjoy your bounty.

With a solar eclipse in your sign, Sagittarius, you are changing your concept of yourself, and your approach to life. If you are listening to others, you may change your communication style as well—although listening is not Sag’s strong suit. This month you are very magnetic, and you appreciate your personal power in a new way. There is much activity on the home front, and it may be a quarrelsome or divisive place.

Health problems, Capricorn? They may be connected with a relationship which is undergoing major change. You have much on your mind, and your nervous system is overstimulated this month. Try to relax and keep your worries at bay. You do like to be in control, but in the long run life is in the hands of larger forces than you. "Let go and let god/goddess."

You make a new start in going for your aspirations this month. You are apt to have a surprising breakthrough which eases your path. Your power in groups is increasing, and it will be noticeably stronger now. Be on the lookout for spiritual information which will be a special resource to you. You may solve a long-standing family problem—with help from the universe.

You are moved to action this month, particularly in regard to your security issues and your ambitions. You are increasing your power in the world, perhaps through a promotion or a new project. It is accompanied by greater solidity and responsibility. Your emotions are especially moved, and you’re attracted to such expressions as music, movies, the arts, giving, and children.