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January 2002--we try to create order, but don't necessarily achieve what what we had in mind...

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Your Daily Success Guide December 2001
by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

Updated every Monday.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 1. Moon is still in sparkling Gemini, and the exciting Full Moon influences continue during the day. Reread November 30. Night may have been wakeful, and this day is stimulating as well. This is an idea and connection day. Full moons enhance insight, and imagination has a field day. Enjoy yours and others' spontaneity. Today Sun conjoins one of the four Royal stars, martial Antares, in the constellation of Scorpio, and tomorrow Mercury follows suit. Assertive energy is high as we begin this month.

These early days of December are momentous, particularly in regard to the use of our mental powers. Daily meditation and prayer can be very helpful now.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 2. Venus enters Sagittarius to add support to the expansive, optimistic mood of this holiday season. Travel and holiday preparations are on people's minds. And yet concerns about family, safety, and security temper this holiday mood. Moon has just entered the family sign of Cancer, and conjoins the degree of last summer's Solstice Eclipse to give this day a fateful feeling.

Saturn is a planet of destiny, and it is now connected with two main points of purpose and focus, Sun and midheaven. We may feel that our intentions are moved by forces larger than ourselves.

And yet, we want to focus on daily living, and caring for normal household and family needs. All four asteroids are strongly aspected, and this indicates that changes in daily lives are part of today's action. We are operating simultaneously on many levels.

Sagittarius, always questing for new vistas, has now a very full house. This tells us that moral and religious aspects of the holiday season will be intensified for the next two weeks. Venus, Mercury and Sun are all moving towards volcanic Pluto, and will conjoin it by midmonth, the end of the current Scorpio Moon cycle, building up intensity in the meantime. This intensity will climax on December 30, when Mars squares Pluto, showing an aggressive clash with power.

The Moon's South Node, now in Sagittarius, refers to the bringing of old, ancestral issues to the fore. The many planets in Sagittarius now will bring up much old business, and Pluto is there to transform it and bring it up to date. This process will be central throughout the next six months as we continue to move through the historic Pluto-Saturn opposition, discussed in the last few issues of Daykeeper.

Beginning now, this next six months is the peak period of the great Sagittarian transformation catalyzed by Pluto moving through that sign from 1995-2008.

MONDAY DECEMBER 3. Moon is VOC in Cancer for the entire day. This indicates a focus on security, but with no clear directions for achieving it. In this aimless setting there are two important aspects--Sun opposing Saturn, and Mercury opposing Saturn. Lacking direction from Moon, these aspects have extra influence. They indicate strong organizational purpose, perhaps stimulated by an opposing force or outside influence.

Oppositions are peak points of awareness, like full moons. They are also mirrors. If we look at our reflection, we can now understand the meaning of Sun's directions to Saturn when it conjoined it on May 25. And we can decipher Mercury's messages to Saturn at its conjunction on May 6. Those were like the new moon periods which now culminate.

Oppositions are turning points. With new understanding, we can make changes in our path. This is a turning point day in regard to the organization of our lives, and of our thoughts and perceptions. Refer to last May for the roots of Sun's direction, and for Mercury's messages to Saturn, the builder. What are you building in your life now? What was going on for you last May? It's time to re-evaluate where you've come since then.

In the U.S., corporate America was pushing ahead on many destructive fronts, including missile defense, expanding the use of fossil fuels, and a one and one-third trillion dollar tax cut.

At midnight now, Sun and Mercury are below us, and Saturn is above. Stand straight and picture your body as a transmitter for these energies. Ask to tune into their guidance.

Look up at Saturn. It is dull yellow, medium bright, and sits very near the bright orangeish star, Aldebaran, the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. Saturn will stay around Aldeberan through April, and will be closest around both Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox.

Saturn with Aldebaran is said to indicate catastrophes caused by weather and accidents. This is another indicator of winter hardships for many...and perhaps spring floods.

Moon enters dramatic Leo at 9:15 a.m. We seek pleasure and love today. Beauty attracts us, and we can be very creative. At the same time there is a need to establish and define something, perhaps something associated with values, beliefs, or promotion.

This is another important and fateful day. Saturn and the Moon's Nodes continue as defining points, and appear to carry us along on the tides of current beliefs. Mars opposes Juno to thrust multitudes into suffering--just as winter is deepening in many parts of the world. Venus opposes Vesta to pit the Sagittarian gambler against the protection of hearth and home.

This is a high energy day, marked by oppositions and by Leo Moon's determination. It's also a high awareness day. Mercury and Sun have their 90-day conjunction, enfolded in the Saturn-Pluto opposition. This is one of our best moments to understand what that historic opposition is about, both in our own lives and in the larger society.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 5. Prepare for a long day. Moon moving through fire sign Leo provides a natural channel for fire sign Sagittarian expression, and the Aquarius and Gemini air planets feed the fire. The energy is available to manifest one's dreams. Grab that fire enthusiasm and go for it! Ceres moves into Aquarius to support and encourage reform and progress for the next few months. Trot out your new ideas.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 6. Last night may have been wakeful, and we are in for another long day. This one may be difficult. It begins at 3 a.m. EST with Mercury conjunct Pluto, and ends at 11 p.m. with Sun conjunct Pluto. The Pluto influence is always deep and intense, often obsessive, and sometimes uncomfortable. Pluto has nothing to do with limits, and one can get excessively carried away. On the other hand Pluto is very good for hard, transformative work. Pluto is deep motive power, and when harnessed to the direction of the sun or the thinking of Mercury, it can thrust us quickly towards our goals. Pluto brooks no interference, and thus can run into struggles with others. Remembering that Pluto is here for each of us can be helpful.

Leo Moon conjoins Transpluto in the morning, and at 9:20 a.m. conjoins Juno and opposes Mars, after which it goes VOC. Relationships may be difficult during this time. We can be steamrollered, and it's important to stand up for equality and justice.

At 12:11 p.m. Moon enters Virgo, and the mood becomes more cautious and practical. Now is the time to analyze and to look for problem areas. All of the asteroids have strong influences today, and Virgo can help us pay attention to their demand for concern about daily living--food on the table, a roof over everyone's heads, a decent job, some kind of security, a civil society, and an equal voice in decisions. By midnight we are likely to have some new conclusions.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 7. Last Quarter Moon at 16 Virgo occurs at 2:52 p.m. EST. Deep, powerful, transformative Pluto rules now. Pluto is cathartic. Pluto is descending to the guts of a situation and throwing off the toxins. Pluto is raw power to accomplish its goals, and has no compunctions about destroying or killing. Pluto rules birth and death. Last quarter moon is about a change in consciousness which allows us to let go of outmoded beliefs. With Pluto dominating this moment, we can let go of deeply entrenched beliefs and behaviors. If you want to make a deep change in your life or habits, this is the time.

Venus and Neptune make a creative connection to bring love, intuition, inspiration, and compassion into the action. All in all, we have the artist at work in a very profound manner.

The Sabian Symbol for 16 Virgo is:

"IN THE ZOO, CHILDREN ARE BROUGHT FACE TO FACE WITH AN ORANG-UTANG. A direct confrontation with the "wild" power of primordial nature within oneself.... Every hidden motive and depth energy has to be "led out" and objectively faced. KARMIC CONFRONTATION."

This is the time to do exactly that.

Moon goes VOC at 5:57 p.m. The evening is great for communicating and thinking.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 8. Morning may feel aimless, with Moon VOC until 2:57 p.m., when it enters Libra. During the VOC time, we could meditate on yesterday's consciousness changes. Then, when Moon enters Libra, we want to connect with people, good feelings prevail, and socializing is very satisfying.

Around 5 p.m. Mars enters Pisces, where it will travel for the next 5 weeks. Achieving outer goals becomes more difficult during this time. In Pisces, Mars' actions are often motivated by unconscious and psychic drives. Results can be unexpected and confusing. Mars in Pisces is excellent for visualization and for calling on spiritual resources. It can help us look within and connect with our spiritual centers during this critical Solstice and holiday time. Mars in Pisces can be very creative, and tonight we may want to enjoy one of the arts.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 9. The Christmas spirit is upon us. Today we think of others and of what we want to do for them. We may awaken early with holiday projects to do, and all will flow nicely. Enjoy.

MONDAY DECEMBER 10. Moon is VOC in Libra for most of the day. This is the perfect day to socialize spontaneously. Allow for the unexpected. At 6:09 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio, and the evening is energetic. Tonight Venus opposes Saturn to begin four days of connecting with the Pluto-Saturn opposition. This period may bring strong tension into love relationships. There could be endings, beginnings, or new responsibilities.

Again, you can stand below Saturn at midnight and ask for guidance to create balance and harmony in all relationships, for yourself and around the globe. Realize that Venus is below you, supporting you.

Hanukkah begins today.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 9. The Christmas spirit is upon us. Today we think of others and of what we want to do for them. We may awaken early with holiday projects to do, and all will flow nicely. Enjoy.

MONDAY DECEMBER 10. Moon is VOC in Libra for most of the day. This is the perfect day to socialize spontaneously. Allow for the unexpected. At 6:09 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio, and the evening is energetic. Tonight Venus opposes Saturn to begin four days of connecting with the Pluto-Saturn opposition. This period may bring strong tension into love relationships. There could be endings, beginnings, or new responsibilities.

Again, you can stand below Saturn at midnight and ask for guidance to create balance and harmony in all relationships, for yourself and around the globe. Realize that Venus is below you, supporting you.

Hanukkah begins today.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 11. Try to remember a dream from last night. Our unconscious is speaking to us now. Our imagination and emotions have priority over practical chores today. We may feel an attack on our security today, especially in the financial realm. Chiron enters Capricorn tonight to begin its four-year process of realigning institutions, hierarchies, and systems.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 12. Scorpio Moon is VOC for the entire day. Independence and willfulness underlie Scorpio's intensity, and there may be irritable feelings in the air. Meditation is helpful. Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:30 p.m., and the mood then shifts to an energetic optimism.

Tonight Saturn is closest to Aldebaran. Aldeberan is associated with high energy, and we can honor the star and the planet, and ask that this potent sky energy be directed constructively for humanity.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 13. Morning is creative and productive. We can integrate new ideas into a usable form. Be open to the unusual. In the afternoon and evening Moon traverses the Saturn-Pluto-Venus complex. We are supersensitive about love, and all that we care about. We may surrender a situation, thing, belief, or person that is very dear to us.

Plan to get up early to see the Geminid meteor shower early tomorrow morning. It should be a good one, and the dark sky of the new moon is ideal for viewing.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 14. New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23 Sagittarius occurs at 3:47 p.m. EST. This eclipse is visible in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In eastern U.S., observers can watch a partially obscured sun slip below the horizon at sunset.

New Moon in Sagittarius means a new start in joining the world. During Scorpio time we each make our descent to the depths alone, and emerge reborn. Now in Sagittarius we celebrate our new birth. We see the grandeur of the world as if for the first time, and we want to proclaim and share our vision. Feelings of hope and optimism replace those of death and despair.

Sagittarius is a fraternal sign. It encourages gathering together in groups with common interests. We have had five such eclipses in the last century, and each one expanded the sphere of the U.S., beginning with the Eclipse of December 13, 1917, which correlated with the engagement of the first U.S. troops in Europe and Pres. Wilson's Fourteen Points, which eventually developed into the United Nations.

How do eclipses affect us?

Eclipses simply open the space for big changes. They interrupt the usual daily sun/moon rhythms, and make realignments possible. They give an extra boost to the momentum of one's current direction or movement. They are instruments for closing old doors and opening new ones.

In a solar eclipse the sun, or consciousness, is eclipsed. This allows the unconscious to emerge, sometimes in ways which surprise us. Things which have been hidden before now show up, and they can be integrated into consciousness. This integration may happen two weeks later, at the lunar eclipse, when consciousness has full sway.

Eclipses usually occur in pairs, two weeks apart, across a sign polarity. They remain in that polarity for about one and one-half years, with overlaps at both ends. With this eclipse, we begin experiencing eclipses in the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity.

Eclipse effects are cumulative and occur over a period of time. However, times near a particular eclipse are the most sensitive to the changes which it catalyzes.

Sagittarius and Gemini are focal points.

Nodal polarities also last about one and one-half years, and are more or less concurrent with the eclipse polarities. The nodes, a destiny marker, are now also in Gemini-Sagittarius. Thus, with the current Saturn-Pluto opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius, that polarity is becoming super active.

The North Node is now in Gemini, and the South Node in Sagittarius. Today's eclipse is thus south nodal. The North Node shows the direction of new growth, while the South Node refers to old business. Altogether, then, unconscious impulses arising from the past will be stimulated now. Often something can be released with this action. With Pluto in Sagittarius, we know that the release will come from a deep place, and may be ruthless.

Gemini is bits and pieces. Sagittarius is a larger whole. Wholes, then, may begin a one and one-half year process of breaking up into smaller pieces. Sagittarius seeks understanding, truth, and a code of beliefs.

The monoliths of the fundamentalist beliefs which now dominate various sectors of the world are Sagittarian. e.g. Islam, Christianity, Jewish, and Hindu, as well as capitalism, communism, genderism, sexism, and racism.

With the spread of information (Gemini), these monoliths will begin a process of breaking up and intermingling. For instance, I have heard talk of the U.S. splitting into regions.

For each of us individually, our beliefs are undergoing a major change process. With this eclipse, old out-moded ideas and beliefs can be brought up, appraised, and released.

The asteroids remain strongly placed, and our belief changes will revolve around real needs of real people in real life, rather than abstract ideas.

Fixed stars signify wide influence.

This eclipse is given a great deal of energy by the prominence of the two martial "Royal Stars." At the time of the eclipse in Washington, Aldeberan, the reddish "eye of the bull," is rising in the East. Antares, the reddish Aries-like star in Scorpio, is setting in the West. This indicates aggressive actions from Washington directed outward, as well as aggressiveness directed towards Washington.

Willful assertiveness is part of the action now, and at the same time there is compassion for people in distant lands. The yearly Venus-Pluto conjunction shows a transformation of values, in a humanitarian direction for some, in a technological direction for others.

The Sabian Symbol for 23 Sagittarius is:

"A GROUP OF IMMIGRANTS AS THEY FULFILL THE REQUIREMENTS OF ENTRANCE INTO THE NEW COUNTRY. Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present. As we pass any threshold leading to a new realm of existence we have to meet certain requirements and the necessity to adjust to new ways of life--in action, thought and feeling. At times this may seem an ordeal, but it is inevitable. Everything that will follow depends largely on how we cross this threshold, and on the spirit in which we meet unfamiliar and perhaps shocking experiences. TRANSITION. We have to imitate, yet retain our inner integrity."

Indeed we are all immigrants--"Strangers in a Strange Land."

The combination of these energies is highlighted in Alaska, Canada, Washington DC, the Caribbean, and Indonesia. Shocking Uranus goes through New York, Santiago, London, Paris, Algiers, and Indonesia.

Transformative Venus-Pluto goes through Washington DC, Brazil, Moscow, the Holy Land, and Indonesia. Successful Jupiter is seen through western U.S. (air and missile bases) and Afghanistan. Assertive Mars is everywhere, with Europe, China, and Indonesia highlighted.

Moon goes VOC after the eclipse. The VOC afternoon gives us a fine opportunity to absorb its energies. Solar eclipses sometimes zap physical vitality (sun), and relaxing for the rest of the day would be helpful.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 15. Hello, Capricorn! Moon enters Capricorn early this morning, Mercury enters Cap at 2:55 p.m. Chiron just entered Capricorn, and tonight Mercury joins it to tell us all about the meaning of Chiron in Capricorn. Look for a surprise then. Capricorn is the sign of the goat, and Chiron there knows how to hang on tenaciously, however difficult the circumstances. Capricorn is also a business sign, and business affairs will take the lead during the next four years. When Chiron was last in Capricorn, 1955-60, the military-industrial complex burgeoned, and became the economic foundation of the U.S. I believe it will try to hang on desperately for the next four years.

During Capricorn moon time we tend to be serious, and we want to do something useful and constructive. Communication remains our main activity, and today there is lots of energy behind it. Ambition prevails, and we're willing to work hard towards our goals.

Ramadan ends, and there will be both celebration and a new resolution for Moslems. Islam is Capricorn-ruled.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 16. Moon is VOC in Capricorn for the entire day. In Capricorn we want to carefully plan, but VOC moon is aimless, and plans tend to go awry. Money may be the special sleeper today. Pay attention to your expenditures and the value you get for them.

MONDAY DECEMBER 17. Moon continues VOC in Capricorn until it enters sociable Aquarius at 1:43 p.m. This is not a gung-ho day, although we do enjoy chatting with friends and acquaintances this afternoon and evening. A party, movie or video would suit the evening's mood.

Hanukkah ends today.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 18 and WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 19. Now is the time to move into new projects. Moon is in optimistic, inventive Aquarius, with fine constructive aspects. Adjustments, however, will have to be made--especially in terms of feeling our personal desires, and at the same time wanting to work for the larger society. Key: selfishness is out of order now. Intuition is very strong these days. Use it.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 20. Moon in Pisces encourages imagination and psychic receptivity. Tuning into spiritual and subtle energies is favored, and practical endeavors may be difficult or chaotic. Dream your dreams now. Create your visualizations, and put a plan to achieve them in tangible form before the night is over.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 21. The nine-month Pluto-Saturn opposition is providing an opportunity for major realignment in all of our lives. How are you using it? Today we put a combination of visualization and an extra boost of energy into that process. At 2:22 p.m. EST Sun enters Capricorn to help us make our dreams real. We open the Solstice powergate now to initiate a powerful weekend.

Solstice means "sun stands still." In relation to earth, Sun is now at its southernmost point. In the southern hemisphere the days are at their longest; in the northern hemisphere we have the shortest day of the year.

The Winter Solstice (whether in December or June) has been perhaps the most significant day of the year for many cultures over millennia. For the last six months, the Sun has been sinking, or dying, and now it is reborn. Such a celebration--to have the Sun come to life again! No wonder that holy days and seasons cluster around Solstice.

This is the most important skymap of the year.

The Winter Solstice chart has much to say about the coming year. Last year's Winter Solstice chart, for instance, showed volcanic Pluto on the U.S. Ascendant, and warrior Mars squaring the U.S. Pluto, the nation's power. Saturn conjoined the often demonic fixed star Algol, which it repeated at the Bush inauguration. This was close to the U.S. Vesta, the nation's security.

Algol is often associated with decapitation, which happened with those great symbols of the marketplace, the Twin Towers, and is currently happening with the government of the U.S., as it rushes through the world with its Lone Ranger image in a world where all is connected. Further, moon was in Scorpio, which indicates underground power.

Chiron in Capricorn means changes in authority structures.

This year's Winter Solstice chart features Sun conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Sun and Chiron both oppose last summer's Solstice Eclipse; thus we know that major change is involved here. Saudi terrorism against a U.S. base in Saudi Arabia was among the many news items then.

Chiron in Capricorn is about success, control, and survival at any cost. All hierarchies and structures are under Capricorn, and Capricorn's urge is to endure, even to conquer time. Ambition and seriousness are of Capricorn. Government and business are under Capricorn's domain.

Chiron will realign Capricorn's energy by throwing us into different, new situations, where we are forced to realign. Traditional systems will change. In Capricorn the realignment is structural, and thus this conjunction strongly supports the Pluto-Saturn structural realignment now occurring. Beliefs, creeds, and dogmas are particularly up for change. And most of our behavior, in fact, depends on our beliefs.

The past will retool during this coming year.

Capricorn wants to preserve the past, and hang onto tradition, and yet the Sun conjunct South Node says to let go of the past. The struggle will be to hang on, and not until Pluto conjoins South Node in August 2002 will there be enough pressure to effect release. Pluto is the destroyer.

There will, then, be a great tug of war between past and future. Use of resources is the theme. Government and business are directed to release old ways of dealing with money and resources.

Taurus, Earth's sign, is rising in Washington to emphasize the importance of earth and her gifts. Our Solstice rituals might center around respect for earth, and promoting sustainable ways to enjoy her bounty.

Moon and Mars are both in Pisces, showing the importance of water in all its forms. Flooding could be a problem.

Mars squares Saturn. Mars is the gas pedal, and Saturn is the brakes, and appropriate timing is very difficult with this square. We are in for a rough ride in 2002.

The Sabian Symbol for the moon at 19 Pisces is:

"A MASTER INSTRUCTING HIS DISCIPLE. The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and Creative impulse of the cycle active and undeviated. It must be so transmitted, for when the line of transmission is discontinued, the cyclic process begins to collapse in futility and spiritual darkness. INVESTITURE."

Vesta is, in fact, about to rise at Solstice time. The big question of the year is, "What do we invest in?" What counts enough for us that we are willing to lay out our time, our resources, and our hearts? Can we keep alive and pass on the spiritual and creative impulses which move us into embracing life?

This is a year of decision.

Moon now is at the same degree as Dick Cheney's, and his emotional needs and visualizations will be very influential this coming year.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 22. We begin the Sun's year on a First Quarter Moon at 3:56 p.m. EST today. The morning was VOC until Moon entered gung-ho Aries at 1:45 p.m. By quarter time, Moon is at 2 degrees.

What a lively start for the year! First Quarter Moon is the maximum point of action in the monthly moon cycle, and Aries Moon is the most energetic moon of the zodiac. In addition, early Aries is the most assertive Aries. Aries Moon is also competitive, and on the lookout for challenges, on which it thrives.

The coming year, then, will be lively and challenging, as well as watery and chaotic.

In addition, it is a super important year for the reason of the early degree of this Aries Moon. The first degree of all the cardinal signs--Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn--is a critical degree. These mark the moments of the yearly solstices and equinoxes. In addition, last summer we had a rare Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse, which set in motion great world change, and will mark the 0 degree cardinal points for years to come, adding momentum to those world changes every time we make a seasonal change.

At the beginning of each of the four seasons, then, we have a strong renewed push for change, as the action of that June 21, 2001 Solstice Eclipse is set off at one of the zero degrees cardinal powergates. This autumn, for instance, we had the 9-11 attack 11 days before Equinox.

Now, when we combine Winter Solstice with 2 Aries Moon, it is like lighting a firecracker. This firecracker will go off repeatedly--around the beginning of each of the four seasons--for years to come. And this time, Winter Solstice time, sets the foundation for the coming year as well.

The short-range time frame is two years to complete the current growth phase. At Winter Solstice 2003 we have a new moon in Capricorn, and this will begin a strong new more mature Capricornian phase. Structures begun now will be set in place during 2003.

Now we are in the Aries phase. Aries is young, bursting with enthusiastic energy, and meeting all challengers on its heroic quest. Aries wears blinders, and nothing stops it from pursuing its vision.

Crucial question: What is the vision now?

It is a time for building.

The energy gathered during this powergate is ideal for both visualizing and for starting to build something new and lasting. Inner authority, independence, and know-how are all strong. Guidance now comes from visions of the future.

Transpluto, the energy of resurrection, sits at the base of this chart set for Washington DC. Transpluto is like the alchemist, and this shows great change in the foundation of the U.S. during the coming year.

Transpluto is now connected with asteroids Juno and Vesta. Juno wants civilized relationships, and indeed the relationship sector of this chart is emphasized. However, Juno often meets abuse, and her importance now shows that disenfranchisement is an issue in this rebirth of the U.S. Vesta is the guardian of security, money and turf. In Gemini, where she is traveling now, she is also the guardian of ideas and communication channels.

The handling of relationships to provide a new kind of security is, then, the focus of our new building process.

Mars and Saturn are important now.

Focused, ambitious, persistent Saturn is associated with Capricorn. All planets in Capricorn must always look to Saturn for the final word. Assertive Mars has the same role with Aries planets.

Thus, with Sun now in Capricorn and Moon in Aries, the relationship between Saturn and Mars has much to say about the action indicated by this moment.

Mars and Saturn are square, thus challenging each other--like two fighters squaring off against each other. This can be a harsh, self-centered aspect.

The year's building projects will proceed, yes, but there will be challenges and frustration. Mars will push ahead, and Saturn will keep putting blocks in the road. Remember that Mars is impulsive, and Saturn has the savvy for the long haul. They can work together if Saturn will allow Mars' risk-taking, and Mars will listen to Saturn's advice.

This is a year for us to learn to coordinate Mars and Saturn. They are both good workers, and when they work as a team they can accomplish much. They are both in flexible, versatile mutable signs now, and this helps a great deal with sensitivity to one another and to the environment.

Architects, builders, and laborers are favored by Mars-Saturn combinations. The focus is on communication fields.

Mars stimulates the Pluto-Saturn opposition.

Mars now does not only square Saturn. Remember that Saturn more or less opposes Pluto now. This means that Mars is moving into a square of Pluto. This harsh and potentially explosive aspect occurs on December 30, just before the Lunar Eclipse of that day.

These 10 days, then, from December 21-30, are about intense stimulation of the historic Saturn-Pluto realignment which we are all undergoing during 2001-02. (For more description of this great Saturn-Pluto opposition, read this issue's feature article, as well as the feature articles in the issues of August, September, October, and November 2001 from the archives.)

Mars is the God of War. Pluto can be the Destroyer, and Saturn the Punisher. Expect harshly punitive attitudes to prevail.

This is a very pivotal period. Not only is great leverage exerted on Saturn and Pluto by Mars, but we are now between a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse. This is a likely period for eclipse changes to manifest.

We end 2001 with great change in the ethers. And at the same time, we preview the influences for 2002. During May of 2002 we will see a culmination of the Pluto-Saturn-Mars combination.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 23 and MONDAY DECEMBER 24. Saturday's torrent of Aries energy rushes ahead. Christmas preparations, and everything else, will move along at full speed, like magic.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 25. Moon is in Taurus, and we feel and appreciate our abundance on this Christmas Day. Compassion is strong, and we have a selfless desire to share. In fact, we begin now a season of sharing which will last for the next four years. We may stay up late enjoying the company of friends.

With Moon in Taurus we might create a special ritual of honoring the earth, and all that she gives us. Tracking the source of everything we eat and use today is one way of giving earth her due.

We may be extra conscious of abuse both today and tomorrow, whether it be through abusive relationships or abuse by institutions, government, or circumstances.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 26. Moon continues in Taurus, and we appreciate home, wherever home may be. Venus entering Capricorn today adds to our feeling for family and tradition. At the same time Venus connecting with Chiron today and tomorrow may throw family relationships for a loop, and require a whole new reconfiguration of family. Moon goes VOC at 7:22 p.m. with a disruptive aspect.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 27. Early this morning Moon conjoins Vesta in late Taurus, and property, resources, and money come to the forefront. At 9:39 a.m. EST. Moon enters quick-witted Gemini. In part we may want to make a variety of quick connections; in part we may want to contemplate the mysteries of life.

You might want to plan to stay up tonight, or get up early tomorrow to see a special sky sight. Early tomorrow morning Moon hides Saturn in an eclipse, or occultation. This is the eighth occultation of Saturn this year, which means absolutely enormous structural changes occurring this year. Old systems are breaking down. This time the occultation is visible from all of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico, and thus its influence is strongest here. It will add to the Solar and Lunar eclipse influences of this portentous month.

If the sky is clear, we can watch Saturn disappear behind a nearly-full moon. Times depend on geographical location, and can be found exactly by visiting

Some approximate local times are 4 a.m. in NYC, 2:40 a.m. in Kansas City, and 12:10 a.m. in Sunnyvale, CA.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 28. This morning we may feel irritable, or with a chip on our shoulder. Gemini moon traverses the entire Saturn-Mars-Pluto complex, and finishes at 2:10 p.m. EST. Best to postpone any delicate negotiations until next year. Hard solitary work in the communications field is favored.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 29. Moon is VOC in Gemini until 2:40 p.m., when it enters Cancer, the sign of home and family. Cancer is a sensitive sign, and we can feel the energy building up for a dynamic Full Moon Eclipse early tomorrow morning. Emotions will be high for the next 24 hours. Be tender and compassionate with yourself and others.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 30. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 9 Cancer occurs at 5:40 a.m. EST. Capricorn time is about getting it together in a business, worldly sense. Cancer full moon comes in to say "hey, emotional needs are just as vital to security as are cold, hard, practical considerations." The Cancer-Capricorn axis is about security, about the family, about combining needs for success in the world with human needs for love and comfort.

And now the Moon is eclipsed, although not fully. The emotional side of this polarity is shadowed, and Capricorn's ambition can emerge full blown. Jupiter is the main player in this eclipse, and Jupiter expands whatever it touches, in this case Capricorn Sun's drive to succeed.

Jupiter was King of the Gods, and Jupiter, now dominant, gives a sense of entitlement to Capricorn's conscious aims. "We are the rulers and we can do what we want."

This is a North Nodal eclipse, so it means moving into the future with this single-minded Capricorn drive.

Three additional qualities add to the strength of the push forward.

One of them is volcanic Pluto rising at this time, bathing all with its implacable power. Another is Pluto moving into a new degree, the seventeenth degree of Sagittarius. Whenever a planet moves into a new degree, it stirs new impulses.

The third push is the Mars-Pluto square, exact today.

Mars is directed energy, and Pluto the deepest power of life and death. When they are together, there is a bottomless well of energy to accomplish--whatever one desires. Together they can also be absolutely ruthless, as well as abusive.

Hard, constructive work which will in some way increase security without stepping on others is the key to channeling the energy of this Eclipse.

At this time an extra effort to bathe the world in light will be very helpful. After all, the Sun has precedence now.

The wheel of the chart of this Eclipse set for Washington DC is exactly like the wheel of the U.S. chart. This eclipse, then, is especially significant for the U.S. The eclipse falls in the seventh house of the nation's relations with other nations. We can expect to see changes there, eclipses of past situations which will open the door for new developments.

Jupiter is also in the seventh house, as it is natally for the U.S. But Jupiter itself is occulted, or eclipsed, by the Moon, just a few hours after the Lunar Eclipse. The U.S. has heretofore been very fortunate--Jupiterian--in its relations with other nations. The eclipse of Jupiter shows that this may now change. The world has cut the U.S. a lot of slack, but it may no longer be as willing to forgive U.S. arrogance.

Pluto is on the ascendant now, which shows transformation of national identity. Chiron squares the midheaven, which shows transformation of national image in the world.

This may be only a moment, but it is a major moment in history.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Cancer is:

"A SMALL, NAKED GIRL BENDS OVER A POND TRYING TO CATCH A FISH. The first naive quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life. We should realize that there is much value indeed in simply reaching out with a pure and unconditioned mind to the most elementary experiences which natural life offers to us. PURITY OF UNDERSTANDING."

Is this being eclipsed?

Along with general difficult conditions , Pluto-Saturn-Mars shows severe weather. This combination is active in eastern U.S., from the Mississippi River Valley to the east coast, Central America, Europe, especially the UK, west Africa, India-Pakistan-Afghanistan, and New Zealand.

The Full Moon shines over Hawaii, and is on the nadir through eastern Europe and Africa.

Mercury shows activity in Moscow, Turkey, Israel, Cairo, and eastern Africa. News tends to come from Mercury places. Mercury is also strong through South America, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia.

MONDAY DECEMBER 31. Early this morning we want to move, to communicate, to hear from the world. At 8:43 a.m. moon aspects Mercury to lend an emotional subjective air to our communication, and then goes VOC for most of the day. Relax and tune into spirit with sensitive Cancer moon. At 5:09 p.m. Moon enters party sign Leo, and suddenly we're ready to celebrate.

Watch out for excess. Around midnight Sun opposes Jupiter, and we will tend to follow our generous impulses, sure that all will work out OK.

Again, stand and look up at Jupiter and feel the Sun below you. Feel Jupiter's beneficence moving through you as you step into 2002.

This is the midpoint of a one-year expansion cycle which began around June 14. That was when Bush was in Europe being roundly criticized both for his development of "missile defense" and his stance that global warming was not something for the U.S. to attend to.

The eclipse at this time shows a turning point in these relationships.

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