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December 2001 Moon Report
by Maya del Mar

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo. What did you paint on your canvas during the week of Last Quarter Moon? Check Success Guide entry for December 7. A strong Pluto promoted catharsis, and a strong Venus-Neptune motivated creative impulses.

Susan and I kicked it off by holding a staff meeting about Daykeeper. We are both thrilled to have a Success Guide download system that is user-friendly, and works for subscriptions. Now we can focus on other things.

This Quarter Moon was in Virgo, conjunct my own Moon. Further, Moon squared my Nodes, and Sun was on my Saturn and South Node. All those connections made it a demonstration for me—a demonstration of the action of Pluto conjoining my Saturn beginning next month.

Daykeeper was a priority. In addition, I was very busy (Virgo Moon) with everything in my life, and enjoying it all immensely, although feeling overwhelmed.

I’m getting the message: My North Node—life direction—is in Gemini, while Sag South Node conjoins Saturn. I am to tread more lightly, to have fun just communicating and connecting without worrying about the work I’m not doing. I’m asking Pluto help me release my inner feelings of overwhelm.

In Washington we see the U.S. moving more deeply into war. Dick Cheney surfaced. The U.S. unilaterally abrogated the ABM Anti-missile Treaty, which many feel has kept the peace for 30 years. The government released a gloating bin Laden video. And there is talk of war on Iraq and Somalia.

Ariel Sharon greatly stepped up the violence in Palestinian areas. Due to Israeli siege, starvation is beginning in Palestine.

November 30 Full Moon in Gemini:


Read November 30 for description of this Full Moon in Gemini, the sign of communication. Saturn in Gemini shows restrictions on communication, and Vesta with it shows that those restrictions are for the purpose of security. Atty. Gen. Ashcroft testified before the Senate with explanations for the many draconian restrictions on communication, and for the military tribunals where justice can be completely eliminated, but he didn’t have a credible explanation for his department’s liberality in regard to gun purchases, even now, after 9-11. (One of his major supporters is the NRA.) Thanks to Sen. Specter’s questioning, Pluto in Sagittarius got a lick in here.

It’s certainly Saturn-Vesta in regard to Israeli-Palestinian communication, which is very poor and very defensive. And Pluto in Sagittarius opposing it raises the level of violence, and blows out security.

Saturn and Vesta in Gemini rule the Afghani conference in Bonn, Germany. Afghani groups are meeting for the purpose of establishing an interim government, which is supposed to provide security. Communication is difficult between different tribes and factions, as well as with women, who are feeling under-represented. The U.S. ran the show, and insisted on an agreement, but immediately afterwards, factions on the ground in Afghanistan began fighting one another, creating conditions similar to those before the Taliban took over. Pluto in Sag is not through with violence.

My big communication event is the launching of our new download system for the Daily Success Guide. It is very user-friendly, and appears to have the potential to fulfill all of our--and we hope, your!--needs. Susan and I are both thrilled.

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