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July 2001
Table of Contents
George W. Bush, A Planetary Snapshot
Solar Eclipse from South Africa
July Retrogrades
Sky Watch
Quarter-Moon Report
July Daily Calendar
PURCHASE complete July Calendar
Maya Recommends George and Bloch's Asteroid Goddesses
General Astrological Influences for July
General Sun Signs, July 2001
Sign of the Month: Cancer
Cancer-Sag Sign-Swapping
by Sissy Blue
Book Review: God's Last Offer— Ed Ayres of Worldwatch on solutions for a sustainable future

George W. Bush, A Planetary Snapshot GWB, acting out the underlying historical threads of the U.S. for all of us

Solar Eclipse from South Africa Yvonne Taylor reports.

Retrograde Watch Time to go for the gold! Mars and Pallas Athena turn direct.

Sissy Blue
Do you ever wish you were born in a different sign? See what happens when Cancer and Sag swap.

Skywatch The great stars of summer begin to appear; lunar occultations may bring strange, intense happenings in mid-July

CancerSign of the Month: Cancer Emotional, protective, moving with life's rythms, rooted deeply in the earth of the unconscious

Moon Report A Second New Moon in Cancer: Putting new security arrangement in place

Maya Recommends Asteroid Goddesses by George and Bloch

Maya del Mar photo Maya's Daily Astrological Calendar—Venus starts the month with a wake-up call

General Astrological Influences for July: Early eclipse energies bring instability; projects move ahead in mid-July
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
Book Review: Ed Ayres' God's Last Offer: Negotiating for a Sustainable Future
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