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July Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

It’s action for you all the way, Aries, and you love it. Challenges, challenges! Are you moving? Is your work changing? Are you taking a trip? Most likely all of the above. It’s time for you to expand your horizons in a grand way. The first part of the month may be a bit confusing, but after Mars turns direct on July 19, you’re off and running. You’re building something new and beautiful—could be a partnership. Home has new meaning these days; it can be a spiritual retreat.

TAURUS. Family, especially brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, occupy your mind this month. Neighbors, too, will be important. You may find yourself relying on familiar people for your security. This may be difficult, for asking for help is not easy for you. But it will bring you benefits. Resources are important for you now. For instance, you may be adjusting your financial affairs in terms of what the world has available for you—e.g., inheritance, insurance, stocks, bonuses, severance pay, profit-sharing.

GEMINI. Your life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope these days, but that’s second nature for you. You have a new appreciation of yourself, and a new desire to take charge of your life. Feels good. Relationships are your field of operations. Expect stimulation to radically increase in that department beginning July 19. Finances are another concern right now, and you may find yourself changing old ways of dealing with money. Perhaps with your new self-authority, you’re upping your level of responsibility.

CANCER. You’re right in the eye of the great vortex of Cancerian energy. What new things have come into your life this past year? What old things are leaving? Rebalancing relationships is one current project. You’re still very involved in a long, slow process of inner realignment, which can include health changes. Jupiter enters Cancer on July 12, and you’re set for a year of growth, benefits, and generally feeling positive about yourself. Health will improve. This is a great month for reorganizing your work space, or your health routines.

LEO. Nervous this month, Leo? Seeing your doctor for vague complaints? Having a hard time sleeping? Pitch into your creative love, whatever that may be, and by next month your confidence will be restored. Communication with friends is especially important now. Perhaps an old friend may drop out of your life. Security is a nagging worry for you, but realize that faith in a beneficent universe is your true security, and this security will be enhanced for the next year.

VIRGO. The door is opened for things you’ve long wanted to come into your life now, perhaps a new home, for instance. Work is shaping up as well, and you may find yourself in a new position of authority. Ongoing changes in your home base have been on hold for a few months, but now they push ahead. On July 19 a new burst of energy enters your home. You’re busy in the world now, and have much give and take with others. This is a busy and active month. Friends and loving relationships are assuming a new importance.

LIBRA. You focus on work and home now. Changes in one area affect the other. For example, perhaps you begin a home business. Perhaps more money comes in from work, and you spend it on home improvements. Jupiter entering Cancer on July 12 will bring good fortune to work for the next year. Changing your thoughts, your understanding, your attitudes, and how you speak out in the world has been your focus this year. This continues, and you make a new commitment to this work. Speaking-up energy picks up on July 19.

SCORPIO. You’re good with money, Scorpio, and this month you make a major realignment in your entire financial situation. You may work out a joint agreement which is to your benefit. There may be a big cash outflow, but at the same time the resources are available for you to handle it. That outflow could be for a big trip, for travel is in the cards for you. The travel could, in some way, center on family. Your daily life changes, as some old responsibility drops by the wayside.

Need I tell you this? You’re in the middle of a long period of overturning and reframing your life as Pluto moves through Sagittarius from 1996-2008. This month you enter the center of that period, and for the next year you will be experiencing something like a full moon, where all becomes brightly illuminated and you become aware of the issues. Part of the process is an emerging willingness to make commitments, particularly in relationships. Events will open new doors for you.

CAPRICORN. This lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5 will be intense for you, Capricorn. It represents another step in the releasing you’ve had to do this past year. Building boundaries, structures, and authority is Capricorn’s job, and anything which breaches the Capricorn fortress can be threatening. However, sometimes fresh air, fresh ideas, and new directions are needed. This is one of those times. Your inner realignment may show up in a new commitment to health or work. Partnership is another major action arena.

AQUARIUS. Your focus now is on your creative expression, including your children. What do you give the world, and how is it received? A long-range goal towards which you’ve been working may emerge into view July 19. At the least, your push towards your aspirations is strengthened. Your independence is growing, along with your ability to express your own truth. Health has gotten your attention this last year, and now you feel a new urge to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Your work situation may change.

PISCES. By now you’re used to being under pressure, Pisces, in both the home and work spheres. This month there is a breakthrough in regard to work, and a commitment in regard to home, one which emphasizes love and pleasure in your life. Your creative talents lie in the arena of family—not only your personal family, but the universal family. Everyone is part of your big family, and you make them welcome. Gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. This month you make a new start in the meaning of family to you, and in how you create boundaries which give space to you.