Sign Swapping
by Sissy Blue

Did you ever wish you were born in a different sun sign? Sometimes, we are disenchanted with our lives and we look around and think we could really be somebody, if only...

Disappointed with the way the day was going, Cancer Sun fell into its favorite chair. I'm so sensitive and ordinary, it thought. Why can't I be different?

"What are you pouting about?" Sagittarius Sun challenged, as it came through the front door. "Why don't you get your chin out of your lap and let's go jump out of an airplane or something?

"With or without a parachute?" Cancer Sun asked.

"Either way." Sagittarius Sun flopped down on the couch, then snatched up the newspaper and turned to the sports page, letting the rest of the newspaper fall to the floor.

Cancer Sun sighed. "I wish I were more like you."

Sagittarius Sun challenged, "So start acting like me. Pack your bags and let's take off for Alaska."

"But it's winter time!" Cancer Sun protested.

Sagittarius Sun threw the sports page on the floor, and leaned forward. "To tell the truth, sometimes I wish I were more like you. You are so gentle and care about your home. You have roots and a family. You know where you're going to be tomorrow."

"I wish I could be adventurous and maybe even reckless sometimes," Cancer Sun said. "My life is too predictable. I do the same thing, day after day."

Sagittarius Sun held a finger in the air. "I got it! Let's trade signs. You be me and I'll be you."

Cancer Sun thought for a moment. Would I dare?

"Come on!" Sagittarius Sun urged. "It'll be a kick!"

"Well, maybe. Just for one day. Just to see what it would be like to be someone else."

The night passed quickly, each sign dreaming of the new dawn.

Cancer Sun awoke with a new stirring in its chest. It flung the covers back and hurriedly got dressed, not bothering to make the bed.

Sagittarius Sun awoke with a new calmness, carefully fluffing the pillow and straightening the bedspread.

By noon, Cancer Sun was out of breath. It had spent the morning running in all directions and still couldn't decide what it wanted to do today. New-found energy boiled in its being and far-flung ideas raced through its mind. By one o'clock it had decided to take a long journey to China, maybe by way of Africa. By two o'clock it changed its mind and decided to do some extreme snow skiing down Mt. Everest, and then wondered if that was even possible. Then it decided not to worry about about whehter it was possible or not, because by three o'clock, Cancer Sun had changed its mind and signed up for a philosophy course at the nearby college. By four o'clock, it was thinking of going to the Far East, in search of the Ultimate Truth.

Sagittarius Sun spent the morning cleaning house, making sure it polished under the crocheted doilies carefully. By noon, it dug its hands into the rich earth, making cute little mounds of soil to cover the squash seeds it planted at the exact depth needed. By one o'clock, it stood over the little garden and dreamed of the seeds sprouting and popping their tiny heads out of the earth. By two o'clock, it started a pot roast in the oven for supper, and by three o'clock it scrubbed the stainless steel sink, again. By four o'clock, it was cleaning out the closet in the back bedroom. By five o'clock, when the Cancer Sun came home totally exhausted, Sagittarius Sun set a grand meal on the table, fussing with every fork, knife and spoon, to make sure each one was perfectly straight.

Cancer sun sank into its favorite chair. "Whew!"

Sagittarius Sun wiped its hands on the apron. "Hard day?"

Cancer Sun said "I accomplished nothing. I ran hither and thither and people looked at me strangely. They couldn't seem to understand all my great ideas. And I never did find the Ultimate Truth. It still eludes me."

Sagittarius Sun fell on the couch. "Well, at least you were out there moving and grooving. I spent the whole day doing things that I'll just have to do over tomorrow. I'll have to make the bed, vacuum, dust, polish, cook, wash dishes, and water the garden. It's like I didn't accomplish anything lasting."

Cancer Sun stared at Sagittarius Sun. "But all your work is appreciated. Look how nice and clean everything is. And look at the beautiful meal you put on the table. Don't you know how nice it is to come home to a cozy warm atmosphere?"

Sagittarius Sun stared at Cancer Sun. "Listen to yourself. You are answering your own dilemma. Now, you understand how someone else appreciates all your work, as you appreciated mine today, when you came home tired."

Cancer Sun smiled. "Yes, I do see now. It's not really drudgery when someone notices. And it's a good feeling to do things for your family."

Sagittarius Sun said, "And I miss myself, too. I thought I needed to settle down for awhile, but maybe that's not what my life is supposed to be. Maybe I'm supposed to be adventuresome, always searching for something. Maybe it's all right just to be me."

They agreed to switch back to their original signs.

The next morning, Sagittarius Sun awoke with that old familiar feeling of restlessness in its heart, and took off before breakfast in search of a Guru it heard was giving a speech across town.

Cancer Sun added a little fertilizer to the squash that had been planted the day before, then misted the mounds with a fine spray of water. It knelt down and touched the rich earth, amazed at the magnificence of Mother Nature. Yes, it is wonderful to be myself again.

Each one of us is needed. Each one of us is special. Each one of us should try to fulfill the part we were meant to play, in this grand scheme called life.

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at