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June 2001
Table of Contents
Report from South Africa: the Eclipse
June Retrogrades
Sky Watch
Quarter-Moon Report
June Daily Calendar
General Astrological Influences for June
General Sun Signs for June 2001
Sign of the Month: Gemini
Health Through the Seasons with Chinese Medicine by Joseph Odom, L.Ac.
Don't Be An Idiot During Mercury Retrograde!
by Sissy Blue
Maya Recommends Dane Rudhyar on Sabian Symbols
Book Review: Glorious Eclipses — a rich compendium of eclipse lore and photos

Star Wars—Is That What We Want? Maya 's 20/20 vision on the future of our skies.

Solar Eclipse in South Africa Yvonne Taylor writes about the Solstice Eclipse

Retrograde Watch Mercury retrograde this June

Sissy Blue
Don't be an idiot during Mercury retrograde!

Skywatch Mars at its brightest conjoins Jupiter; Venus and Saturn rise before dawn

Gemini Sign of the Month: Gemini Using Mind to emphasize the positive

Moon Report Last Quarter Moon in Pisces: What Gemini thing is Pisces helping us to leave behind?

Maya Recommends Dane Rudhyar on Sabian Symbols

Maya del Mar photo Maya's Daily Astrological Calendar—day-by-day guide to June 2001

General Astrological Influences for June: a busy, mercurial month
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
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