Earth from Space
General Astrological Influences, June 2001
by Maya del Mar

June is a mercurial month, with a big emphasis on communication and connections with the world. Within that theme, the month is divided into two parts. The first two-thirds of the month is almost pure Mercury. The silver-winged messenger will be very very busy, and so will we, flitting hither and yon. Read the Gemini New Moon entry in the Calendar for May 22.

The second part of June begins with Summer Solstice on June 21. A Total Solar Eclipse occurs as the Sun enters the cardinal sign of Cancer. This is a powerful moment, as we open to a new season, and this eclipse will initiate many changes.

Security and family take top billing now. Movement and travel continue, but now especially tied to inner security needs. The United States is a Cancer nation, and is thus particularly affected by the eclipse. Gemini is airy, full of ideas. Cancer is watery, full of emotion. Reason and intuition meet this month.

Five of the major planets are retrograde for most of the month. Yes, there will be lots of bustling activity, but much of it will be to go over old things, to reorganize, to rethink how we handle life, and to plan for the future—based on the past.

In particular, Mercury is retrograde in Gemini from June 3–4 to June 27–28. Saturn is also now in Gemini, helping to stabilize that vacillating sign, and aiding in making commitments.

We may be busily working on new projects, but best not to venture forth with them until June 28, after Mercury turns direct. Starts now can be slow and prone to error. In addition, events around a powerful eclipse can be unpredictable.

Despite the retrogrades, this is a super-active month—redoing old situations. Assertive thinking and communication dominate. We’re on a roll which began May 27 and will be strong until July 12. Peak action days in June are June 13–23.

There is one strong aspect in force for the entire month. Uranus, freshly retrograde, opposes Transpluto, freshly direct. Energy, technology, and independence are associated with Uranus, and very deep, earthy change with Transpluto. It is an instrument in reforming, transforming, and making something new out of the old. I call it the alchemist.

The opposition is in Aquarius-Leo, the polarity of humanity, at 25–26 degrees. In our charts all planets at those degrees, especially in the four fixed signs—Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus—are now subject to inevitable slow, deep change. (Dick Cheney has this exact opposition, with transiting Uranus now conjoined his Aquarius Mercury, hopefully waking him up, and transiting Transpluto on his Vesta in Leo, deepening and changing his dedication to ruling powers.)

One great way to use this energy is to resurrect the hundreds of thousands of energy-saving ideas and innovations that have been around since WWII, as well as having been developed since—along with good old ways which have been discarded, such as making windows that open. With relatively modest cost—and focused will—we could cut our energy consumption in half with just what is known now—let alone future inventions. This is beginning to occur in California.

However, I believe one manifestation of this opposition in the United States is that the government will go ahead with the Star Wars program, resurrecting old technology and old ideas of the manifest destiny of the United States.

Having clear and positive goals is the key to powerful use of the change energy of eclipses and transits. The Bush administration has very clear goals, and it just sails right along using the transits to help it get what it wants. It is a good example of the power of visualization.

Rethink your goals, reorganize your foundations, visualize the future you want, and be ready to use wisely the power of change.

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