June Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

Take advantage of the first few days, Aries, while Venus is still in your sign. You can be most successful now with creative communication, and this is also your most productive focus during this month of Mercury retrograde. Develop your best techniques for spreading the word, and you can plunge into promoting them next month. Also, repair your tools now—car, computer, etc. The upcoming eclipses may radically change your security base. This is the time to think hard and deep about exactly what changes you want.

TAURUS. If you’ve been worried about money, cheer up. Venus enters your sign just after Full Moon on the 5th, and you are given the gift of being able to attract what you want. You have an unparalleled opportunity to use the entire Mercury retrograde period for exactly that: defining your priorities and training yourself to visualize and affirm them. You can lay the foundations now for a life of abundance. Remind yourself daily that you attract what you think about. Notice negative thoughts, and X them out or switch channels.

GEMINI. Wow! Do you have a lot going on! An ordinary person could hardly keep up with it, but then you’re an extraordinary person—a Gemini, used to a very active life. And you do have Saturn now to help ground you. This is a very important time for you, Gemini. You’re setting new foundations for every department of your life. This month, with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you can figure out how you want to reorganize for the next 30-year cycle. Tall order. Special attention is on partnership, money, and resources.

CANCER. Big changes afoot for you, Cancer. Not that you haven’t been having them for the last year! This is retreat month, as you quietly prepare a new debut for your next solar year. The best thing you can do this month is lots of meditation, contemplation, and inner work. You are setting subconscious patterns that will last for 30 years, and retrograde Mercury gives you a fine opportunity to reset and change some of the old tapes. Your inner realignments will be reflected especially in your work, health, and daily routine.

LEO. You’ve been cutting yourself free from a lot of old attachments, Leo, and now you sit back and take a look at it all. What are your desires at this point in your life? You want something tangible to show the world that you have some substance. But more than that, you want a lifestyle with freedom, variety, and good friends, at the same time as you are happily involved in work that furthers your ideals. This is the month to work out what you want and how to get it. Something unpredictable may pop up out of the blue to change your life.

VIRGO. Work, work, work. But the truth is, you do like to work, especially if you can choose what and when to do it. Your take-charge ability is good now. Work goes exactly as you want it to. There’s the rub. You may be ambivalent and/or insecure about what you want, and find yourself vacillating around. Use this month to assess your whole work situation. Include past experiences, good and bad. Come up with a work assessment history that can guide you on the long haul into the future. You begin that future when Mercury turns direct at the end of the month.

LIBRA. How do you share your many talents with the world? It’s time now to commit to one or two ways, and you have the whole month to sort out in your mind your priority commitments. In fact, you have until Mars turns direct on July 19. In the meantime, changes in home and work help you decide. For instance, perhaps a job for which you have applied comes through. Or you quit the one you have. Whatever changes you make now will be enduring and beneficial. Travel may call now, and it will be more enlightening than you could have dreamed.

SCORPIO. Relationships continue to capture your attention, Scorpio. Communication is the focus. How do you communicate to encourage a win –win situation? There may be miscommunication and crossed signals, but such incidents are teachers. By the end of the month you will have worked out a lot which will be very useful in all future negotiations. Important people, ideas, things, or money from the past can come to you now, perhaps to be resolved. You are transforming how you communicate re important matters.

SAGITTARIUS. You’re mostly in retrograde, and other people, those flighty Geminis, have the say now. They may sound a bit confusing; they may be confused themselves, but you do need to listen. After you’ve truly absorbed (hard for Sag, but the effort will be worth it) and sorted things out, you will be reaching some informed decisions about partnership. There will be many people in your life this month, and each one has something to teach you. There may be sudden changes re business and/or intimate relationships.

CAPRICORN. You’ve got a plateful of problem-solving to do this month, and it may be adversely affecting your health. At a deep level, some of your dearly-held beliefs are changing, and it’s not easy. Your values, too, are undergoing a long, slow, deep change. You thought you knew what made things tick—and you are pretty savvy—but events are forcing you to question your world. This month you can set in motion a new regimen of health or of work. Eclipses are changing your security arrangements with others.

AQUARIUS. You’re writing, or communicating, a mile a minute. And in the process, you get something good started. If you have children, their lives are very busy now, and you are much involved. Creative communication is the essence of your month. And it’s a learning process. Your independence is growing, and yet there may be someone special in your life who is affecting you very deeply. There may be changes in your health or living habits. Watch out for burnout, and don’t let your stress level get too high.

PISCES. You’re in a long, slow process of revising your major goals, and your lifestyle. This month the focus is on home, and security arrangements. Family matters, some from the past, will be important. You end one basic cycle, and begin another. This means putting down new roots. By the end of the month you will have more clarity about where you’re going than you’ve had for a long time. Your identity as a family member is changing. Children may be coming into or leaving your home.