Mercury Retrograde
by Sissy Blue

Mercury is retrograde from June 4 through June 28.

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, for approximately three weeks each time. It is a time to review, re-consider, re-do, re-think. Any word that begins with "re" is appropriate during this time. It is not a period when one should begin new long-term projects, sign important contracts, or purchase expensive items.

I know this very well, because every time I try to beat the odds, I receive a new lesson from the Universe. It seems that I am stubborn and determined, and I always want to go forward! I don't want to stop right in the middle of progress and re-do, or re-think anything!

After all these years, my husband and I have decided we are Idiots, and we both agree on that point. I get the Idiot #1 spot, because as an astrologer, I have no excuse. My husband gets the Idiot #2 spot, because even though he doesn't know Mercury from Pluto, and doesn't care, he's had lots of experience over the years. Every time I announce a Mercury retrograde period coming, he says "Oh no, not again!"

Idiot #1:"Mercury turns direct this afternoon, so we should wait to look at that camper we want to buy."

Idiot #2: "I don't see why we can't just look at it this morning."

Idiot #1: "Well, I don't know..."

Idiot #2: "What could be wrong with just looking at it?"

Idiot #1: "Well, maybe it would be all right if we just don't make our final decision until after Mercury turns direct."

Idiot #2: "We've got the cash, and we're not asking for a loan or anything."

Idiot #1: "Yeah, I guess that would make a difference. We're going to purchase it outright."

Idiot #2: "I don't see a problem."

Idiot #1: "Okay. Let's go look at it, but let's not make up our minds until after 1:00, when Mercury turns direct."

Off to the city we two Idiots go, with cash in our pockets.

At the RV dealer, we carefully explained we were looking for a camper to put on the back of our pickup. Almost immediately, we found one that seemed to be perfect for our needs.

Idiot #1: But wait! We've got to watch out for details. We've got to watch out for unclear communication.

Idiot #2: I don't see what could go wrong. We can clearly see that the camper is exactly what we want."

Idiot #1: I guess you're right. I can't see anything that could go wrong. But I still want to wait until after one o'clock to make a decision.

Idiot #2 agreed.

And we waited.

After signing the purchase papers, Mercury began to bring us information we had missed, no matter how careful we had tried to be.

We found out there was an additional "package charge" of $900 that was automatically added to the sale, for several things we thought were included in the price.

We found out it would be a week before the company could even put the camper on our pickup, because there were so many things that needed to be done first—like putting air bags on the pickup. That was an additional cost of $500. And there were tie-downs that had to be welded onto the pickup.

We canceled the trip we had planned.

A week later, when we made the trip back to the city, after waiting all day, we discovered that the "telespcoping" tie-downs we were shown were not included unless there was an extra charge paid.

There was much more, and it took six weeks to get it all straightened out, with several trips to the city, and long days of waiting. The whole adventure cost much more than we expected, and at a later time when we decided to sell the camper, we managed to get only 10% of what we had invested in it.

We missed the details. We assumed things that we should have questioned. We charged ahead when we should have been still.

Mercury retrograde is a time to stop and regroup.

This time, when Mercury hits reverse, I'm going to be careful! I'm going to double-check everything! And hopefully, I'll come out on the other end of this period without "Idiot #1" stamped clearly on my forehead!

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at