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Blackout Blackmail
by Yvonne Taylor

(Ed. Note: Yvonne, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, wrote this article for a local magazine. She has allowed us to reprint it.)

Most people are aware of the total solar eclipse in June, which also happens to be the day of the winter solstice [Ed. Note: summer solstice for us northerners]. It is not by chance that these two significant events take place on the same day. And I feel it’s also not by chance that Southern Africa is the place on the planet where it is happening. A Divine Planner seems to have been at work here.

The eclipse crosses the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator. The path of totality will cross the Angolan coast just north of Lobito and move in an arc through southern Zambia, the northern part of Zimbabwe, through central Mozambique, and across the Indian Ocean to the southern end of Madagascar.

The first four countries have seen a lot of conflict in past years, so it is possible that issues of land, home, security and the family will be highlighted by the eclipse.

According to the Observatory the greatest eclipse will be about noon over the Atlantic. Totality will be over Zimbabwe at about 1:15 p.m. The eclipse will be 100% visible over Angola to Mozambique, 75% in Johannesburg, and 50% in Cape Town. But the effects will be global, and can start from about four months before and up to two years after the event. There’s no need to rush up north to experience the eclipse. Everyone will feel it one way or another, no matter where they live.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, ruled by the Moon, so on the day of the solar eclipse the Moon will be very at home in its own sign. It arrives at 0 degrees, an extremely powerful and significant point, in the early afternoon. The Sun arrives there at the same time to add fiery power to this event; it is going to be an extremely dynamic and powerful eclipse, in many ways. A combination of fire and water makes for a steamy session! The cardinal energy means being assertive, and generating momentum, setting out to make a start.

Cancer is the sign of the World Mother. The symbol represents the breasts, which of course provide our first nourishment and comfort. At the time of the solstice, when the Sun reaches 0 degrees Cancer, it is at its most northerly position. The ancients noticed that the Sun seemed to "stand still" for about three days at this time and they attached great importance to this "Gate of the Northern Sun."

Cancer represents our moods, emotions, and sensitivities, which fluctuate with the Moon. It’s concerned with nurturing, caring, providing for family, the home and our roots, security, and holding onto things to feel secure. It is a very sensitive sign and feels all the emotion of others. People will feel more than they normally do. We all have Cancer in our charts somewhere but those with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the early degrees of Cancer may find themselves more emotional than usual. Tides and body fluids are also ruled by the Moon—what can we expect here? Cancerian people are very sensitive to touch and must feel everything—so a few group hugs would not be out of place in June! And don’t be surprised if there are lots of tears around you—crying is a form of healing too.

An eminent Cape Town astrologer has said that eclipses are usually associated with earthquakes, floods, volcanic activity, and upheavals. Southern Africa is not really earthquake country, but we might see some out-of-the-ordinary weather patterns, strong winds and rain. However, the Middle East is a danger zone, and emotions are already running high in Israel. Seismologists have noticed that Mt. Fuji is rumbling again after being silent for a very long time. The fear is that should there be an eruption, it would result in enormous devastation. And if a quake happens under the sea, it could mean a tidal wave in some places.

Cancer is also strongly connected with healing, so it’s very possible that the eclipse will promote this in many ways. We hope that people will develop more compassion for others, be able to take better care of their families, and that maybe our government will be able to provide more food and shelter for those less fortunate.

Most African countries are Cancerian, and this zodiac sign also rules Black Africans, tribes and close-knit family groups. It denotes sensitive and emotional people. Cancer is also the sign of the soul. So this eclipse is very likely to stir the emotions of everyone living on this continent. It may re-waken or rekindle their tribal roots, their passion for their land, and any insecurities they may feel. They will possibly become aware of the value of family, nurturing, the home, and their own piece of land.

Famous people are very sensitive to solar eclipses, and history has many examples of this. Winston Churchill was toppled during an eclipse period, Hitler was the target of an unsuccessful assassination attempt, John Kennedy died four months after a solar eclipse. Prince Charles and Diana were married days before an eclipse, Prince William was born at eclipse time, and Diana died two days before an eclipse. This June eclipse occurs on a sensitive spot in our Pres. M’beki’s chart. We have seen lately that he is sailing through difficult waters and it has been suggested that he must take extra care, as he could be in danger.

Should readers wish to do appropriate rituals and meditations during the eclipse time, here are a few suggestions.

Because Cancer is associated with the sea, a beach venue would be ideal. Failing that, you can create a mini-beach at home with sand, shells, and small rocks. Pearls, crystal, and all soft white stones and chalk are Cancerian. Candles and water can form the focal point of an altar. Even if it rains on June 21, it will be a time for healing and nurturing. Whatever the weather, we are promised an incredible day for loving ourselves and others. We do need to re-connect with Nature, and acknowledge the power of cosmic energies.

Suitable plants are also watery, such as melon, cucumber, water lilies, or aquatic plants. If music is used, it would be helpful to have something with a watery connection, something fluid, oceanic, and healing. This eclipse time is going to be very powerful because of what it offers us in the way of healing opportunities, and it lends itself to many ways of celebrating it.

This solar eclipse will be very significant for Africa as a whole, and even more so for us because South Africa has a Cancer Ascendant, which is the face it shows to the world. This point on our chart is extremely important to the country, and the eclipse could mark a turning point in some way. We are being given the chance to show the world how to heal, how to care for others. South Africa is regarded as the place where global healing will start. Let us not waste this golden opportunity. So much has been happening, especially in Cape Town, over the past few years. There has been an enormous awakening of spirituality and the need for compassion and healing. Now the Universe has given us a priceless gift, an opportunity to build on the foundations already laid.

Enjoy the eclipse, cry, laugh and love. It promises to be a time that with hindsight we will see as a major turning point for our country in particular and the world as a whole.

Maya’s Note: Both Sun and Moon at this eclipse have just contacted Chiron, the Wounded Healer. I believe the eclipse over Africa has much to do with the AIDS crisis there. Its ramifications extend into every aspect of African society. The compassion and special attention to family which Yvonne discusses are absolutely essential for social healing. And for healing not only AIDS, but for healing the world. Africa may show the way.

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