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July 18
Pallas Athena direct

July 19
Mars direct

July Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Each month we will give the dates of the month’s planetary "stations" in this spot.

From Earth’s standpoint, planets periodically reverse their direction. We call this a retrograde period. It is a time to assimilate that planet’s energies, to bring them home to us and work with them on inner levels. During retrograde times, people are idiosyncratic—more true to their natures—in their expression of the retrograde energy.

On the days surrounding a planet’s "turn," it is moving very slowly or standing still in the heavens. We call this a station. Energy is very pronounced then, and events on earth reflect that emphasis.

During the few days around the directional change of a planet, its action manifests more strongly. We can see its principle more clearly then. Pay attention to the station days. They’re always significant.

Two related energies turn direct this month. One is that fiery red planet now brilliantly visible low in the southwest—Mars. The other is that clever asteroid, Pallas Athena, in mythology the daughter of Zeus who was born from his forehead, already armed with sword and shield.

Mars in Sagittarius, where it has been since February 15, is a risk-taker. He knows he is lucky, and thus he rushes headlong into adventure. On May 11 Mars turned retrograde to give us all a chance to slow down, to rethink the consequences of our impetuous behavior, perhaps to backtrack on it, and at the same time to plan future adventures.

What have you learned that hasn’t worked for you? Or that you should adjust to make it work better? How can you improve your assertive energy to better achieve what you really want? Get it figured out by July 19, and the door will open then for you to move ahead on a new and more effective track.

Mars moves ahead at 16 Sagittarius, a powerful degree which holds much Mars-Pluto-Pallas energy. These planets have all been heavily involved with the energy crises—global warming, the California crisis, and the Bush energy policies. This degree affects the Suns of those born from December 7-10, and they will be highly motivated now to go forth and fulfill their quests.

Mars will be retracing its old ground until it enters Capricorn on September 8. We will begin a whole new ball game then.

Pallas Athena, who has been associated with Mars all year, turns direct on July 18 to help Mars along. She turns at 28 Scorpio, a sign co-ruled by Mars, and thus is tuned into Mars’ desires. Mars is a good soldier. His desire is to get the prize, to win the war. Pallas Athena is a master strategist. Think chess. She sees overall patterns and knows how to weave them together for a social purpose. She knows when to defend and when to attack and what pieces to use when. Together Mars and Pallas are unbeatable. They are a major signature of the Bush Administration.

28 Scorpio especially affects those born from November 19-22.

With these two warriors turning their full power on at the same time, the time is ripe to go for the gold!

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