Daykeeper Journal Online: A Journal of Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Earth from Space
General Astrological Influences, July 2001
by Maya del Mar

We are in the Cancerian energy field—emotional, receptive, tribal and family-oriented. Cancer is associated with the Moon, and Moon represents what has made us comfortable for eons. It is close to Earth, influential in defining the changing tides, and all of watery life responds to its changing phases. Moon works intimately with Sun and Earth to sustain and grow life.

Sensitivity to life, and all that nourishes it, is a hallmark of Cancer time.

It’s important now to spend time in situations which truly nourish us, and with people with whom we feel secure. Families are important, but they may be heart families or spiritual families rather than blood families. Earth and water are important, and this is a time to renew our connection with nature.

We have just had a powerful Solstice Eclipse in Cancer, and changes in families, security, and foundations are being catalyzed. Now, on July 5, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn to complete the family circle.

The United States, with its birthday on July 4, is much moved by these eclipses. So is George Bush, born on July 6. Seeds are sown now for a great turning of this nation.

Canada, with its birthday on July 1, is also riding the wheels of change. So is Mexico, with President Fox celebrating his birthday on July 2.

Eclipse changes are kicked into manifestation by other eclipses in that same polarity, and particularly by the eclipse which often occurs two weeks before or after. The two-week period between two eclipses is often unbalanced, as shifts are in process.

Right now we have the two-week period from June 21-July 5 as this unstable period between eclipses. Changes often occur then, as well as before and after the eclipses. Unexpected events are likely during this first week in July, particularly re family, tribal, and security matters.

Eclipse changes are also set off by planets transiting their degrees, which become sensitive points. The Solstice Eclipse, at 1 Cancer, gets a big jolt on July 12, when Jupiter enters Cancer, where it will travel for the next year. Jupiter gives faith, expansion, luck, and success in all Cancerian matters. Mercury is with Jupiter at this moment, and thus our perceptions, activities, and communication for the next year will revolve around home and family. We will be more patriotic, and more emotional. We can come to understand better what it means to be human, and the potential is to embrace all of humanity as one family.

Conjunctions are seed-planting times. Mental-belief-attitude seeds for the Jupiter-Mercury cycle are planted now, around July 12. And they are planted in the ground of a powerful eclipse in Cancer. Who do you consider your family? Where is your home?

July 19 is the third big day of the month. After 10 weeks of moving slowly backwards in Sagittarius, Mars finally turns direct this day. Our projects can get off the ground. This a super-energetic, uncompromising Mars. It is easy to run roughshod over others’ feelings, while at the same time we expect consideration for our own.

Mars opposes Venus now, showing a desire for relationship, but likely difficulties with cooperation. Venus is in independent Gemini. She has just talked with Pluto and Saturn, and is in no mood for being coy. The most important thing about this Mars-direct time is to make a real effort to listen to and be considerate of others.

Mars is very potent now, and we can take a big step in a project that is dear to our heart. Relationships are central for the entire month. There may be a tendency to manipulate or bullshit others, especially when conflicts arise, but long-range success will come only with strict honesty.

July is a personal month. It is our personal concerns and issues that grab our attention. The universe will help us make deep emotional changes, Cancer’s domain, and set us on a yearlong journey of emotional growth, and communication of those deepening feelings.

Besides Cancer, all of the mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces—are strongly activated. The middle degrees of those signs, in particular, are subject to some uncomfortable pressures.

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