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October 2001
Table of Contents
The Significance of These Times
Last Quarter Moon Report
Wisdom from
Cape Town
Retrograde Watch
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October Daily Success Guide
General Astrological Influences for October
General Sun Signs,
October 2001
Sky Watch
Joseph Odom: Returning to Our Essential Selves in Autumn
Crystal's Sept-Oct
Virgo New Moon Meditation
Sign of the Month: Libra
Visit Maya's Sun Sign Archives
Sissy Blue: Aspects and the Outer Planets
Maya Recommends: Schulman's Karmic Astrology Vol. II
Book Review—The Priestess of Avalon

October Highlights:

The Significance of These Times Pluto conjoining the U.S. ascendant brings opportunity to choose the direction of momentous change

Wisdom from Cape Town Lessons in coming to terms with situations we don't want to experience

Retrograde Watch Be ready for a mercurial month, finishing with possible financial upset

Skywatch: Don't miss the glorious Harvest Moon. And look for the eclipse of the malefic Hyades Oct. 6

NEW! Joseph Odom on returning to our essential selves in autumn

Words, Work and Vision: Your Prayers for Peace Crystal's powerful Virgo New Moon Meditation

LibraSign of the Month: Libra
Learn all about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives

Moon Report October 10, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio Secrecy and surveillance build-up

Maya del Mar photo November ... time to break through denial, says Maya in the new complete Daily Success Guide.

Maya's October Daily Success Guide—aggressive energies build to mid-month. The die is cast—what will this 35-year cycle mean for us?

Astrological Influences for October: Major structural changes continue, with special opportunities for awareness
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
Sissy Blue Aspects and the outer planets: three chances to get it right!

Maya Recommends Schulman's Karmic Astrology Vol. II—Retrogrades and Reincarnation

Book Review—The Priestess of Avalon Bradley and Paxton weave an enchanting tale
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