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August Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. The October 2 Full Moon gets you going, Aries, and you may be spending much of the month as an unwitting actor for other people’s aggressions. You’re excellent at rising to challenges, but this month you have to really use discrimination about the who’s, what’s and why’s of any challenges. There are many ready to use your courage for their own—often hidden—agendas. You tend to be straightforward and impulsive, but now use our retrograde Mercury to stop and reflect before you act. What are YOUR goals?

You can get a new awareness of your personal indulgences this month, and go on to begin a new and improved health regime. Your money situation continues to transform, and you make major changes in your priorities as part of that process. You may receive some stimulating communication from relatives, perhaps in connection with money or resources. Taking care of your health—mental and physical—is your big job this month. Relationships are a major part of this endeavor.

GEMINI. You can’t straddle the fence forever, Gemini. This month you have to make some choices about where your commitments lie. Both outside partners and your inner self are pressuring you for decisions. You are a communicator, and this month you can make great strides in manifesting your abilities and grounding them. Home base can provide either conflict or security. In that regard, let the actions of others speak louder than their words. This is a super creative month for you. Use it positively.

Lots of growth for you this month, Cancer, and the key is hard work. At the same time you will be busy with other people and with your partner. Full Moon on October 2 is a turning point. Home base is especially important now, and you may make some decisions and revisions about your home and how you approach your goals. In an important way, you end one cycle and plant the seeds for another. Mercury turning direct on October 22 will be the key for you to move forth in your realignment.

Problem-solving is your forte this month, Leo, particularly in the area of partnership. Help may come from out of the blue. In some way, you have two roads before you. Don’t make a precipitous decision about which one to take. Your daily life undergoes a rebirth, perhaps in surprising ways. This is a great month for travel. Your creativity is a special springboard now, and it could be recognized and honored by others.

Your quiet beauty shines forth this month in a special way, and you attract those things you want. You’re restructuring your foundations and your role in the world to create greater security. This month you make concrete steps in building towards your ideals and aspirations. Motivation is high. You begin a month-long process of rethinking your priorities, particularly in relation to events which occurred a year ago.

With Mercury retrograde in your sign, you’re rethinking your stance in the world. By mid-month you are forming a new idea of who you are. You’re very active this month, particularly in regard to restructuring business plans and promotion. Conflicts around Full Moon on October 2 may bring out impulsive behavior. Balanced communication is always important for you, but it’s a really big thing now.

It’s a great time to invest in yourself, Scorpio, whether it be for a seminar, a trip, or a promotional program. A change of perspective can help the personal realignment which now grips you. Friends are especially helpful now, and can provide both emotional support and practical help. By mid-month a kind of peace falls on you, and you can let the great wheel turn.

You have great spiritual resources, Sag, and you can roll with the major changes occurring now for you. Others are involved, perhaps in pushing your limits, and projection on your part is a pitfall. In reality, you are them and they are you. Looking at yourself is never easy for you, but now it’s imperative. You’re a juggler this month. Partnership and joint finances are special areas of attention now, and you will benefit from your own negotiation efforts, especially if you come off your high moral horse.

CAPRICORN. You are motivated and energized now, and can get help from others to achieve your goals. You may be tempted to run roughshod over them, but you don’t need to. They want to cooperate with you. You’re aiming for your goals now, and can establish the seeds of a new position in the world. Prepare your promotion now, and be ready to send it out when Mercury turns direct on October 22.

This is the time for you, too, Aquarius, to prepare your plans for expansion and promotion. Send them out on October 24. Working with others to further your creative output will be successful. Their ideas about improvement can be very helpful now. An offer from the blue may solve some work-related problem for you. Be careful about over-indulgence.

Partnership may have a glitch, but it is ultimately loving and supportive. Intimacy comes together now in a new and harmonious way. During retrograde Mercury you’re thinking long and hard about the changes you want to make in your expression of your life purpose. They’ll be completed next summer. You want your creative expression to be heard now, and it is, especially be friends.