The Priestess of Avalon
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In Association with Amazon.comThe Priestess of Avalon by Marian Zimmer Bradley with Diana L. Paxson. 480 pages, Viking Press, May 2001.

Reviewed by Maya del Mar

Oh, it was such a treat to return to Avalon with that high priestess of them all, the late Marian Zimmer Bradley! She vividly recreates priestess energy, and my heart cries out for those times of firm dedication to a positive life pathway where all is recognized as sacred. The heroine of this book is, yes, a priestess of Avalon, but she spends most of her life living as an ordinary woman, wife, and mother, always with the consciousness of her sacred training. It is a book for our times, because this is exactly what we women do—live in the world at the same time as our hearts are tuned to the ancient echoes of the sacred songs we once knew. The burning question throughout the book is, "Does our heroine get to return to Avalon?" Read it and see.