Letter from South Africa
by Yvonne Taylor

Today, 18th September we met as usual at Elandor for our weekly meeting with Marie. The first class, which is called the Class of Mindfulness, was spent mainly on breathing techniques, balancing ourselves within, and opening the seven chakras with appropriate sound. It was an extremely intense and powerful hour. This atmosphere was naturally created by last week's events; one lady wore a T-shirt with "New York City" embroidered across the heart area. She just wanted to hold the city to her heart, and hoped somehow to incorporate all the strong healing energies we would create.

Our second meeting drew a large number of people. Marie first talked about the many opinions and views of what happened on 11th September. Her teachings and wisdom have been of invaluable help in this past week. She encouraged us to let go of all visual memories of what TV and the media constantly bombard us with; not to use words such as "war" and "retaliation," and to release all negative thoughts such as anger, hatred, desire for revenge—all those sentiments that come so easily and are so difficult to ignore. Through her many teachings over the past few years we have been able to cultivate a method of non-judgement whenever some kind of disaster happens. Africa as a whole, and South Africa too, has seen so much bloodshed for centuries; in the past seven years this country has seen an unprecedented rise in violence and hatred, that we are constantly called on to come to terms with situations we don't want to experience.

We were asked not to dwell on all the horrors we have seen, but instead to concentrate on the Light, to think thoughts of Peace and Resolution. There are no winners in a war. Continuing the cycle of violence instigated by "them," means that we stoop to the low level of such inhumane creatures. Far better, then, to use powerful, positive thoughts to deflect and transform all the anger and hatred that is flying around now. Love and thoughts of Peace are far more powerful than any fighting. There are so many groups of Lightworkers here, all united in one system of thought now; connect those groups to all the hundreds of groups around the world, and our message will undoubtedly reach the Beings in higher realms, who will act on our desire for an end to the insanity which is threatening to destroy Mother Earth. This planet is going through her own cycle of evolution and change; we are moving into the fourth and fifth dimensions and eventually the third dimension will fall away. We can help this transition by taking charge of ourselves, each person dealing with only their own inner issues. Once we have got ourselves on track, we can then extend that love to our families, our neighbors, other towns, the country, and other countries. Until we love ourselves, we cannot love others.

We then moved into a special Peace Ceremony, designed to counteract all the negativity around us at this time. The main altar's central focus was a large inflatable model of Mother Earth, all the many countries clearly marked out. In opposite corners were white candles in groups of three; in the other two corners were groups of three African peace bowls, which already held our intent for peace from previous ceremonies. Feathers represented the air, the cosmos, direction from other realms; crystals represented the spiritual energies that are always with us.

I had randomly selected three little stones from the Brekkubaer beach in Iceland (not knowing that Marie was planning to work with "three's"), the same beach where Roy Little Sun had collected some stones for his Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel, which he built at the spiritual community in August this year. I placed them on the altar in the hope that the energy in those little stones will somehow connect to his Medicine Wheel. In this little triangle of Iceland's stones Marie placed a small branch of Spring blossom, to symbolize new life which occurs in spite of whatever else is happening on our lovely planet.

A second smaller altar was formed with my little model of Mother Earth, a beautiful shade of turquoise with all the countries embossed on it—truly a Blue Planet. It sat on the same silk scarf we used in our eclipse ceremony, with colors of pink, blue and green. On this altar we laid personal items such as a ring, a necklace, a crystal—anything that would hold our intent for peace and love. As always, we had music quietly in the background, this time a few lines from a Peace Song. The lines were repeated over and over again, with gentle musical accompaniment—

Peace on Earth, now....
No more war, now.....

Eventually these words echoed in our minds like a mantra; no doubt they will continue to be "heard" for days to come.

After initial smudging of each person, Marie handed out tiny candles to us. She lit her candle from the main one on the altar, then lit those held by the people on either side of her with that little one. Each person then lit the candle of the person next to them, and so the flame of peace and love went round our circle - in effect, a circle of light. I found it quite an emotional time, because the energy in that room was extremely powerful and intense, everyone sitting in silence holding their little flame, and praying for peace and guiding light to those in power in this world. We meditated for a short while on letting go our negative thoughts and feelings, concentrating on holding the Light and working with the Light.

Although we here in Cape Town are physically detached from the events along the US east coast, we still understand what happened there, and we feel all their pain. However, we Lightworkers need to come together and rise above the lower symbolism, to work together to dilute all the aggression that has been created. By concentrating only on peace and love, and each of us getting our own house in order, sorting out our individual issues within ourselves, can we then create enough positive energy to solve the anguish of our Mother Earth. One of our group meditated last Wednesday and "saw" a beautiful golden glow over New York, with the souls of those who gave up their lives bathed in love. We can perhaps hold onto this vision and build on it, knowing that Love can heal all wounds.

Blessings to you all, my very dear friends, I wish you Love, Light and Peace.

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