Crystal Pomeroy
Consciousness Exercises and Affirmative Prayers for the August New Moon Cycle
by Crystal Pomeroy

On the one hand, Maya has reminded us that this New Moon cycle relates to focusing on perfecting our skills. On the other, the Sabian symbol speaks of the completion of a life of work well done in service to the world. Last New Moon emphasized identifying and adhering to that or those endeavors which express our most inner selves. This New Moon cycle presents prime time to focus on the consolidation of what we feel to be our own true calling. For many Daykeeper readers, such work will likely include an element of spiritual development, such as prayer, visualization and meditation. Current events intensify the urgency of spiritual practice, as we turn to the Life Within which alone can heal the most challenging wounds. (We hope you will especially appreciate the world-healing techniques shared below.)

Whether or not you feel that your highest work is specifically spiritual in nature, completing it is one most of the spiritual actions you can now undertake, in service both to yourself and the world around you. On the one hand, the energy of consolidation is vital to spiritual development. As San Francisco based psychic and metaphysical minister Rev. Pearl Shannon once advised one among those thousands of us who visited her for advice during her life on this plane, "learn to finish what you’ve begun, even if it’s just a book you discover you didn’t like so much once you’ve started it."

Grounding our aspirations, bringing our creative impulses into fruition, is a source of constant frustration while pending, and enormous spiritual growth (and relief) when completed. Emerson said it poetically, "Do your work, and I shall know you. Do your work, and you shall reinforce yourself." Spirit is the invisible, limitless potential we carry into incarnation. As you ground that promise, applying your free will each day towards consolidating your most truly self expressive activity, you reaffirm the eternal life force which you in essence are.

In the light of the recent earth-shaking events of mid-September, the opportunity this New Moon represents to consolidate your own highest calling becomes an imperative. Now is the time to "resist, insist and persist" (to quote a very successful Virgo woman entrepreneur). Resist fearsome or grief-filled appearances of recent events that would have you doubt the Life Force Within which urges you to live, thrive and complete your life’s purpose. Insist where your own inertia and that of the world around you seem to weigh you down, telling you there’s no point, it’s too late or that your limited individual efforts can make no mark on what appear to be vastly destructive forces at work in this moment of history. Persist when the efforts you have made don’t appear to produce the results you once dreamt of. Do not be deceived, you are here to give something significant to the Universe. If you synchronistically "happen" to be here in the face of such dramatic world events, your resisting, persisting and insisting are even more crucial for the larger whole than they are for yourself. As you perpetuate the creative, spiritual expression that you have come to share, your activity is the prayerful "yes" which alone can erase the dark appearance of "no" that would loom in doom before you. And it will contribute, with others who are keeping their inner candles lit- even in the wind, to the critical yes-mass of light which no shadow can penetrate.


(To add to or create seasonally and astrologically synchronized altars and ceremonies, if you choose to use such for your prayers at this time.)

  • The earth element can be represented by shafts of wheat, whole grain bread or buns, woven objects.

  • You may choose spring or rain water in an earthen vessel.

  • Apropos symbols of fire may include a pink candle, especially useful for the planetary healing meditation below.

  • The air element at this time, may be present as acoustic or drum music, or you might choose to burn any natural incense, or wear a natural oil, such as sandalwood, mint or rose, on your person as you do your Virgo New Moon prayers.

Altar. A place established for praying. More importantly, that place in our awareness where we contact and venerate the Higher Power within.

Other suggestions for September, 2001, prayer preparations:

  • Visualize yourself surrounded by and saturated with bright, white light as you dress in comfortable white garments.
  • Include a small globe or picture of Planet Earth in your prayer space (for visualization use as described below).
  • A picture of Jesus, or of another high vibration guide or being you wish to invite into your visualization for planetary healing.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing may refer especially to:

Archangel Zadquiel (guardian of Atlantis, submerged area still in need of planetary healing that includes the seas around New York and Florida)
The Angel of Consolidated Works
The Angel of Planetary Healing
The Angel of Planet Earth
The Christ Mind
Jesus Christ

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings of the high white light alone (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides), you may call on them out loud or in writing.

Before initiating your Leo New Moon ceremony or prayers, you might say or write something like, I (we, if summoned by a group) greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in consolidating my life’s purpose and creating more new Spirit Force than appears to be taken away or challenged by events or circumstances.


If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to light a pink candle for your prayers now (the pink light shines the power of unconditional love for planetary healing). Have a picture or other symbol of the planet, and if you so choose, an image of the Christ or other healing being you may like to channel into your planetary healing visualization. Also have your favorite writing implement and pad or paper on hand.

1. Get into a comfortable position before your candle, and finish the following sentence. "If I had help in the following inner and outer areas, I could complete my highest work:

Sample elements for lists might include:

With the house
My sales
My business
Release from debts
A space of my own
Time management
My clients
Family relationships
My teaching

The point is to make a list of all the areas you feel you need help with in order to accomplish your highest work, purpose or purposes now.

2. Once you have done so, you can write the following prayer to suit your needs:

"I am not alone or without sufficient help. I have all the help I need to consolidate my highest work and complete the divine plan of my life. The Divine Helper is with me, helping me with everything I need. The Divine Helper is helping me with..." (Add those elements you identified on your list, for instance: "the house, my organization, clients, teaching, inspiration, finances, prayers, etc.")

Make sure you include all those areas you need, and remember, the Most Interested Party in your highest work is the Higher Power, Who is indeed with you, and has the means to help you with everything you need.

3. With this in mind, read your prayer aloud at least five times. If you do this for at least 28 days, you will notice surprising results (send us your testimony!). Continue as long as you feel this sort of help as a priority, and be sure to fill your heart with gratitude as you see the manifestation.

4. The Divine Helper is present throughout the entire world! Allow Her to work through you by including the following ideas in your prayers:

We are not alone or without powerful, effective assistance.

The Divine Helper is present in the streets of New York, helping to strengthen and discover any remaining survivors. The Divine Helper is comforting all those directly affected and their families, The Divine Helper is helping to restore their complete good now. The Divine Helper is helping all those who have made their transition to move on with ease and joy to follow the Divine Plan for their existence.

The Divine Helper is with us here, protecting us from any efforts to submerge us into fear, despair, anger or paralysis.

The Divine Helper is present everywhere on Earth, helping all people move towards our inherent desire for peace, love and forgiveness.

The Divine Helper is helping all will and all efforts to end once and for all any destructive plans against freedom, spirituality, justice and well being for all on Earth.

The Divine Helper is now helping in whatever way is necessary to insure our freedom, our complete well-being, and the completion of the divine plan for the planet.

Read this prayer through slowly three times. Continue to do so at least once a day, adding or omitting whatever becomes appropriate.

5. Powerful visualization for Earth’s healing. With your pink candle lit (as suggested above), extend your hands towards the picture or symbol of Earth that you have or are imagining before you. Observe the pink light glowing from the candle, and visualize that same glow emanating from your hands, surrounding the Earth, as you repeat:

Divine Love expresses itself through my heart, and flows through my hands, to surround the Earth, and to heal it, heal it, heal it now.

Continue prayer and imaging for at least 5 minutes.

Do this visualization at least 3 times a week, and whenever you can with a group.

A Mexican metaphysician once described to me how she joined an inter-religious summit gathering to send pink light to Mexico City after the 1985 earthquake. A second earthquake that had been destined to follow was thus avoided.
As you work and pray and visualize for your personal and collective world, do not be deceived by any thought or sense that your own private efforts or that of your small groups may be too little to make a difference in the face of the planet-shaking forces at play. The Higher Power is present in unlimited amounts for each of us, and takes into account the simplest acts of purity and faith when they are sincere, over and above the more superficial motions of large groups or institutions. She Who Is Within You is not small, but limitless, in the face of any appearances, however vast.

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