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The Saturn/Pluto Phenomenon by Joy Michaud and Karen Hilverson. Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine, 1993. $11.95 paperback (available second-hand).

Reviewed by Maya del Mar

This is the perfect book to help us work with the great structural transformations which we are all undergoing, as Saturn and Pluto oppose one another during 2001 and 2002. Worldwide we are experiencing disruption of the status quo, a status quo, which in many ways has reached the end of its road. We have the opportunity now to rebuild a healthier basic life structure, as well as a healthier society.

This is a small book which beautifully accomplishes two things. It helps us to better and more deeply understand both Pluto, the Lord of Evolution, and Saturn, the Lawgiver, and it also gives us excellent meditations to work with both of those energies. The authors show us, with grace and depth, how we can use Saturn and Pluto to help us on our path to self-realization. Case histories make the process very concrete.

Besides that, the authors give us brief meanings of these planets in signs and houses.

Saturn, January’s ruler, is now transiting in Gemini. After describing Saturn in Gemini, they say, "In recognizing that our mind and speech should be used as honestly and straightforwardly as possible, we gain much strength and start to think in terms of universal thought. We realize that our thoughts really do create our world—and that before we can even begin the search for "truth," we must become "truth."

Sagittarius, Pluto’s current sign, includes all forms of higher understanding and philosophy, including morals and religion. The authors’ description of Pluto in Sagittarius is the best I’ve read. Particularly relevant to current events is their quote from Dane Rudhyar, "the danger one faces in terms of ninth house and Sagittarian experiences is overexpansion caused by ambition and greed for power or the symbol of social power, money." Pluto here can greatly intensify the need for power.

Joy and Karen both live and work in England.

Joy is a practicing psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and astrologer. She gives lectures and workshops in England demonstrating how people can connect with the mythic images within the unconscious in order to better understand the self.

Karen is a published writer of short stories. She teaches English, as well as writes. Both Joy and Karen’s writing is readable and engrossing.