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Consciousness Exercises and Affirmative Prayers for the August New Moon Cycle

by Crystal Pomeroy

This Full Moon window is of great significance in the Native American traditions, which is also on key with the potent Native Ancestors who are currently bringing gifts to us—in awareness and energy movement—from the invisible plane.


The Full Moon maximizes or fills the patterns of the New Moon cycle in which it takes places, so if you haven’t already done so, now is still a great time to summon your destiny and dissipate your fears, a process facilitated by our New Moon meditation from earlier this month, with the help of shamans on both the visible and invisible planes. If you already followed that guide, review both your chosen destiny and your fears at this time.

Have ready the following materials for each person:

  • An approximately 4" x 4" piece of red cloth, preferably cotton or cotton polyester mix.

  • 3 pinches of tobacco.

  • A slip of paper.

  • A piece of red or blue yarn to tie the bundle.

  • A feather.

Each person should have their own gifts for the spirit of the South (which is related to the past, for leaving fears behind). These can be natural or personal objects such as a very special shell, crystal, piece of wood or jewelry, and so on.

To quote the East Cherokee source for most of the bundle instructions, "Remember, you're asking the spirit of that direction for catalyzing help; so don't be "stingy" about your gift or gifts. What you put out, you receive in return."
Making the Prayer Bundle

1. Light your incense and candle, and call on Native Guides and Spirits (more specific suggestions accompany my New Moon Meditation.)

2. On a slip of paper, write a decree to the effect that

"Any apparent blocks to my destiny and that of the planet have now been dissolved in the name of the Great Spirit within and all around us."

3. Wrap your prayer slip, gifts and three pinches of tabacco in the piece of red cloth and tie it with a piece of yarn.

4. Give thanks that the guides and spirits are assisting you in moving beyond any fears you may have had in relation to summoning your destiny, and that they and the Great Spirit are now moving in your consciousness and in all creation to bring forth your True Purpose.

5. Take your prayer bundle to the most natural woodsy or bushy area you can find, and tie it to a branch on the south side.

6. Interestingly, this prayer bundle is said to begin showing results within two weeks, if your free will can choose them. Given this time frame, it would be most effective along with a daily affirmation for receiving your highest good during the remainder of this Moon Cycle (two weeks), such as,

"I receive the freedom to fulfill my destiny that Spirit has for me now."

Members of our prayer group experienced some fascinating phenomena around this bundle, which we made the other day. One member’s son was waiting for her in the car, and when she got in he explained that he’d asked the chauffeur to take him to buy a compass (he had no idea what his mother was doing inside).

Another went to tie her bundle the next evening and drove to city outskirts to find a woodsy area. When her husband got out of the car (she stayed with the baby inside), the lights suddenly went out just around the area of the bush he had spotted, so he was able to hang the bundle completely out of public view. While he did so, she realized someone parked nearby was playing live, indigenous drum music. When he got back in the car, the lights went back on.

It will be interesting to hear what signs and experiences Daykeeper readers are having with the Native guides at this time, and with their prayer bundles.

Don't let the next Full Moon take you by suprise. Make the most of the Febuary Moon Cycle--stay tuned for my Febuary New Moon Meditation.

Special thanks to the East Cherokee Nation, as well as all Native Wise Ones who offer their support during this magical Moon Cycle. Thanks and blessings to Claudia Schimmer, who sent us the original prayer bundle method, and to Alberto Villoldo for his work to bring Native traditions and values to the forefront of contemporary understanding, and for enriching our own efforts in that direction.

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