Crystal Pomeroy
Consciousness Exercises and Affirmative Prayers for the August New Moon Cycle
by Crystal Pomeroy

"Chemicalization" was a word first coined by Phineas Quimby, a healer in the nineteenth century, who was also one of the principle founding influences of modern American metaphysics. It has lived on as a reference to the reaction caused by the ego’s resistance to the light when our consciousness moves toward a higher vibration. When we are decided on spiritual growth and begin to become more truly positive, loving, and faith-filled, events will often seem to occur that would make us doubt our higher path, and the Higher Power altogether. They are actually provoked by our own shadow, which reacts chemically to the alteration in its apparent dominion of our psyche, and sets off a series of appearances within and around us (mind-created events), in an effort to make us throw in the towel. The chemicalization archetype can be reflected in the overwhelming temptation experienced during withdrawal from addiction, the cramps which follow a new exercise regime, or the initial setbacks in any situation where we sincerely attempt to overcome our inner inertia and form new and higher habits.

Maya’s Daily Success Guide entry for the Libra New Moon reminds us that the Divine Mother is rising on a global scale, and in the process activating what appears to be mass chemicalization for the collective ego, expressing as a crude accentuation of "fundamentalist" feelings, such as terror and hatred, traditionally associated with patriarchal religions. This New Moon’s meditation is designed to help us affirm the continued lightening of personal and collective vibrations, and the victorious presence of the Divine Mother, Who is helping all peoples everywhere in this planetary transition.

Maya has brilliantly pointed to a series of oppositions between the asteroids, which express the Goddess Presence, and the outer planets, which speak to Spirit, that is, Spirit as it was envisioned until the asteroids were taken into account as an astrological influence. Only during the last century or so has independent spiritual experience been something sought after and developed by large numbers of individuals.

For some millennia before now, Spirit had been generally considered from the masculine standpoint: powerful but remote, ominous and forbidding; to be appeased, sacrificed to or avoided. The bearded, intimidating, domineering Patriarch-Up-There is reflected in the names of the gods that were attributed to the outer planets: Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. The recent integration of the asteroid goddesses into astrology corresponds with a new vision of Spirit. Their appearance, and the retrieval of the ancient goddess myths with the daily spiritual, emotional and practical concerns that has characterized them (vs. the distant, aggrandized spheres of the patriarchal gods)- has come about in synchrony with the current development of popular, personal spiritual empowerment.

As the Goddess rises through the asteroids in our astrological charts, Spirit comes home to our real, immediate consciousness and concerns. One clear metaphor for this is in the growing interest in "practical spirituality." Another is the Course in Miracles, whose study by groups around the world is creating a great vibrational wave of unconditional love (the feminine face of the Christ) as forgiveness. Contact with the angels (associated both with love and asteroids) are also part of the new spirituality, as is a recovery of shamanism, or Earth-Spirit medicine. Such tendencies, along with other paths to recovering a personal connection with a present, immediate divine, are becoming a force to be contended with in the planet’s collective awareness. Chemicalization takes place as the world’s ego forces react to this surge of love and faith with high-tech militarization and manipulative media strategies which appear to bubble forth, accompanied by mass, low-vibration emotions—depression, fear, prejudice—that seem to paralyze the progress of the light in our attitudes and actions.

The message from the spheres is that now is the time to persist in our affirmative attitudes, endeavors, meditations and prayers, and especially in unconditional love, as further stressed by the strikingly inspirational Sabian symbol Maya has shared for this New Moon cycle, of a butterfly with a "third wing on its left side." This apparent anomaly is said to reflect a "spiritual strengthening" in "new modes of response to basic life situations ... a special development of an aspect of the spiritual life is shown ... power has been added to the normal spiritual life...." Unconditional love (the Divine Mother) once again arises as a timely metaphor through the oracle’s reminder: the left side is the "heart’s side."

Perhaps genetic tampering, radioactivity and pesticide- provoked mutations are but a reaction of the collective spiritual chemistry, the shadow side of what the Sabian oracle calls the true, "original mutation," our ability to mutate habitual human nature into something more beautiful and marvelous by the persistent use of our free will to promote inner and outer peace through unconditional love, fortitude and faith beyond all appearances.

So, dear friend, our meditative message from the last New Moon remains current: keep on believing, creating, and consolidating your highest work. Our prayers now will also open us to divine assistance for strengthening our spiritual practice, including some special and original tools for increasing the unconditional love vibration.


These are to add to or create seasonally and astrologically synchronized altars and ceremonies, if you choose to use such for your prayers at this time. Altar: an altar is a place established for praying. More importantly, that place in our awareness where we contact and venerate the Higher Power within.

The earth element can be represented by wedding or engagement rings, or other token gifts (chocolates!) from your significant other (which can be yourself), amethysts- especially set in jewelry, apples, or fresh leaves that are turning color.

You may choose cider or a vial of aromatic essence or other fragrant and beautiful liquid to symbolize water.

Apropos symbols of fire may include a pink, white and/or purple candle or candles, in a brass, bronze or other metallic candlestick or holder.

The air element at this time, may be present as music, especially with angelic choirs or singing; you might enjoy a floral or jasmine incense, or use Bach or other flower extracts, either on yourself or diluted in water and sprinkled around your prayer area.

Other suggestions for October, 2001, prayer preparations:

Before beginning your prayers, gather elements to create a Treasure Map for Forgiveness, as follow:

1. A piece of heavy purple paper or poster board.

2. A picture, business card or another token of a person or group that especially challenges your forgiveness skills.

3. A metallic ink pen.

4. Paste or glue.

5. A picture of the Divine in its love manifestation, such as the Divine Mother, Jesus, Gabriel, or its equivalent to you personally.

Visualize yourself surrounded by and saturated with bright, violet light as you dress in comfortable, attractive, purple (and pink if you like it) garments.

Wear amethyst jewelry.

On your altar or in your prayer space, place a picture of the Goddess, Jesus, or of another high vibration guide, above or next to a small globe or picture of Planet Earth.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing may refer especially to:

  • The Divine Mother
  • Pallas Athena (etheric being related to the principal of Spiritual Truth for Metaphysicians, as well as to the higher octave of the asteroid which bears her name).
  • Tonantzin (Mother of the Gods and Goddesses in Mesoamerica, Divine Mother of the Americas.)
  • Queen of Light (ascended master who is named thus for her great victories over darkness)
  • Archangels Zadquiel and Amethyst (guardians of Atlantis, submerged area still in need of planetary healing that includes the seas around New York and Florida)
  • The Angel of Planetary Healing
  • Gaia
  • The Angel of Planet Earth
  • The Christ Mind
  • Jesus Christ

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings "of the high white light alone" (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides), you may call on them out loud or in writing.

Before initiating your Libra New Moon ceremony or prayers, you might say or write something like,

"I (we, if summoned by a group) greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in persisting in and strengthening my (our) spiritual practice(s), attitude of faith, love and forgiveness."



During the Virgo New Moon last month, we suggested beginning a series of affirmations we shared to open to the "Divine Helper." Not only are these prayers especially powerful and worth continuing for a longer time, they also remain current for the Libra New Moon. The asteroid activity Maya has pointed to in her calendar indeed speaks to the Divine Helper, present in the daily needs of each and every human being. Since her predictions suggest that the collective chemicalization, and its accompanying appearances may appear to test our inner strength for some time, we can update the Divine Helper decrees for ourselves personally as follows:

"I am not alone or without sufficient help. I have all the help I need to consolidate my highest work, receive the victory of Spirit in my awareness, and complete the divine plan of my life. The Divine Helper is with me, helping me with everything I need. The Divine Helper is helping me with...". Last month we suggested personalizing this prayer by adding those moral and material elements you need help with, for instance: "the house, my organization, clients, teaching, inspiration, finances, prayers," etc.

If you started this powerful prayer last month, now is a good time to review, enrich and update it with those elements you currently find pressing.

Whether or not you started it last month, the current New Moon cycle stresses including such elements as "forgiveness, love, lasting faith, persistence in my spiritual practice, victory in the light," etc., in your Divine Helper decree. As suggested last month, it is great to write this decree out some five times at your first Libra New Moon prayer session. After that you can read it four or five times a day.

This affirmation keeps our attention on that Divine Presence that is with each of us, personally, with Its infinite Love and Power assuring our success. Truth is true for small and large concerns alike, and the Divine Helper can be called on to assist world affairs as well. Her facet as Divine Savior will help open your faith to Her large scale works.

Include world concerns (and for any other situations that seem to call for miracle working faith) at this time in your prayers, by writing and/or saying often:

The Divine Savior is with us, assisting and upholding us now. No situation can keep the Divine Savior from working any miracles that are necessary to uphold our complete good, freedom and wellbeing now. There is One Presence and One Power in the midst of us and in all Creation, Spirit, the Good Omnipotent.

The following, updated decree for the world’s Divine Helper is also timely:

We are not alone or without powerful, effective assistance.

The Divine Helper is with all those affected directly and indirectly by the recent occurrences in New York and Afghanistan, working to restore their complete good now.

The Divine Helper is with us here, protecting us from any efforts to submerge us into fear, despair, anger or paralysis.
The Divine Helper is present everywhere on Earth, helping all people move towards our inherent desire for peace, love and forgiveness.

The Divine Helper is helping all will and all efforts to end once and for all any destructive plans against freedom, spirituality, justice and well being for all on Earth.

PART TWO: YOUR MAP TO INNER PEACE (which will help the critical peace-mass for the world)

1) On a piece of poster board, preferably purple, paste an image of the Divine Mother, Jesus, or other visual symbol of unconditional love.

2) Write a decree of unconditional love (metallic ink is very luminous on purple). This one is especially apt at this time:
I end all sacred wars in my heart by releasing any sense of moral condemnation. In spite of the differences there are be between us, I recognize the divinity in you, and I love you and release you.

3) Paste a picture, calling card or another special reminder of the person or groups you most need to forgive, or have the most trouble accepting, under the decree, towards the left.

4) Write the names or references of any remaining groups or persons that you find irritating on the remaining space beneath the decree.

5) Go over your Map to Inner Peace, sending the loving thought from your heart to all the people therein, for at least twenty minutes a day, or more if necessary to reach a sense of inner peace, for at least forty days. Periodic renewal of this exercise is recommended.





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