Crystal Pomeroy
Consciousness Exercises and Affirmative Prayers for the August New Moon Cycle
by Crystal Pomeroy

Maya has told us the important Halloween Full Moon portal illuminates "earth’s resources in the service of power." At the current time, earth’s most necessary resources can express through each of us as we keep our inner candles of faith burning, in the service of the Higher Power. The energies emphasized now underscore the need for reinforcing those spiritual practices that strengthen our own "one to one connection with the One," to quote New Yorker Lili Townsend, my friend and founder of her own organization on the mental plane, The Church of One. Lili’s church’s code is also apropos for the current point of transition, "If it’s not fun, don’t do it. If you have to anyway, make it fun." There are a lot of things we need to do right now, especially to heal the planet. Let’s share them joyfully, remembering to keep in what I call the alpha attitude. A relaxed brain emits alpha waves. The alpha attitude goes beyond brain waves. It’s a way of living on the fun side, even in the midst of apparent challenges.

The strength of this Full Moon’s spiritual energy portal is multiplied by the combined energy of several holidays of regeneration: Samhain (Day of the Dead, Halloween, All Soul’s Day), with Easter (Transpluto’s resurrecting energy in Maya’s Success Guide) and Christmas/Winter Solstice, in the Sabian Symbol for the degree of the New Moon. Furthermore, that symbol accentuates the idea of a joyous and festive holiday, which at first glance could seem rather contradictory considering the ominous historic and astrological forces at play at this time. Indeed, as we stressed in the face of the energies at play for the Virgo New Moon, and further yet for the current Libra New Moon cycle which this Full Moon culminates, when outer influences seem to conspire against our faith, poise and love, the Universe is calling upon our inner capacity to voluntarily reinforce precisely such strengths.

Now, at Halloween, the Sabian Symbol evokes Christmas festivities. This apparent anachronism serves to underscore the fact that Christmas Spirit is generated as an act of free will to meet the apparent darkness without by gathering to share cheer, love and abundance, as a purposeful show of "vivid faith in a transformed future," and, "cyclical renewal". The Oracle depicts a light-filled physical gathering. If you can gather with others of like spirit for your Full Moon meditation/Hallow’s fest, you can certainly generate multiplied cheer and faith. Perhaps the key relationship to the times, however, is that of physically disparate, yet spiritually akin participants in this act of faith-filled celebration. A loose knit, impersonal, yet spiritually close family is now spread throughout the world, uniting on the etheric plane as we brighten the light of our faith in a Higher Power and a wonderful divine plan for the planet at this time. Some consider that such a growing network of consciousness will one day reach a critical mass, that will reach across the orb in a bright flash of light which is the true Second Coming.

So, dear friend, our meditative message from the last New Moon remains current and culminates with this Full Moon: reassert your most sublime beliefs. Do so joyfully and enthusiastically. The root of the word enthusiasm is "en theos," Spirit within. If you keep the candle of your enthusiasm burning brightly, in your prayers, sharing and work, any apparent bleakness without will indeed vanish with the inevitable coming of a personal, and collective Spring.

Elements to Add to or Create an Astrologically Synchronized Altar or Prayer Space for the October 31, 2001 Full Moon

At the Full Moon it will enliven your spirits (pun intended) to enrich your altar or prayer space with brightly colored, fresh flowers (particularly purple and orange) and candles, as well as images that evoke your favorite spiritual guides, helpers or entities. Otherwise, October 16 New Moon altar suggestions are still in force, particularly:
  • an image of Planet Earth, with candles and perhaps with a cross above it, or near your fresh flowers
  • candles in the following colors—purple (forgiveness, transmutation), orange (life), pink (healing love), white and blue (protection)
  • amethyst stones or jewelry

Guides and Angels for the Taurus Full Moon Cycle

Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing may refer especially to:

Archangel Faith

The Divine Mother

Pallas Athena (etheric being related to the principal of Spiritual Truth for Metaphysicians, as well as to the higher octave of the asteroid which bears her name).

Tonantzin (Mother of the Gods and Goddesses in Mesoamerica, Divine Mother of the Americas.)

Queen of Light (ascended master who is named thus for her great victories over darkness)

Archangels Zadquiel and Amethyst (guardians of Atlantis, submerged area still in need of planetary healing that includes the seas around New York and Florida) The Angel of Planetary Healing


The Angel of Planet Earth

The Christ Mind

Maitreya (Second Coming of Buddha)

Jesus Christ

You may summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides. At any time, it is good to mention that all guides summoned shall be of the high white light alone. At Samhain, such a protection is essential when calling on etheric beings.

Before initiating your Taurus Full Moon ceremony or prayers, you might say or write something like,

"I (we, if summoned by a group) greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in persisting in and strengthening my (our) spiritual practice(s), and holding to my (our) faith in the divine fulfillment that is mine, and the planet’s, by divine right."

Timely prayers for the Taurus Full Moon

In a relaxed position, declare firmly:

"I share my joy and enthusiasm with all faithful beings at this time as I affirm my faith that earth’s divine legacy of victorious good is here for us to receive now.

"I turn my gaze away from outer appearances and affirm, that our source is not of this world, but of Spirit. I hold to the vision of our divine inheritance of peace, life and fulfillment that is in the midst of us now.

Thank-you, Mother/Father God."

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