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General Influences, February 2002

Early February is the time of Candlemas, that cross-quarter festival between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Candlemas evokes light, and in the northern hemisphere, we feel the light rising now. The days are lengthening, the trees show buds, and here in California the wildflowers begin to bloom.

I walk home at 5, and now it is daylight instead of dark. The late sun lingers on the hilltops across the bay, and those distant windows shine gold. Spring is not yet here, but its promise in the air gladdens my heart.

We have survived the cold, dark winter. We will live again. This is the season of hope, hope for a better year, a better life, and hope of our dreams coming true.

This is Aquarius time. With Aquarius, we can always make things better. And we never give up trying, for Aquarius is a fixed sign, and an inventive one as well. Now in February, we feel our spirits rising with the light, and our soul growth renews itself. Our ideals call us, and we’re willing to work to manifest them.

To do this, we often have to fight the status quo, and thus Aquarius is often a time of struggle. Our shining ideals now lead us on, and we cannot compromise our integrity.

Aquarius is the major influence for the entire month, along with its special planet, Uranus. We have a double whammy in regard to such Aquarian matters as independence, following one’s star, and marching to one’s own drummer. Inventiveness and social consciousness are strong. Sometimes this need to break through old paradigms is disruptive, but at the same time disruption can lead to increased creativity and a firmer grounding in self.

On February 16 Uranus, that shocking disrupter, enters a new degree, the 26th degree of Aquarius. It was last there during the summer of 1918, when the U.S. military stopped the German military in Europe. Thus the Great War was disrupted. At the same time Uranus, as it commonly does, enhanced U.S. power.

This degree is that of the U.S. Pallas Athena in Aquarius, that great freedom fighter, defender of liberty. I see her represented as the Statue of Liberty. Will we fight again for our freedoms, now gravely threatened by the Administration? How will we see defense of freedom played out now? Will it be left to the government, using its propaganda and military? Surely development of Star Wars, electronic surveillance, and remote-control of behavior will be part of the action. Aquarius can be fascinated by science and technology.

The planetary configuration of the month, and one that lasts all month, includes reformer Uranus. Its central backbone is an opposition between Uranus and Transpluto. Transpluto is more than a reformer. It is a remaker, at a very deep level. February, then, is wrapped around a core of deep change, denoted by the Uranus-Transpluto opposition which is, among other effects, reshaping the U.S. expression of Pallas Athena, the nation’s defender of independence, top military strategist, and supporter of the defense industry.

This is a good time to reread the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Bill of Rights. John Adams by David McCullough is a book for the times. This strong, reformist opposition is not a flash in the pan. It begins now and lasts into January 2003. Our entire defense establishment will be different by then.

For most of the month we have two of the asteroid goddesses entwined with this intense electromagnetic core of Uranus in Aquarius opposed Transpluto in Leo. Their involvement shows that people’s everyday lives are affected.

Ceres, the Great Mother, conjoins Uranus in Aquarius. In Aquarius, Ceres feeds us through encouraging independence and self-realization. At the same time, Ceres takes care of the food—the crops, the labor, and all that is necessary to get food on the table. Uranus with Ceres can show our food chain disrupted and/or re-invented. Fallout can include hunger, and the increased takeover of the food chain by biotech industries.

Juno, who wants harmonious partnership, opposes Ceres as she conjoins Transpluto in Leo. All Leo planets are geared to take charge, and Juno here needs to be recognized and respected as the partner in charge of the show.

Here we have the two greatest goddesses opposed to one another, and both backed with clout. It is the Goddess who represents the gift of life, the abundance of the earth, and our ability to live harmoniously with earth and with one another. What does this opposition mean? Aquarius is science and Leo is command. Aquarius is the multitude and Leo is the one. Intellect and emotion can struggle here, and so can self-centeredness and empathy. Friendships may be under pressure. Hurt pride can lead to disruptions. There is much creativity, but hubris and detachment from earth may permit its misuse.

The overall picture of these current years is that we humans are destroying our connection with earth, and even earth herself. The goddesses are not happy. How do they retaliate? (And they do retaliate.)

"Ceres" and "cereal" have the same root. "Eat your cereal," says Mother. Ceres is in charge of all nourishment and all of the means to get it to the table. Her work is being widely dishonored, particularly by the corporate culture, in a multitude of ways. Her revenge is simple: starvation.

Harmonious relationships are Juno’s goal. Balance, beauty, and grace in life are important. It is civil relationships which make up "civilization." Juno will give a lot to please the other—but when that giving is abused, she becomes very angry. Juno was the Queen of Heaven, and she has big weapons. She is the original great goddess, in charge of the weather, the seasons, and all of the complex balance of earth.

Juno can interfere anywhere, and where we see victims, we can guess that Juno is at work. Juno was prominent in the OJ Simpson case, Hillary Clinton has a prominent Juno, Juno was joined with explosive Pluto all during the months of the Kosovo bombing, Juno was rising in the east at the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and Juno was overhead, in charge of the scene, at the 911 attack. Juno is also at the top of the U.S. chart. This nation was built on stolen lands, and largely on the backs of slave labor.

Hunger, victimization, and catastrophe are, then, negative possibilities for Ceres and Juno.

The Moon’s Nodes, in Gemini and Sagittarius, create a "magic rectangle" with the Uranus (with Ceres)-Transpluto (with Juno) opposition during February. This means extra creativity and ease of action, and it also means that the action affects the entire world. Sagittarius and Gemini constitute the climate of current events, the cradle within which all action is taking place this year.

This magic rectangle contains two air signs and two fire signs—lots of ideas and enthusiasm. But we are notably short of grounding, and thus reality can be difficult to grasp.

As a counterbalance to this high-spirited action, it is particularly important to pay attention to what is happening on the ground, and in our real lives, to find grounding supports, which means having and doing things connected with nature in our everyday lives, and to spend time in nature.

Notice who you really are, what you really do, and what really are your dominant drives and motives. What are your real ideals? What do you need to change to match your real ideals to your real life? And what is possible to change within the parameters of your emotional needs? Begin now this process of using February’s creative, transformative energy to develop your real self.

Honor Ceres’ proper nourishment and Juno’s need for harmony. Chinese philosophy/medicine is very adept at this. Perhaps those skills are instrumental in its endurance. This is a particularly good month to work with Chinese health principles.

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Maya's February Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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Moon is in sociable Libra, Venus has an easy aspect, and Friday is Venus’ day. Juno has an affinity with Venus, and today Venus helps Juno work her magic charms. This can be a very pleasant, companionable day, perfect for teaching, learning, or sharing of any kind. Diplomatic endeavors fare well.

Many festivals, celebrating the coming of light, and rebirth, took place around this time. Most notable in Europe were the Eleusinian Mysteries, a re-enactment of death and rebirth celebrated in Greece for scores of centuries. Demeter (Ceres), the Great Mother in charge of life and death, was honored. Central to the ritual was partaking of bread, which represented the resurrected body. (We can see here an origin of taking communion by Christians.)

Juno, as great goddess, had many faces. One of them was Juno Februa, the Purifier, to whom the Romans burned candles on this day. Light is the theme now—the light of life and spirit of the Great Mother, Ceres, and the Queen of Heaven, Juno.

This is a perfect day to burn candles in honor of Ceres and Juno, and to assure them that we will embody their values, and listen to their concerns.

A party tonight will be lively. Make sure to serve some kind of bread, and to burn candles.


Yesterday’s relationship-oriented energy continues, and we do enjoy one another. Even the numbers speak of connection: "2-2-2002."

Moon goes VOC at 7:45 p.m. EST, and energy becomes less directed for the evening.

This is Groundhog Day, when we come out from our burrow to test the weather. We’ve been hibernating in the protected womb for weeks. Are we ready now to come out and meet the world? Do we dare to show our true colors? Do we dare to cast a shadow?

Imbolc, Candlemas, and St. Brighid’s Day are also celebrated now. After a solitary January, we come together again to join in common cause. We are also approaching Chinese New Year. This is a wonderful time to start the new year, now that we have shown that we are strong enough to have survived the winter.

Today’s big news in the heavens is Juno’s exact opposition to Uranus. Due to Juno’s retrogradation, this is a seven-month process which began with the first opposition last November 6, and will finish with the last opposition on June 9, the day before our first Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

In general, this is about relationship issues involving needs for (1) independence, and (2) dominance. Juno’s natural desire for equality gets lost in this equation. Specifically, in the world I see it as abuse or victimization on a large scale, connected to U.S. "defense."

On November 6, when this Juno process began, the U.S. began dropping the huge 15,000 lb. bombs, which make a hole as big as 7 football fields, in Afghanistan. This was also when Bush gave his threatening speech to the weakening coalition, which included the phrase, "You’re either with us or against us."

An unhappy Juno, remember, is connected with catastrophe and terrorism. (Juno squared Vesta, territorial protector, at the time of the huge eruption of Mt. Nyiwagonga this January 17, which dispossessed hundreds of thousands of Congolese.)

Juno wants cooperative, shared power, relationships. Dictator situations are anathema to her. You can bet she’s angry with bullying attitudes. The involvement of Transpluto tells us that out of this process will come an eventual rebirth, perhaps of Islam as a force whose power is respected and reckoned with, probably in 2008-2009.

Powerhouse Pluto presents us with a brand new influence today. He has just entered a new degree of Sagittarius, indicating that new power plays, and new mass movements, are now on the prowl. Sagittarius is a sign of spreading and disseminating.


Well, we’ve gotten off to a smashing start for this month of social change. Today, with Moon traveling in Scorpio, we are more inner-oriented. Moon squares Neptune, and our imagination may run rampant. The call is for creative, intuitive, right-brain activity (maybe even sleep). Take a day of rest and relaxation. Connect with water.


Last Quarter Moon at 16 Scorpio occurs at 8:33 a.m. This is a great day to clean out drawers and cabinets, and to get rid of unwanted junk. Around midnight tonight Moon will challenge our big opposition of the month, Juno-Transpluto opposing Ceres-Uranus. Three fixed signs are occupied, and power struggles or power plays are likely. So is manipulation. Best to postpone discussing differences until tomorrow, when Moon is out of Scorpio.

Today we begin February’s small window of practicality. Retrograde Mercury slips back into ambitious Capricorn for a few days, to join Pallas Athena and to trine Vesta, who are both saying their final adieu’s to earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. By mid-month only maverick Chiron will be traveling through an earth sign. This week plan your practical program for the rest of the month, but at the same time plan for flexibility. Aquarius can be unpredictable.


Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:21 a.m., and begins its march through the Sign of the Year. (In fact, Sagittarius is the Sign of the Years of 1995-2008.) We are enthusiastic, confident, and ready for adventure.

Tonight Mercury retrograde conjoins Pallas Athena in the last degree of Capricorn. In Capricorn, Pallas is an organizer par excellence. She understands systems and structures, and knows how to manage an enterprise. She is an architect and a builder. In Capricorn, she supports law and order. She is particularly adept at protection and defense, and her interest here is to defend and maintain the establishment.

Mercury holds hands with Pallas for the next few days as he’s slowly turning to direct motion. Thus he begins his direct journey thoroughly imbued with Pallas’ advice and wisdom regarding proper TLC for the powers-that-be. Just listen to Mercury, who does the talking, during the next 90 days to get a fix on Pallas’ counsel.

Mercury and Pallas Athena met before, on December 23, when the new interim government was installed in Kabul. Capricorn is a sign of government, and this progression shows changes, for it began in establishment Capricorn, and yet at the last conjunction, on February 18, both Pallas and Mercury will be in the reformist sign of Aquarius. Probably rebuilding in Afghanistan will be one expression of Pallas’ work. (Pallas-Athena was a very wise governor of Athens.)

Vesta in Taurus is also part of this picture. Vesta in Taurus will fiercely protect her home, land, family, belongings—all of those things in which she is invested.

The Goddess is really speaking up this month. Today, in particular, her voice is loud and clear. I picture the great mother, Ceres, buzzing in Uranus’ ear to give the world a wake-up call. That is, in fact, Uranus’ expertise.

Ceres in Aquarius can be very humanitarian—mother to the world. Nurturing on a massive scale may be occurring now, perhaps feeding starving millions.

Tonight there is the exact opposition, the standoff, between the two great goddesses, Ceres and Juno. To me this shows civilization itself hanging in the balance. The choice is stark now between sustaining and supporting life, or destroying it.

Today we have the four asteroids offering their life support. Assisting them are Uranus, who upsets the status quo, and Mercury, who spreads the word and instigates movement of all kinds.


Moon continues in restless Sagittarius. Minds and bodies want to be on the go. This is a good day to take a walk, do errands, philosophize, and study. Focused action is satisfying.


All of us with birthdays today have an exciting year ahead of us! Venus conjoins Uranus to awaken us to new possibilities in our lives and about ourselves. In particular, how do we nurture ourselves, others, and our community? What role does education play in the world? Our vista is large today.

Moon is VOC In Sagittarius until it enters Capricorn at 6:08 p.m. EST. This is an excellent day for letting go of things, particularly beliefs which no longer serve us.

Tonight Saturn turns direct in Gemini, after four and a half months retrograde. Those business and structural problems and situations which have been simmering get clearance now to move ahead. The conflict in Afghanistan is one of those obvious situations. So is the Palestine-Israeli conflict. Communication is featured; expect a reorientation of Microsoft, for instance.

Saturn is very well supported now—with Moon, Chiron, Mercury and Pallas Athena all in Saturn’s favorite sign of Capricorn. Business, government, and all of our projects have a green light now to re-form old situations and to build new foundations, and they are backed up by speed, savvy, and inventive twists. Moon gives them a special connection to the public.


Business and public affairs are on the move for the next two days. Today Mercury turns direct in ambitious Capricorn, fresh with the strategic savvy of Pallas Athena. We can clearly plan AND envision the future now, and set it into motion with next week’s New Moon in Aquarius. This entire weekend is superb for planning.

The slow turning of the wheel of the great goddess, featured this month, is again a focus. Ceres makes her exact conjunction with Uranus in Aquarius, to give the world a wake-up call, surely in regard to humanitarian needs, and possibly about harmful effects of technology. Moon opposes Jupiter, and the news today is spread, and magnified.


We’re communicating until late tonight, especially about serious things. We want to know what’s happening.


The air waves are jammed today. Pallas, Vesta, and Moon have all entered air signs. This is a day of ideas, conversation, and group get-togethers. We want to connect with one another.

It may also be a day of air strikes, for technology is expanded now, and victimization is highlighted


We’re in the sensitive New Moon zone now—dark of the moon time. This is a perfect time to meditate—just as the old moon is giving up its ghost, and merging with the Sun to begin a new cycle. Just and fair relationships is a major topic now. Energy today is geared towards power; tomorrow towards love. Both days flow well.


New Moon at 24 Aquarius occurs at 2:41 a.m. EST. We have shocking, surprising, disruptive Uranus all the way. Both Sun and Moon conjoin Uranus, now at 25 Aquarius, within 36 hours of New Moon. The one thing predictable about Uranus is that it is unpredictable. This New Moon presents us with a huge wake-up call, and it has been brewing urgently since February 1.

The Aquarius New Moon is about beginning a new cycle of expressing our independence and individuality. This often includes reform of the social order so that individuality can flourish. We are aware of the wider society now, and this season is the peak of the year’s social consciousness.

Mother Ceres is also part of the picture. Aquarius is a sky sign, and an aerial armada sent to help or rescue victims would be in keeping with the energy. And there is a great deal of energy available. We have excited Uranus in Aquarius, and Mars in go-getter Aries connecting closely with explosive Pluto in fiery Sagittarius. A heroic grand fire trine is made by Juno in Leo, and this signifies that abuse or victimhood are somewhere in the picture.

The development of technology and weaponry as "protector" is surely in the forefront of action now.

Venus square Vesta indicates conflicts between the dependence of relationships, and the independence of work. On a larger scale, there may be problems with having to give up dearly loved home, land, people and/or things. And, as well, long term conflict between devotion to the computer-technology culture and rejection of its consequent depersonalizing of relationships.

Whew! Pallas Athena, that great manager, has finally moved into Aquarius, the sign of social reform. We need her talents applied to bettering society. (But whose idea of "bettering"?) She will be traveling through Aquarius for the remainder of 2002. She does have time to begin to clean up some messes.

The wheel of this New Moon chart, set for Washington DC, is like the wheel of the U.S. chart. This means that the dynamics of this time are particularly emphasized for the U.S.

But much more importantly, this chart is like a new birth chart for the United States, for it occurs at the time, right now, of our very first progressed Sun conjoining Moon, at 28 Aquarius. (See feature article.) This is a historical milestone, one which can only occur every 360 years.

This New Moon, then, describes the seeds which will be growing in the U.S.during the next 360 years.

Jupiter now exactly conjoins the U.S. natal Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruler of the U.S. Luck, expansion, travel, law, politics, religion, sports—all Jupiterian, and all prevalent in the U.S.

Jupiter is now in Cancer, as it was on July 4, 1776. Cancer is a sign of nurturing, a sign of understanding that all human beings, despite their differences, have similar needs. It is also a defensive sign. The vulnerable Crab has a shell surrounding him/her.

From this New Moon, we can say for sure that the United States will remain in a dominating and isolated position in the years to come. Its power will be relatively unchallenged, at the same time as there is much suffering abroad. Technological progress will be steady, particularly in the service of government-business. Communications will expand greatly, while at the same time security in that field will tighten.

Many parallel declinations show this to be a superpowerful and unique New Moon. (The power continues through the next two new moons, which by progression brings us almost to the next century.)

Uranus means shake-ups.This restless Uranian New Moon energy runs through Canada and the United States west of the Rockies. It’s particularly concentrated in the UK, western Europe, and western Africa. Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Central Asian Republics show another concentration. Japan, Beijing, and New Zealand also feature the reforming energy of this New Moon.

There are many other high energy areas now, most notably the U.S. East Coast, Argentina, Moscow, and India.

The Sabian Symbol for 24 Aquarius is

"A MAN, HAVING OVERCOME HIS PASSIONS, TEACHES DEEP WISDOM IN TERMS OF HIS EXPERIENCE. The constructive use to which difficult past experiences can be put as examples for those who are still striving to overcome their passions. Every type of experience can be made to serve a spiritual purpose. Whoever has managed a difficult performance contributes to the wisdom of his/her community and of humankind. It is the responsibility of anyone who has taken one step ahead in his/her evolution to help others to take that step. This is true education. COMMUNICABILITY."

This is the high calling of Ceres in Aquarius. Ceres now exactly conjoins the U.S. Pallas Athena, and will join the U.S. Moon in a few days. Much nurturing energy is here gathered together, with Sun to add vigor, vitality, and focus. The featured sign of Aquarius includes all of humanity. There is promise here for great altruistic and/or technological evolution.


Moon is in empathetic, sensitive, imaginative Pisces.

The Goddess’ Great Wheel continues to turn, with the help of progressive Uranus. Today the sun joins Uranus, to add purpose, consciousness, and centering to the vast processes occurring this month. The magic rectangle is tight for the next two days. This means that we can easily make magic now—through invoking and cooperating with the goddess. With Moon in universal Pisces, and Sun in intuitive Aquarius, we have especially good channels to spirit today and tomorrow.

Mercury re-enters Aquarius today to infuse us with progressive, future-oriented, ideas.


Moon is VOC in Pisces for the entire day. This is perfect for opening ourselves to spirit, for there will be no major moon aspects to distract us. Don’t plan this day. Simply make yourselves available to the cosmos, and be receptive to whatever messages and experiences come. Nothing could be more important than to bring in spirit, as we start this major new cycle. Let intuition be your guide.


Moon enters Aries early this morning, and the mode changes from one of meditation to one of action. There is boundless optimism, and the drive to start new projects. They can be successful, for luck is with us now.


We’re on a roll. Yesterday’s fortunate, energetic mode continues. The drive to assert self, and meet challenges is strong.

In addition, our month’s great new cycle climaxes today as Sun conjoins Ceres, great goddess of earth’s harvest.

This is a history-making day. Sun and Ceres conjoin at 28 Aquarius, on the U.S. natal Moon and the U.S. progressed Sun. This is a great joining, at many levels, and over a long period of time. The Sabian Symbol for 28 Aquarius is

"A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO ENSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER. Knowledge and skill used in its natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs. INTELLIGENT FORESIGHT."

Today’s historic conjunction is the degree of the Black Hole Hecate, according to Alex Miller-Mignone. (Alex, where can we reach you?)

Black Holes represent the principle of transubstantiation. They depict areas of intense and unsuspected shifts in the status quo reality. They are points of energy influx and energy drain.

Black Hole Hecate is about ritual magick, and has echoes, according to Miller-Mignone, in the modern technology of virtual reality. See feature article for more about this time.

There are many contacts to the U.S. chart today. Most notable are dour Saturn providing an assignment for the U.S. willful Uranus, the U.S. Jupiter return—showing a new cycle of U.S. expansion, and warrior Mars activating Chiron in Aries, home of our Texas cowboy image. The niche filled by these contacts is that of a professional warrior, or a warrior for one’s profession.

The wheel set for Washington is notable.

There is a fixed star at each of the four angles, the four points of maximum manifestation. This means that there is worldwide significance to events now, centered on the U.S. East Coast.

The longitude of the midheaven, above, is close to the Galactic Center, source of instructions for our galaxy. The nadir, the point below, corresponds to the longitude of the Pole Star, a guiding star, and one considered to possess spiritual power. There are also fixed stars at those longitudes, considered to have Saturn-Mars influences.

The degree of the Ascendant, which is the sign and degree rising in the East at this time, corresponds to the longitude of the fixed star Scheat, often involved in catastrophes. Descending at this time is Benetnash, which means "hired mourners," and experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned when Benetnash is prominent in a mundane chart.


Moon continues in lively Aries for most of the day, with energetic aspects. At 2:55 p.m. EST it goes VOC, and we can rest on our laurels. At 4:58 p.m. moon enters Taurus. We have lots to talk about and think about tonight, perhaps centered on the old and the new.


We continue to talk and think, about new and practical solutions to current problems. Today we can both see into the future, and also be aware of what needs doing now to bring that future about. This is a practical and visionary day. Mercury conjoins Pallas to begin the year’s new cycle of the use of strategy and organizing ability. The sign is Aquarius, and reform is the theme.

Pallas Athena is a topnotch systems analyst. With Ceres still in progressive Aquarius, one reform which could commence now is a systems analysis of how we bring food to the table in terms of its effects on nature and on the farmer. How do we feed ourselves and at the same time care for the plants and animals, soils, ecosystems, and farmers?

Uranus enters a new degree, opening another door of knowledge in the universal library, helping us see new possibilities. And Sun enters Pisces, to vitalize a visionary energy field for the next month.

This is a day of ideas and vision.


Yesterday’s visionary frequency continues. We may find ourselves making changes in our routines despite ourselves, for excitement beckons. New and old come together.


First Quarter Moon at 2 Gemini occurs this morning. This is breakthrough time, when we turn the first corner in the cycle which began with the New Moon in Aquarius. Now we need to take some action to push through our new goals.

The push will not be as difficult as it may have appeared in the preceding days. With this Quarter, mutable signs come on heavy, and they are flexible. For mutables, there are many options—sometimes too many. Sometimes they are called "double signs." Decisions can be difficult for Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. It can be hard to commit to one path when that commitment eliminates all the others. Another face of that versatility is that mutable signs are very sensitive to the environment.

We leave the stubborn fixed sign New Moon energy, and enter the path of the changeable, opportunistic, mutable sign energy.

Vesta in Gemini is the star now. Vesta was Goddess of the Hearth, and she is set on providing safety and security for her family. Homes, turf, money, and possessions will be high on our consciousness. Gemini is a trading sign, and Fast Track for the Free Trade Association of the Americas may get underway. Communication channels and devices will be featured, especially in terms of the future. Image-oriented activities, like remote viewing, may blossom.

Early this evening Moon eclipses Saturn. Approximate time is 7:22 p.m. EST. This is the last occultation of Saturn visible from the United States until 2014. It is a concomitant of structural changes in the U.S. in such Gemini fields as trade, information, and communications.

Seeds were planted in readiness for this First Quarter not only at the February 12 New Moon in Aquarius, but also at the May 22, 2001 New Moon in Gemini.

Many critical world events occurred then, e.g., the World Bank canceled its scheduled meeting in Barcelona, and met through the Internet instead. Senator James Jeffords switched from Republican to Independent, thus changing the party balance of the Senate. Citigroup bought Banamex, one of Mexico’s largest banks. The Senate passed an $11 plus trillion tax cut, and the government pushed nuclear power. Prime Minister Sharon of Israel dug in for war with Palestine, and GW announced, "We’ll do what’s necessary to protect Taiwan."

Any of these issues could see breakthroughs now. Politics, war, and money seem to be the common themes. And now, with Vesta prominent, money, territory, and clans will be important. Today’s issues may not be resolved until 2006.


Moon continues in spontaneous Gemini, and we’re on the lookout for information. All types of communication and connection, ours and others’, interests us now. We’re busy just moving around. Discussions tonight can present us with exciting new ideas.


Moon is VOC in Gemini this morning, until it enters Cancer at 11:16 a.m. EST. When Moon is in Cancer, we feel like sticking close to home and work, and taking care of daily things. Our focus now is on what makes us feel comfortable and secure. Cooking and food are important; and we may choose to stock the larder now. This evening Moon occults Jupiter. Northern Europe and Spain will have the best view. Energy is great tonight for putting together new plans which will enhance our security.


This is a loving, peaceful, nurturing day. Enjoy caring for yourself, and those you love.


Enjoy the comforts of home this morning, with Moon VOC in Cancer. You might also be attracted to water, or even ice skating if the water is frozen.

Mercury conjoins Neptune for the third and last time this morning. The first time was on January 9, when I wrote a big tirade on being selective about the images to which you expose yourself. The second time was January 26. Neptune seems to continue to refer to the oilgarchy (Neptune rules oil) as it has done since summer 2000. On January 9 Dick Cheney finally admitted to meeting with Enron, and the scandal began to go public.

Moon enters Leo at 2:36 p.m. EST, and the party begins.


Let the drama roll! Moon is in super-creative Leo, and the show must go on. The show now incorporates conflict—conflict of ideas, stories, and values. Relationships may be unsatisfactory, particularly if seduction and manipulation is a modus operandi. Strict honesty may seem to have unpleasant consequences, but dishonesty will have worse ones. Stay on the up and up, even if it results in crisis.


We may be up and off to our work or a project with enthusiasm this morning. At 11:30 a.m. EST Moon goes VOC, and directed energy slacks off until Moon enters workaholic Virgo at 2:47 p.m.. We find ourselves very busy until well into the night. Sleep may be difficult, as Full Moon drives us forth to push through a project.

Full Moon energy starts tonight, as Sun squares Saturn to set this Saturnian moon in action.


Full Moon at 9 Virgo occurs at 4:17 a.m. EST. A super-strong, independent Aquarius New Moon culminates in a sensitive Virgo-Pisces Full Moon. A go-for-broke Uranian New Moon culminates in a tight Saturnian Full Moon. During these two weeks we move from unconstrained freedom to maximum caution. It’s as though we rush out the starting gate at the New Moon, and now fall flat on our faces. How the energy climate has changed during these past two weeks!

Saturn rules now with an iron grip. Last night Sun Squared Saturn; and just now Moon is squaring Saturn. Sun, director of the solar system, gives Saturn its annual directives. Moon, bridge to earth, expresses Saturn’s emotional needs.

Historically, the Pisces-Virgo opposition has related to Israel and Palestine. In fact, Arafat is a Virgo, and Sharon is a Pisces. Saturn creates boundaries, and binding parameters will now confine this conflict.

Saturn is about responsibility, purpose, and karma. Saturn is the Great Teacher. Saturn now in Gemini has a responsibility for clear and accurate communication, and is teaching us lessons about that assignment. Lies, deception, and misleading communication may now meet a come-uppance.

Saturn is connected with government, business, and institutions, and we may now see a tightening of all of those screws…perhaps in reaction to Saturn’s exposure of truth.

Saturn also can mean stoppage and slowdown, and hardship and difficult problems.

Saturn also means building strong foundations. There is a focus on building now, and it is happening quickly. Perhaps all of our institutions are involved in it. Besides Sun and Moon, which are the crux of the matter, Saturn now connects with Vesta—money and territory, Neptune—oil, Pallas—strategy, and Chiron, who brings something new to the table.

These energies certainly fit the scenario of building pipelines in Afghanistan. Pisces is connected with all of the natural cycles, including the creation of oil and gas. Virgo is connected with labor and with the military.

Saturn always means discipline, grounding, and working with structures.

This is a vigorous and well-fortified Saturn. It is refreshed from having just turned direct on February 8, and it is traversing a well-worn degree, 9 Gemini, which it has been engraving with power since last June. This is the degree of the natal U.S. Uranus, which encodes the U.S. spirit of independence. Saturn there means grounding, and restricting freedom, in the nation, as well as taking charge in a new way.

Both Sun and Moon now are at the sensitive degrees of recent important eclipses, both connected with major events. The Virgo Eclipse on September 1, 1997 was correlated with Princess Diana’s death. The Pisces Eclipse on February 26, 1998 had dozens of newsworthy events, but the one that jumps out at me is the winning of 11 Oscars by the film, Titanic. Common themes at both were labor, Russia, and British royalty.

(Those eclipses affected my Mercury in Pisces in the eighth house of death, and my mother died in December, midway between them. This is common eclipse timing.)

This Full Moon, then, signifies important changes, changes of a Saturnian nature. The recent Saturn Eclipse over the United States (and parts of Mexico and Canada) is a significator of location.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Virgo is

"AN EXPRESSIONIST PAINTER AT WORK. The urge to express one’s individualized sense of value regardless of tradition. This is a statement of uncompromising self-reliance, which may even imply a defiance and a kind of challenge to society. The mind is seeking to discover the character of the basic and true foundation of individual selfhood, the AUM tone of individual being. In the process, however, what is expressed is usually the reflection of a deep catharsis with emotionally charged and often tragic overtones. We see a hint of transformation of the personality. What predominates is a sense of inner conflict and an overselfconscious attempt at 'being oneself.' But there is a great difference between being an origin of development pregnant with futurity, and rather, deliberately sought for ORIGINALITY."

This Symbol is extraordinarily apropos, at many levels, of this Full Moon. It bears repeated reading, and will gain more meaning with time.

Energy now focuses on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Moon-Sun and Saturn are concentrated in Brazil, Madagascar, and the Philippines. These areas—vast oceans and vast forests—indicate that climate change may be taking a leap.

Full Moon runs through Russia and the Middle East, and through the Far East—Korea, China, Indonesia, and Australia.

Mexico, Iceland, and Capetown are highlighted.

Other energetic areas are the U.S. West Coast, the Mississippi Valley, Peru, Europe, and the Ukraine.

There is a lot of pressure with this Full Moon. The pressure is enhanced by Moon squaring Pluto at 6:12 p.m. This always means a jolt of power which can sometimes be irritating or disturbing. It’s relationships that are in the vise now, for later tonight Moon opposes Venus to make us sensitive and emotional about personal connections. Sleep on any problems that may arise. Tomorrow’s vibes are much more congenial.


Moon is VOC in Virgo this morning. It’s just as well. We do need time to assimilate the impact of this Moon. Just use this time to absorb and revive. At 1:47 p.m. EST, Moon enters Libra, who likes to work in pairs. We become more aware of the needs of others, and desirous of pleasing them. Relationships top the agenda, and we do feel good about them.

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