Daykeeper Journal Online: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Rings and two moons of Saturn (photo from NASA)
by Maya del Mar

Who would want to write a poem about me? Says Saturn.
I am work, responsibility,
Discipline, reality,
Time, and death.
I am the Great Teacher who makes you toe the mark.
I am your Destiny on Earth.
And there is no escape.
I toppled Uranus,
That dreamer,
Because he wouldn’t deal with me.
I am the Law.

Yes, Saturn, I do know
What a strict taskmaster
You are.
But now,
After all the years of
Your challenges
And reprimands,
And shaping me up,
And putting me in line,
And dealing with
My rebellious tears,
I’ve learned the secret
That tough you does not advertise:
You reward your
Faithful pupils
Very well indeed.

That reward is inner authority,
The knowledge that one can master
And has mastered
The challenges of now,
The nitty-gritty
Of this high-gravity life.

That reward is inner peace,
Knowing that we do our best,
And that is the best we can do.
And that best gets better
Through real time.

That reward is the ability
To surrender to
The here and now.
To know that all our power
Is in this moment,
And all that we can really do
Is to be with it,
Whether it be difficult
Or easy.

And finally, Saturn,
I know that your best reward
Is that feeling of a job
Well done,
The hard-won satisfaction
Of fulfilling
Assignment: Earth.

And perhaps, Saturn,
You are my friend because
I love this Earth so much,
And so do you.

I do, indeed, thank you,
Great Teacher,
For the hard work we have done
And will do
Until death do us part.