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Andromeda Galaxy by Dave Rowe (
Themis, often depicted as "Justice"

From Goddess Knowledge Cards by Susan Boulet Trust, published by Pomegranate, Rohnert Park, CA.

Themis is one of the oldest and most revered of the Greek goddesses. The daughter of Gaia, the earth goddess, Themis is the mother of the three Fates, who determine the destiny of all mortals and gods. She was once consulted at Delphi as the bestower of oracles. Themis is prophecy incarnate; her oracles derive from her sense of order and connection to nature. In later Greek mythology, transferred to Mt. Olympus, she personified the social order of law and custom, a reminder that social order is ultimately dependent on the natural order of the earth. Themis is a grounded, earthy goddess who is also comfortable moving through the shifting, mantic world of dreams. She is deep wisdom familiar with both the depths of the earth and the heights of sky: a guide into soul.

We can call on Themis to guide us through the order of Capricorn and the dreams of Aquarius. She can help us see the future—based on the present, as is all good prophecy.