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New Year Reflections
by Maya del Mar

We are learning much, very quickly, as we cross the threshold into a new millennium. We have experienced that life can change in an instant, and we are learning to value this moment, to notice our top priorities, and to appreciate the people we love in a new way.

We are learning about new parts of the world, even if we have to kill each other to do it. Perhaps there are better ways of becoming acquainted, but become acquainted we must, for this millennium is asking of us cooperation and sharing.

Bully tactics as a mode of power are becoming seen for what they are. People all over the world are beginning to ask for respect for their dignity, and for power sharing.

Through the Internet, we see the underground rise to every occasion—with news and information, with prayers and meditations, and with creating ways to rally together in support of life. Simply realizing that we are part of a large community of concerned people is very heartening and helpful.

This millennium features the big "2," the number of harmony and cooperation, for the next 1000 years. In our terms, that’s a long time. After the last 1000 years of me-first "1," it’s going to take us some time to learn to change. We are barely beginning the first phase of this learning process. Pluto is helping by breaking down old models.

During this coming year we are thrown into the "2" pool willy-nilly, ready or not. "2002" says, "Pay attention to 2! See that you must learn to work together! Recognize that it takes everyone’s contributions to build a sound and peaceful society! Realize that partnership with spirit is the foundation of all!" With 2002 we begin with 2, and end with 2. There’s no getting out of it.

2 and 2 together make "4," the square, or the foundation. In Tarot terms, this is an Emperor year, an Emperor made up of two Priestesses. The Emperor takes charge of maintaining and protecting his empire in a practical way. The Priestesses, assigned as keepers of inner wisdom, are at the core of his work.

2002, then, will be a practical, earth-oriented material year, with an emphasis on building an orderly society. We can know that an inner wisdom lies behind external appearances. And we can remember that we are just beginning a long cycle of difficult relearning.

The year’s major planetary cycle continues to be the Pluto-Saturn opposition, which occurs about every 35 years. (The Pluto-Saturn opposition is featured in many of the archive issues.) Pluto is birth and death, and Saturn is obstacles, focus, endurance, discipline, and responsibility. This combination is good for very hard and sustained labor which literally transforms structure. We will continue this effort, which we began in 2001. Out of this work, a new inner authority will emerge.

Mars is also strong in 2002. This gives energy to do our work. It also means that military affairs continue to dominate the ethers.

Mars likes hard and challenging effort, and is willing to be recruited for a cause. Intention is all with Mars. Mars with Pluto or Saturn is also associated with hardship and cruelty. Mars connects with both Pluto and Saturn in May, and again in September and October.

Mars joins with flag-waving Jupiter on the Fourth of July, and again in December.

Eclipses open doorways for change. We have five eclipses in 2002, three solar and two lunar—in May, June, November and December.

The eclipse on December 4 is a Total Solar Eclipse—at the degree where Pluto turned direct last August 23 to set much destruction in motion. With that eclipse we will complete the major reorganization work of 2001-2002—our millennial initiation.

Our challenges remain--to stay centered in heart, and to live in the light as we push to realign ourselves in brand new ways.

The special work for 2002 is to cooperate with others, with spirit, and with our higher ideals to organize our lives more harmoniously.

May the light of spirit shine ever more brightly within us all.

In love and peace, Maya.

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