The House Club
by Sissy Blue

The Astrological wheel is divided into twelve sections, called houses, and each one has its own impact. Each house represents different things, and creates a distinct environment.

Unknown to most people, the Houses have their own secret society, gathering just after sundown for a nightly chat. They sneak out of their assigned spaces and assemble toward the center point of the wheel.

First House usually charges out before anyone else, having spent the last hour adjusting its makeup, to make sure the façade it presents to the world is exactly like it wants to portray.

Second House comes out of its door shortly thereafter, and reclines in its lounge chair, glancing around to make sure all of its personal possessions are safe.

First House protests, "Why are you so hung up on your personal things?"

Second House answers, "Because they’re mine! All you care about is yourself."

First House protests, "What’s wrong with that?"

Third House arrives on the scene. "You two simply don’t know how to communicate. There is so much to think and talk about besides yourself, or what you own."

Fourth House listened to the conversation, as it slumped into its favorite lawn chair. "You should spend more time thinking about your ideas, and less time gossiping!"

Third House asked, "Are you talking to me?"

Fourth House answered, "Who else?"

Third House made a quirky face and said, "Well, all you care about is home and family and real estate. I don’t see anything exciting about that."

Fourth House answered, "Why does everything have to be exciting? What’s wrong with security, and having a base of operations?"

"Nothing," the Third House replied, "as long as you have a computer, a couple of phones, and the radio plays all the time."

Fifth House took its seat and joined the argument, "You can’t be creative with all that noise going on. The children make enough racket."

Sixth House wiped its brow and fell into its chair. "There’s so much work to get done every single day. I don’t see how there’s any time left to be creative."

Fifth House challenged, "Why don’t you try?"

Sixth House sighed, "I don’t have the energy after serving people all day."

The objective Houses took their seats around the circle. They had all been listening to the conversation of the lower Houses, and were used to their subjective viewpoints.

The Seventh House shook its head, looking over at the First House. "You must quit thinking about yourself and start thinking about others."

First House clinched its lips. "Why should I?"

Seventh House answered, "Because life is lonely unless you have a partner."

Eighth House agreed, "That’s right. Besides, when there are two people working, the joint resources are great!" Then under its breath added, "Not to mention the sex."

Second House spoke, "But you have nothing of your own."

Ninth House jumped in. "You need to learn a little philosophy. Haven’t you ever heard that it’s better to give?"

Third House, sitting directly opposite the Ninth, blurted out, "All I have to give you is a piece of my mind!"

Tenth House tried to settle things down. "Now, let’s don’t argue."

Fourth House leaned forward and looked across the wheel at the Tenth. "You always think you’re the boss because you’re the house of destiny and careers."

The Eleventh House chimed in. "Wait! Can’t we all just be friends? We make a nice little group."

Twelfth House sat silently listening to the group arguing back and forth. It didn’t usually join in, and kept its thoughts to itself. "Don’t you see how important you all are?"

The other Houses stared at the Twelfth, surprised it was speaking.

The Twelfth House continued, "As for you, First House, you are right that ‘self’ is important, because if you don’t understand yourself, how can you understand anyone else, as the Seventh House must do.

"As for the Second House, I agree with you that ‘personal possessions’ and ‘personal money’ are important. You must first learn to manage your own resources, before you can manage resources jointly, as the Eighth House has to.

"As for the Third House, you have to learn to read and write with the lower mind, before you rise to the level of the Ninth House, who looks above and beyond the mundane clatter.

"As for the Fourth House, the home, family, and security give you a base to make you feel safe, so that when you go out into the world of the Tenth House, looking for your destiny or a career, you will have the support you need.

"As for the Fifth House, you have to learn how to express yourself, before you can appreciate the creativity and sensitivity of others, as the Eleventh House needs to do when dealing with friends and groups.

"And the Sixth House needs to serve others, doing the daily work that has to get done."

The Sixth House challenged, "But what about you?"

"As the Twelfth House, I have to deal with all the Karma, but I’m not going to play the victim or martyr anymore, so all you Houses quit dumping all your garbage on me!"

All the Houses laughed, then fell into silence as they each thought of their role in the wheel. Each House had its place. Each House was important as a stage in the total development of a balanced wheel. And each House resolved to work more toward the positive. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at