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January Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

Whatever your year brings, may Peace and Love flow through you. —Maya

ARIES. Last month you worked behind the scenes. Now your preparations pay off in increased stature in the world. You’re getting your career together in a new way, and your hard work will bring success. By mid-month your energy returns, and you make a big realignment on your stance in the world. Courage is admirable, but don’t be foolhardy. Watch your impulsiveness and watch your back.

You feel really good about yourself now. Your productivity increases, money improves, and you may even take a trip. Really good things are opening up for you in work, as well. Home undergoes a transformation. Perhaps someone close to you moves in, or out. But still, there are nameless fears. Perhaps some unseen ghost will suddenly pop up and spoil things. Indeed. Pay attention to those ghosts.

That new responsibility is one you really like, Gemini. It uses your special talents for communicating and networking. Your planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on the 18th, and you are apt to notice it more than most. Are you planning to hit a friend up for a loan? This not a good month for it. But it is a great month for travel for you.

Relationships keep you hopping this month, and love is part of the busy scene. Enjoy. Business partnerships are undergoing change, and by the end of the month you reap rewards. Travel early in the month, and after that work hard on your goals. Relationships may be stressful by the end of the month. You attain new authority in a group.

LEO. You make improvements in your working environment and in your health. Relationships, and there are lots of them, are a very mixed bag. Some are beautiful and loving; others are harsh and cruel. You may, in fact, lose someone important to you. Mercury retrograde gives you a chance to evaluate the energy which you attract.

VIRGO. This month you can learn the rules of fair fighting. Or learn not to let yourself be taken advantage of. If you have children, you complete something with them, and start a new cycle. Whatever your creative expressions, you do make a new start with them. Watch out for burnout. Your nervous system is overloaded, and you do have to take time out.

LIBRA. You’re getting your home settled just the way you want it, and it feels very good. You may also complete a family phase, which leaves you feeling much more independent. A new inner security blossoms for you. This can be a very creative month word-wise. You may receive an offer to publish, or to teach. Watch out for destructive arguments .

There is change in a special relationship, perhaps with your father. Communication with someone close is a big deal now. Your horizons are broadened by it. You absolutely need exercise this month—energetic physical exercise. A daily routine can help you stay centered. Home is super active, and maybe pretty weird.

You have a new independence this month, connected to (1) taking the reins in partnership, and (2) getting your money situation organized. You may be doing a lot of traveling, but do be careful. Now you’re understanding your own assertiveness as a money-making resource for you. You may run into a clash with a family member.

You have a dilly of a year ahead of you—unusual, exciting, successful, and with major realignments in your affairs. If you have any unusual ideas about how to make money, pull them out and make them work. You can surprise the world—and most of all, yourself. Your foundations may be rocked by aggressive energy or your own overdoing at home.

During the first half of the month, call in your spirit helpers. And then during the last half, watch them go to town! You are getting brand new ideas of yourself, and who you are, and Mercury retrograde is helping you figure it out—IF you channel Neptune productively. You are especially vulnerable to Neptune’s veils this month, and need to be careful of the images to which you expose yourself.

Mars is in your sign for the first half of the month, energizing you and perhaps bringing in experiences from the past. Déjà vu. Those experiences can help you refocus on your goals, your challenge of the month. Values and priorities are much on your mind, and conclusions there help you make a new commitment to home and security.