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February 2002
Table of Contents
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Where's Cheney?
Is the U.S. Entering the Age of Aquarius?
Year of the Horse
February Daily Success Guide--SUBSCRIBE!
Daily Success Guide
February 1-28
General Astrological Influences for February
General Sun Signs,
February 2001
Retrograde Watch—
Mercury and Saturn
Goddess of the Month: Morgan le Fay
Asteroid Dictionary
Moon Report
Crystal's 'Set the Limits' Full Moon Meditation
February Skywatch
Sissy Blue: To Fly or Not to Fly
Book Review: YES! A Journal of Positive Futures
Maya's Astrology Favorites
Sign of the Month: Aquarius. Learn about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives

February Highlights:

One earth
One people
One love…

Alice Walker

Where's Cheney?Maya tracks the VP, body and soul, via his chart

Is the U.S. Entering the Age of Aquarius? Maya's forecast for the next 360 years

NEW! Set the Limits Necessary to Bring Your Bliss into Tangible Manifestation with Crystal's meditation for the February Full Moon portal

2002, Chinese Year of the Horse: a lively steed to carry us through difficult times

Retrogrades—The Green Light Goes On as Mercury and Saturn turn direct this month

LibraSign of the Month: Aquarius
Learn about your sign in Maya's Sun Sign Archives
Maya del Mar photo February Daily Success Guide—align with the cosmic flow every day—subscribe now!

General Astrological Influences for Febuary: "
Notice who you really are, what you really do, and what really are your dominant drives and motives" during this month's magic rectangle
Sun Signs Sun Signs The monthly lowdown for your sign.
Moon Report New Moon in Aquarius is "Uranus all the way"

Goddess of the Month! Celtic shamana and shapeshifter Morgan le Fay

Who Are Those Asteroids? A brief dictionary of the asteroid goddesses.

Skywatch—Moon Eclipses Saturn and Jupiter Both planets are visible now as part of the giant hexagonal "crystal in the sky."

To Fly or Not to Fly above the insidious grip of the Ego is Sissy Blue's question

Book Review: Embrace a better world with "YES! A Journal of Positive Futures"

Maya's Astrology Favorites: The Rulership Book

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