To Fly or Not to Fly
by Sissy Blue

In astrology, the Sun represents our ego. Whether your Sun is in Leo, the King of all Ego’s, or in Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, etc. each of us has to investigate our hearts and judge how we handle our ego. The astrological sign and house position of the Sun in our personal chart may offer clues as to how and where our ego may shine too brightly.

Sandy stared at the bulging eyes of her supervisor, Martha, who was entirely too close for her comfort. Instead of listening to the angry words of her boss, her mind was overwhelmed by choices. How would she react to this false accusation?

I’m not the one who messed up those spreadsheets! Sandy thought. I shouldn’t have to stand here and take the heat for that careless co-worker of mine. I should just walk out—right now—and then they would all be sorry! But then, she remembered how much she needed this job, how much she usually liked this job, and how hard it would be to find another.

Sandy knew other workers were watching the show, and could feel a blush creeping across her face. She feared no one else in the room would learn she hadn’t committed, what was being portrayed by the supervisor, as a terrible crime, and there would be no opportunity to explain it to them later. Sandy figured they would just be convinced she was an idiot.

Martha suddenly halted her onslaught and demanded, "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Sandy swallowed her EGO, and instead of walking out and losing her job, or placing the blame on others, even if it belonged there, she simply stated, "I’m sorry this happened, and I understand why you’re upset. I will get it straightened out immediately."

Martha was impressed with Sandy’s coolness, knowing she was usually very careful with her work, and even while Martha was yelling at her, she knew Sandy might not be the guilty party. Glancing around the room, Martha became aware of the workers staring at her, and a sense of shame or her unnecessary outburst swept over her. But then her EGO clicked into place, and she glared at the workers until they turned back to their work. Martha would never admit an error.

We all have a problem with EGO, whether we are conscious of it or not. Sometimes, we have to search the small details of our lives, to see if we are letting our ego’s get the best of us.

You may protest that you are not egotistical.

And you may not be—in the technical definition of the word. But try to look beneath the obvious.

If you are caught in the situation explained earlier, and you are not the guilty party—how will you react? How will you react if you are the guilty party?

If you try to press your point in a conversation, that is your ego defending itself.

If you get upset when your viewpoint is challenged, it is your ego beaming defiance.

If you take pride in understanding complicated issues, when others are lost, it is your ego whispering in your ear.

I’m guilty of this. I’ll admit it. Even though I try to work on it, I still catch myself doing it. That’s what being human is all about, I guess, but we should keep trying to improve.

We must all TRY—TO FLY.

TO FLY, we must stay above the ruckus, the arguing, the opinions, the chaos, the confusion, the traffic delays, the long wait in line, the rude person who cuts in front of us, or doesn‘t seem to understand they are standing in our way. We must tolerate he insults from people who do not comprehend who we are, or better put, who we are striving to be.

We must somehow stay above the common, always reaching for our true path, and manipulating the twisted curves between us and our ultimate goal of peace, because in the end, isn’t that where we want to go?

The best we can do, is try to make the trip between where we are—and where we are going—as peaceful as we can.

And in the end, even if we never managed to truly FLY—at least we were constantly flopping our wings in an effort to TRY.

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at