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February Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. Power and will are with you this month, Aries. You can not only begin something brand new, but you can follow through on old projects, and change them to your new vision. You’re very self-contained now. Your greatest support is your spiritual foundations. However, friends or co-workers can offer you valuable ideas. Listen to them. Things may seem insecure, but you’re creating a new security for yourself.

TAURUS. It’s all about purpose this month, Taurus. A new consciousness about your place in the world may be connected with the loss or dissolution of something familiar. Financial gain may be another ingredient in the mix. You’re getting closer and closer to fulfilling your dreams. Sympathy and empathy for others’ situations works well for you now. Pay attention to your dreams.

GEMINI. This is a terrific travel month for you, Gemini. One way or another, enlightenment comes your way. This month you make major changes in your field of skill, communication. It pays to tell people what you think. The end of the month sees you with a new outlook on life and work. Life flows especially well for you after the New Moon on the twelfth, including money.

CANCER. You feel good about yourself, but partnership has odd twists and turns, perhaps related to work pressure. You do push very hard for your professional goals this month. Problem-solving will be successful. Working with others’ resources is your forte now, and you find new ways to do it. Artistic endeavors may fly the nest and join the world.

LEO. This month you have another big turn in your very active partnership wheel. You will be engrossed by relationships, and again the advice is to be very clear on all dynamics, and not allow yourself to be seduced into an abusive situation. On the other hand, you can find care and nurturing through friends and partners now. You will be dealing with finances, and if you take the high road, the fallout will be beneficial.

VIRGO. Health and work, your two major issues, have special importance this month. You are renovating both areas of your life. Your whole security base, in fact, is undergoing a big renovation now. Nurturing may shift from caring for your born children to nurturing your own dreams. Relationships with loved ones are featured. You take charge of them now, and you decide whom you want in your life.

LIBRA. Boy, are people ever coming at you! It could be partners, clients, co-workers, or healers. You have a lot of constructive connections going with others. Your creations are lively and flourishing, and you may have a new piece of art emerging from the creative chaos. Or even a new form of creativity. Out of this ferment, new life dreams are taking shape.

SCORPIO. All year you’ve been restless, undergoing changes and disruptions in your security base. Now they come to a head, and you can begin laying new foundations for yourself. If you’ve been postponing a healing process, this is the month to undertake it. Work is important. You can enhance your net worth by making changes in your working situation. An active sport might draw you now, and be good for your health.

SAGITTARIUS. For you, Sag, not only an active sport, but one that takes some muscle might be just what you need now. You’ve got to be on the move. You’re a gambler, and you may take risks now. Expect delayed success—after Mar. 1. You connect with dozens of different kinds of people this month. Are you preparing to write a book? You days are busy, and you can’t keep up with yourself.

CAPRICORN. After all the financial dislocations of the past year, you’re ready to pull it all together now and create a brand new portfolio. Big is better, and the sky’s the limit. Remember Chiron’s in your sign, and anything can happen. Look at Enron. You’ve got lots of action at home. Are you remodeling or taking advantage of your home gym? You do lighten your burdens this month.

AQUARIUS. You may wake up feeling yourself a new person on New Moon day! Self-awareness and self integration are at a peak. You’re awakening to your own genius and talents in a new way, and seeing yourself in a new light. Indeed, you will cast your shadow! Creative partnership is a big deal now, and you enjoy working with others more than usual.

PISCES. All sorts of odd things are unexpectedly popping up in your life now. Just be prepared for surprises, and mysterious inner stirrings. Besides which, you’re restless—like a rolling stone. There’s lots of action on the money front. Maybe you’ll get your debts paid and get square with the world. You create something new and solid at home, maybe something you’ve dreamed about.