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January Moon Report
by Maya del Mar

The Aquarius New Moon on February 11-12 was Uranus all the way. (Refer to Daily Success Guide for February 12.) Breakthroughs were exciting for me and my daughters. Most notably, I was in Santa Cruz with Penelope, my daughter who is being psychically attacked. We made some excellent breakthroughs for her, and I enjoyed my time with her in Santa Cruz, a small picturesque city facing Monterey Bay, and backed by wooded mountains. It’s a university town, and is the place where many of the recent planetary discoveries are being made.

In Washington the Shays-Meecham Campaign Reform Bill finally broke out of committee, and hearings were begun on it. It was catalyzed by the wide-ranging Enron scams, which continue to be exposed. We now know that Enron put GW in the governorship and in the White House, and has been the major influence in deregulating energy for perhaps a decade. Among other things, Enron paid Christian Right leader Ralph Reed hundreds of thousands of dollars to use his influence in Washington on Enron’s behalf.

After many years of debate about the feasability and safety of Yucca Mt. In Nevada as the official nuclear waste site, GW broke through the impasse in deciding in its favor, despite his campaign promises to Nevadans. Nevadans’ four electoral votes, based on that promise, would have turned the election in Gore’s favor.

There are also breakthroughs in the media chain of secrecy regarding the stolen election. For instance, we’re learning more about the stacked election deck in Florida, under the direction of Jeb Bush, beginning at least 11 months before the election. This was headline news in Europe, even before the Supreme Court decision which gave GW the Presidency, and Europeans can’t respect GW as a real president.

Many of the breakthroughs, it appears, are breakdowns in the credibility of the Bush Administration.

U.S. troops continue to land in the Philippines, and Bush made a trip to Japan. He followed in the footsteps of his father, who threw up in the lap of the Prime Minister (also under the immediate influence of Uranus). GW’s gaffe was more serious. In scolding Japan for their economic problems, he talked about devaluation, when he intended to say deflation. The Japanese stock markets took an immediate nose dive.

Along with the intensification of the Israeli occupation, resisted by the Palestinians, peace is moving throughout those lands. This is, indeed, a very big breakthrough. Perhaps the major catalyst is the refusal of what is becoming hundreds of reservists to serve in the occupation army. They are known as the ""refusniks," and are fueling a peace movement among the Israelis. This is certainly Aquarian independence. On the Arab side, Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has said that if the Israelis withdraw to the 1967 borders, all of the Arabs will guarantee peace with them. In addition, Defense Minister Peres has been negotiating with the Palestinians for peace. And 60 Israeli generals, including Aquarian Gen. Barak, are talking about unilateral withdrawal of Israel’s troops. 15,000 Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv to support peace.

Milosevic’s war crimes trial at The Hague began.

In science, cloned cats made their debut. And a breakthrough in cloning pigs whose DNA more closely matches that of humans was announced. "Xenotransplantation," as it is known, is close.

Full moon in Leo of January 28 and last quarter moon in Scorpio of February 4: Enron and Argentina go under, Bush declares warrior state, and another world is possible.

Both of these moons are in fixed signs, which shows a focus on power and centers of power. January 28 and February 4 are part of the Capricorn moon cycle, which began on January 13, and this shows reference to business/government. Reread the entries in the Daily Success Guide for all three dates.

New and Full Moon descriptions in particular are full of significant descriptions of these historical times. Do reread them in the January moon report, which is worth downloading and saving as a commentary and prophecy regarding these times. You can also find January’s Success Guide in the archives. Both these moons are both part of eclipse cycles of summer 2000, which brought GW Bush into power. This month of January 2002 shows a mammoth push to announce and manifest that power to the world.

The most telling event at Full Moon was Mr. Bush’s State of the Union address, which was, in effect, a strong declaration of the U.S. as a Warrior State.

The only goddess being honored is Pallas Athena, the warrior goddess. Bush announced an additional $50 billion for the Pentagon, which is already getting $320 billion this year.

He also announced money for standardized tests for the schools, most of which will go to McGraw-Hill, one of his big contributors. McGraw-Hill calls their testing program "scientifically based," but it is not. Their studies do not justify their testing program. (Sound familiar?) Ceres in Aquarius is offended by this creation of test factories instead of educational centers. She is also offended by the lack of good and available child care.

There has been no money for new housing starts since Reagan came into office. Vesta is upset over the huge problem of housing in most areas of the U.S., as well as about a health system which does not even serve 40% of our people.

Small farmers are floundering, while big corporations, with their toxic food, take over the food market worldwide. Pollution is coming to reign supreme in our air and water. Ceres does not like what we’re doing to the food chain, and Juno does not like what we’re doing to the earth and to ourselves (for more information on these powerful ladies of the firmament, see "Who Are Those Asteroids?" in this issue).

However, the U.S. will nurture a war machine capable of annihilating the world many times over. And Bush casts his Neptunian veil well, and catches the American public in his net. In the U.S. chart, Mars and Neptune are intimately connected, and Neptune is the most elevated planet, casting its sheen of glamour over the nation.

The Enron debacle is a prime example of the unrealistic glamour of greed and funny money. Layers are unpeeling, as reality intrudes. The General Accounting Office of the U.S. is part of that reality. For the first time in history, they plan to sue the Administration to collect information from VP Cheney, which he has been withholding.

In the meantime, the "Another World is Possible" movement gained much momentum with these moons. The World Economic Forum meeting in New York, and the World Social Forum meeting in Porto Allegro, Brazil, both provided platforms to propose and plan a new kind of world, where people and their daily lives are supported.

At the Economic Forum, it was tens of thousands of orderly, peaceful protestors in the streets who presented alternative views to those of the corporate group at the Forum.

In Porto Allegro, 50,000 delegates dedicated to improving world social conditions met for a week for their tenth annual meeting. That event was very widely covered by the world press. They called it "The Dawn of a New Era" and ran headlines such as "The Free Market is Through."

The U.S. press stayed away, and thus we heard little about Allegro. However, we are hearing about Enron, and how it is a microcosm of corporate America. We are hearing about Argentina, another casualty of the "free market." And our Congress is finally taking action on campaign reform.

At the Last Quarter in Scorpio, Bush sent his budget to Congress. It included more billions to Colombia specifically to arm and train Colombians to protect U.S. pipelines. At the same time, the Olympics opened in Salt Lake City.

Conflict continues in Northern Ireland, and worsens in Israel/Palestine.

For me, lots of charts, work, and loving relationships.

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