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Aries Harvest Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

The seasonally emphasized Libran longing for harmony is balanced by this Full Moon’s reminder that ideals yield their harvest aided by effective action. The intense Mars energy—pointed out by Maya—further clarifies this lunation’s window of empowerment to break through whatever doubts may have held us back from following through actively on our creative ideals and desires.

This line of energy work received an initial push two weeks ago, when the Virgo New Moon began the cycle coming to fullness in this Aries Harvest Moon. At that time, we could challenge any lack of self-esteem which might keep us from one of the first steps in effective action: gathering or using the information and skills we need. This Full Moon carries us onward in a surge of self-assertion, beyond the area of skills and information, into several other breakthroughs in common limits to our readiness to pick up the ball of our life and run with it.

PART I. Clean the muck off the screen of the Divine Dreamer within.

A) What projects to beautify your mind, your life and your world have you dreamt of or even mentally designed, for which you have not been ready or able to act on effectively? Recall them and bring them to the forefront before moving on to the next step.

B) Once you have stirred the dream which moves your secret heart, ask yourself:

Which of the following examples touch home for you?

  • You have received signs and/or inspiration about a certain line of action, but you have not moved forward because of your doubts about that intuition.

  • You really don’t know where to start and you don’t trust your own judgment enough to move forward as best you can figure out.

  • You feel like you can’t do this alone, but you have been reticent to request needed help and understanding from others, because of embarrassment, fear of vulnerability or being judged for requesting help.

  • Moving on that project would mean putting some limits on your time and you might feel uncomfortable, or self-conscious about establishing those limits.

These kinds of doubts are very common barriers that keep us postponing indefinitely acting on our dreams. This Aries Full Moon can help you turn those stones on the road into opportunities to transform our modus operandi into a series of powerful, active affirmations of self-esteem.


Once you have read the previous section, write down any memories or impressions that rise to the surface, than boldly go where no sign has gone before—that is, where no sign has gone without some help from the Ram, by writing down some steps you could take to implement your ideals.

PART III. Transmute your actions into loud and powerful affirmations of self-esteem.

Above your list of audacious actions, write:

I am the leader of my life, the primary actor in my vision. I will not allow any doubts of my self-worth, abilities or approval of others to hold me back as I follow through on the dream that now unfolds before my inner eye. My actions are themselves the proof of my conviction. I am up to the challenge, I believe in my Self and in my right and duty to succeed in my divinely designated endeavours now.

Repeat the above words during seven minutes on or around this Full Moon portal.

Refer to your list each night at least until the next New Moon, and define the concrete steps you will take the next day—steps which may be small but must be clear and definite—throughout the remainder of the current lunar cycle.

Happy Harvest!

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