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Crystal Pomeroy

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August Pisces Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

The Sabian symbol invites us to fulfil the particular Piscean vision promised by this Full Moon: "The individual who envisions…a new race of human beings…sounds the call," summoning "humans to rebirth."

Culminating the cycle started by the heart-centered New Moon in Leo, this lunation calls us to use the power of imagination to create a picture of a new race in which our love nature is healed, fortified and optimized.The strong Virgo influences remind us that powerful love means healthy love, free of the addictiveness, secrecy, martyr and guilt trips which sometimes accompany Pisces.

If you apply the following process, you’ll be surprised how this apparently simple idea will mobilize the energy you are, accelerating the race change and even influencing the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

Help from the other side

Call on all guides, buddhas, angels and other personifications of love power.

The Chinese goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin, as well as Green Tara, Mary and Miriam are particularly implicated now.

Also call on Archangel Raphael and angelic entity Hygiea to heal our personal and planetary love nature.

You may enjoy the following invocation as you contemplate their presence on the invisible plane:

I call on you to move the waters of life which connect all hearts and, assisted by the courage and power of my visualization, bring forth the lotus of pure, true and healthy love from the murky waters of planetary appearances.

Full Moon visualization to bring forth the lotus
Part I. The lotus in your own heart.

(To be done with paper and pen on hand.)

A) Describe in writing the kind of person you would be if your predominant consciousness were of healthy, unconditional love.

The following questions and reflections are designed to light the wick of this vision:

    • How would you feel about yourself?
    • What improvements would there be in terms of your actions and achievements?
    • Describe the freedom you would have if your way of relating with others were unhindered by fear or addictive tendencies.
    • Would vibrating in healthy love influence your orientation to family, friends, environment, animals, political, charitable or other service inclinations?
    • I would take inner and outer steps each day to expand love....

B) Once you have written some reflections on your person transformed by love, write a description of yourself in present tense, as though you already lived that way.

Part II. The lotus in the world.

A) Describe what the world would look like if unconditional and healthy love were the predominant emotion.

Some examples might include:

People wouldn’t criticize one another.
There would be no defense budget.
There would be effective cooperation to for common interests.
All children would have a healthy home and a non-abusive environment.
Sexuality would not be separate from love, denigrating nor dangerous to anyone.
Justice would prevail.
There would be no racism, ageism, or other hardened, intolerant attitudes.
The arts, entertainment and media industries would promote kindness.

B) What else? Add or substitute your own characteristics for a world in love, and then describe that world in writing as though it were already so.

Part III. Call forth the lotus in national and world leadership.

A) What would the US presidency and other key world leadership roles look like if they were motivated by healthy love? Describe your inspiration in writing.


The Department of Peace proposed by Kucinich would be a reality.
Low-vibe types would be loved out of office, and then healing themselves in Power Addicts Anonymous groups.
Our leaders would appreciate the responsibility of their mission and would devote themselves entirely to the opportunity to serve.

What other characteristics do you envision for love-centered political leadership?

B) Create a paragraph profiling this aspect of our future, as though it were a consummated fact.

Decree for personal and racial love mutants.

I give up any deviated, restrictive or addictive patterns in my love nature, as I know that true love is now flowing to me, through me and from me to all creation. Divine love connects all beings, and as it does so, divine love multiplies and expands to harmonize and heal the planet now.

Follow up with Luna.

Continue to read your vision for a transformed personal and planetary heart, and repeat your affirmation daily for six minutes or more throughout this Moon cycle, until the next New Moon of September 14.

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