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Galactic Profile: Rahm Emanuel
Asteroid Profiles: Monica and Hillary

Galactic Profile: Barack Obama's Solar Return
Black Hole Case Study: Barack Obama's Mercury
Black Hole Case Study—Mid-Month Postscript—Barack Obama's Mercury

Galactic Profile: Michael Jackson
The Asteroid Files: "Bilk"

Black Hole Profile: Sonia Sotomayor
Black Hole Case Study: Gemini 2009 Hate Crimes

Black Hole Profile: Senator Arlen Specter
Black Hole Case Study: Pelosi's Tortured Logic

Black Hole Case Study: Pirates of the Indian Ocean
Black Hole Case Study: Obama's Venus and the Nation's Economy

Galactic Profile: Fools Rush In—The Limbaugh-Obama Feud
Pluto-Capricorn Chronicles: Brave New World

Galactic Profile: Michael Phelps
Black Hole Case Study: Obama's Taxing Cabinet

Galactic Profile: The Minnesota Senate Race
Pluto-Capricorn Chronicles: You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet

Galactic Profile: The Obama Administration
Black Hole Case Study: Bernard Madoff and the Crumbling Investment Industry
Galactic Biography: Steve Jobs


Galactic Profile: Michelle Obama
Election 2008 Wrap-Up

Galactic Profile: The Wall Street Bailout Bill
Campaign Trail 2008, Part 2

Galactic Profile: Sarah Palin
Campaign Trail 2008

Galactic Profile: Joe Biden
Black Hole Case Study: Election 2008

Galactic Profile: Ted Kennedy
Black Hole Case Study: Obama and the Kennedys

Galactic Profile: Black Hole Obama
Black Hole Case Study: Pastor Problems—The Revenge of Pluto in Sagittarius

Galactic Profile: Black Hole McCain
Black Hole Case Study: Democratic Presidential Primary Season Wrap-Up

Galactic Profile: Ralph Nader
Deep Space Notebook: Masers and Assassinations

Client No. 9 (Eliot Spitzer)
Black Hole Bloviators

Michael Mukasey, Bush's Third-String Attorney General
2008 Primary: Midseason Update

Black Hole Bush Redux, Part 2
The Spears Saga

Black Hole Bush Redux, Part I
The 2008 Primary Season
Postscript: Musharraf, Bhutto and Pakistan


Galactic Profile: Mike Huckabee, Dark Horse
Black Hole Case Study: Musharraf, Bhutto and Pakistan

Galactic Profile: Dick Cheney
Black Hole Case Study: Ahmadinejad, Iran and the Bush Administration

Galactic Profile: Fred Thompson
Black Hole Case Study: Republican Summer Sex Follies

Galactic Profile: Condoleezza Rice
Minor Planet Watch: Eris and the Bush Administration

Galactic Profile: Reverend Jerry Falwell
Black Hole Case Study: The Libby Commutation

Galactic Profile: Mitt Romney
Black Hole Case Study: Paris Hilton

Galactic Profile: John Edwards
Black Hole Case Study: Attorneygate

Special Report: The Virginia Tech Shooting
Galactic Profile: Rudi Giuliani
Black Hole Case Study: The Firing of Don Imus

Galactic Profile: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Black Hole Case Study: The Death of Anna Nicole Smith

Galactic Profile: John McCain
Black Hole Case Study: Exploring Exploratory Committees

Galactic Profile: Barack Obama
Black Hole Case Study: Rosie O'Don-ald Trump


Madame Speaker: A Galactic Biography of Nancy Pelosi
Black Hole Hussein


December Karl Rove, Bush's Brain
November Election Preview 2006, Election 2006's Blue Wave, and Pastor Ted
October Laura Bush, First Librarian, and The "Honorable" Mark Foley
September Israel and Hezbollah: Struggling with God vs. the Party of God
August Election Preview, Three to Watch in '06: Rick Santorum (part 3 of 3)
July Election Preview, Three to Watch in '06: Ralph Reed (part 2 of a 3-part series)
June Election Preview, Three to Watch in '06: Katherine Harris (part 1 of a 3-part series)
May Eclipse Notes
April Greenspan, Bernanke and the Fed
March The Abramoff Web
February Meirs and Alito: A Tale of Two Nominations
January The Pluto-Galactic Center Conjunction


December Paris Is Burning
November All the President's Enablers
October Hurricane Katrina

September Cindy Sheehan, Galactic Conscience
August The Roberts Nomination
July Daughters of Destiny: Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots
June Pope Benedict XVI, "God's Rottweiler"
May John Paul II, Galactic Emissary
April Terri Schiavo, Galactic Emissary
March Black Hole Mercury: An Intimate Perspective

February Tsunami Disaster & the Boxer Rebellion
January Poisoning in the Ukraine


December Hail to the Thief
November Election Notes II
October Handicapping the Race
September George W. Bush and Black Hole Mars and Election Notes
August 2004... Another Stolen Election? and McGreevey's Out (in More Ways than One)
July And in this Corner... the Anti-Bush and The Great Miscommunicator
June Day of the Dead Election Part II: In this Corner... Messianic W
May Day of the Dead Election Part I: Tecumseh's Curse, Black Hole Saturn, and the U.S. Progressed Sun

April More on the Trans-Neptunians: Ixion and Murder
March The Moore, the Merrier: Michael Moore, George W. Bush, and Weapons of Mass Deception
February The Four Horsemen of the Bush Apocalypse: Kerry, Dean, Edwards and Clark
January Michael Jackson: "Dangerous," or "One More Chance"?

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December Deep Space and You, Part II
November Deep Space and You
October Black Hole Vampires: Cosmic Nosferatu
September Total Recall: Schwarzenegger, Davis, and the California Special Election
August Quaoar and Reproduction: A Link Outside of Time
July Martha Stewart: It's a Black Hole Thing
June May 2003: A Celestial Triple-Whammy and The Pluto-Ereshkigal War, Part III: Blitzkrieg, Third-Millennium Style
May The Pluto-Ereshkigal War, Part II: The Unlawful War
April The Pluto-Ereshkigal War, Part I: Galactic March to War
March Meet the Trans-Neptunians
February The Columbia Disaster and Dubya Dubya III: Bush, Black Holes, and the Impending Holocaust
January George W. Bush: A Black Hole Biography

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December Cunanan, Versace, and the Black Hole Sun
November Pluto and the Queens
October Nemesis, the Black Hole of Terrorism
September Election 2000: Hail to the Thief—A Galactic Debacle
August Diana, the Media, and Black Hole Mercury

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Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book and The Urban Wicca, former editor of "The Galactic Calendar," and past president of The Philadelphia Astrological Society.

His pioneering work with Black Holes in astrological interpretation began in 1991, when his progressed Sun unwittingly fell into one. Alex can be reached for comment or services at