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Poisoning in the Ukraine

by Alex Miller-Mignone

Eastern Europe and the world community were rocked by allegations of fraud in the run-off elections for President of the Ukraine in mid-November 2004. Massive popular demonstrations in favor of the progressive candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, threatened to disrupt the smooth transition of government of the former Soviet satellite, while allegations of poisoning emerged.

Interestingly, the Bush Administration supported the overthrow of the official vote, ironically citing discrepancies between exit polling and official results. The American media, of course, has largely turned a blind eye to similar anomalies in our own November elections.

The electoral ball started rolling on Halloween with the original vote, which showed Yushchenko barely ahead of outgoing Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, by 39.87% to 39.32%. Minor candidates having gobbled up the rest of the vote, and neither candidate having attained the required 50% for victory, a run-off election was held November 21 between the two lead candidates. Despite exit polling which showed Yushchenko with a comfortable lead of 54% to Yanukovych’s 43%, the final results swung Yanukovych’s way, by 49.6% to 46.61%.

Supporters of Yushchenko took to the streets alleging voter fraud, with massive protests in Kiev and other major cities. Banners and flags in the opposition’s color of orange draped the public squares, and a general strike was threatened. "This decision puts Ukraine on the verge of civil conflict," stated Yushchenko.

Washington backed Yushchenko, while Moscow looked to Yanukovych, adding to already strained relations between the governments. Weeks of uncertainty followed, but eventually on December 3 Ukraine’s Supreme Court ruled the election results invalid, and mandated a third vote scheduled for December 26. Those results showed a startling return to the original run-off election exit polls, with Yushchenko attaining a wide margin of victory at 53% to Yanukovych’s 44%.

Sporting an orange scarf of victory, Yushchenko stated, "For 14 years we have been independent. Now we have become free."

But the most startling circumstance of the Ukraine elections was Yushchenko’s poisoning, likely at the behest of the ruling party. During the course of the campaign, 54-year-old Yushchenko went from an extremely telegenic, handsome individual, to an ashen, bloated, pock-marked visage. The cause? Dioxin poisoning, as confirmed by the prestigious Rudolfinerhaus Clinic in Vienna.


Yushchenko, who dined on September 5 with military leaders allied to the opposition party, complained early the following day of gastric pain and was flown to the Austrian clinic, where he was initially diagnosed with rosacea due to the facial discolorations. Yushchenko’s wife, Kateryna Chumachenko, suspected poisoning immediately, based on warnings in advance and a strange flavor she detected on his lips when he returned from the banquet. "I knew from the very beginning he was poisoned," she stated.

Severe back pain developed shortly, and Yushchenko’s appearance continued to deteriorate, until finally on December 11 a definitive diagnosis of dioxin poisoning was confirmed. Dr. Michael Zimpfer of the clinic stated that Yushchenko’s blood contained "a tremendous amount of dioxin," a key ingredient in Agent Orange (ironic in that this is the color of Yushchenko’s party and campaign), with levels "beyond the scale," more than a thousand times above normal. Tests showed that the poison was administered orally, perhaps in a soup which had been served at the banquet.

In addition to the facial scarring, Yushchenko suffered liver damage as well as damage to his gastrointestinal tract, small and large bowel, stomach and pancreas. A slightly higher dose could have killed him; it is too early yet to determine if the effects will be lasting, due to the fact that the exact type of dioxin has not been identified. "Some persist for decades…some of the others start leaving the body very rapidly and will be completely gone in a few years," Dr. Zimpfer said.

The astrological basis for the poisoning is intriguing. Viktor Yushchenko, born 23 February 1950, shows a 4 Pisces Sun, currently being transited by Uranus, a major engine of disruption and turmoil. From 4 Pisces that natal Sun conjoins a manifestation-evoking Quasar at 5 Pisces and exactly squares Black Hole Osiris at 4 Sagittarius, implying both major successes and accomplishments (the Quasar) and at least one dramatic volte-face moment where the life takes a sudden, unexpected shift (Black Hole).

Yushchenko’s startling visual transformation from Prince Charming to Quasimodo surely qualifies as a Black Hole reversal, and his attainment of the Ukranian presidency satisfies both the Quasar urge for achievement and the Black Hole’s lust for power.

When looking for the particulars of poisoning in the birth chart and the transit sky, Neptune, as ruler of poisons and toxins, will be considered, and I chose as well several asteroids with cultural or mythic connections to poisons and potions. Namely, Lucretia, for Lucretia Borgia, whose name has become synonymous with poisoners (though from an accurate historical perspective this is undoubtedly a bum rap); Nessus, the Centaur who expired from a poisoned arrow shot into his foot; Medea, the daughter of the King of Colchis who drugged her father’s guards so her lover Jason could abscond with the Golden Fleece; and Circe, the island enchantress who transformed Odysseus’ men to swine.

In addition to his natal Sun exactly square a Black Hole, Yushchenko’s progressed Sun, currently at approximately 25 Aries, has been crossing the singularity of Black Hole Hades at 24/25 Aries, from where it exactly opposes his natal Neptune at 25 Libra retrograde and squares natal Chiron at 25 Capricorn. This natal square alone is suggestive of a wounding via poison, and the progression of the Sun into its orbit indicates the timing of events. This Galactic T-Square is fleshed out into a Grand Cross with the addition of transit Saturn at 24 Cancer on the day of the poisoning, September 5. This is further reinforced by transit Venus at 27 Cancer, transit Lucretia at 20 Capricorn stationary direct, and transit Nessus at 26 Capricorn retrograde, the latter two both conjunct natal Chiron.

Additionally, the transit Sun for September 5 at 13 Virgo was exactly inconjunct transit Neptune at 13 Aquarius, itself exactly conjoined Black Hole Attis, lending a corroborating air of poison to the proceedings. Natally, Yushchenko’s Saturn at 9 Scorpio retrograde is tightly squared Medea at 8 Aquarius, implying a connection between executive power and poison combined with treachery. Circe at 18 Pisces closely attends natal Mercury at 15 Pisces, which pair are trine to Uranus at 19 Cancer, this trine bisected by sexiles from either end to Nessus on their midpoint at 17 Taurus, and itself conjunct Black Hole Eurydice at 16 Taurus. The natal Sun at 4 Pisces is also trine to natal Lucretia at 5 Cancer, itself conjunct Black Hole Parvati at 4 Cancer.

On the day of the poisoning, Circe at 18 Virgo had attained exact opposition to her natal degree, while Medea at 3 Taurus retrograde was in sextile to both the 4 Pisces natal Sun and natal Lucretia at 5 Cancer. Transit Uranus at 4 Pisces was exactly conjoined the Sun, evoking the unexpected circumstance. Transit Chiron at 21 Capricorn on the date of the poisoning was exactly conjunct the natal North Node, and by the date of the diagnosis, December 11, had made its return to the natal degree of 25 Capricorn.

Also for the diagnosis date, transit Circe at 3 Scorpio was in close trine to the natal Sun at 4 Pisces and transit Uranus at 3 Pisces, thus forming a Grand Trine with natal Lucretia added from 5 Cancer. Circe’s exact opposition to the 3 Taurus Medea of the poisoning transforms this Grand Gross into a Galactic Kite, with both Circe and Medea conjoined Quasars. Transit Medea for the diagnosis, at 21 Aries, was closing in on the progressed Sun at 25 Aries, and exactly square the natal North Node at 21 Capricorn.

The Sun at 19 Sagittarius for the diagnosis had moved to conjoin Pluto’s degree from the poisoning itself, both conjunct Black Hole Ereshkigal at that degree, the Sun now illuminating what Pluto had witnessed in the dark. Transit Mercury at 17 Sagittarius had its tale to tell with squares to the Mars of the poisoning (16 Virgo) and the natal Mercury/Circe conjunction (15/18 Pisces), as well as an exact inconjunct to natal Nessus at 17 Taurus.

All in all a tangled web of political intrigue and diabolical dealings, made plain by a closer inspection of the stars that shine down openly upon us.

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Alex Miller-Mignone is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book and The Urban Wicca, former editor of "The Galactic Calendar," and past president of The Philadelphia Astrological Society.

His pioneering work with Black Holes in astrological interpretation began in 1991, when his progressed Sun unwittingly fell into one. Alex can be reached for comment or services at