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The 'Honorable' Mark Foley

by Alex Miller-Mignone

“I have said repeatedly that in this country we track library books better than we do sex offenders.”

—Mark Foley

GOP hypocrisy? Surely you jest! Yes, yet another of the “family values” crowd has been exposed as merely human, and not a paragon of moral rectitude after all.

Washington was shocked by the sudden resignation of Florida Representative Mark Foley on Friday, September 29, 2006, following the release by ABC News of sexually explicit emails and IMs from the congressman to underage male congressional pages.

The revelation was even more disturbing since Foley was a member of the House GOP leadership, a deputy Whip, and head of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, author and sponsor of several bills designed to crack down on Internet child predators. Foley may now be prosecuted under some of the same legislation he himself helped to write.

Foley’s sexuality was a not-so-open secret. The 52-year-old, unmarried congressman had been in the House since 1994, and there had been some speculation in the gay press that he was either gay or bisexual as early as 1996. The rumors reached a peak in 2003 when Foley began a run for retiring Florida Senator Bob Graham’s seat; Foley called the questions “revolting and unforgivable,” but did not specifically deny the allegations. A few months later Foley withdrew from the race, citing his father’s health, and the sexuality issue receded into the background again. In addition to the rather obvious implications of the released emails, Foley’s attorney finally confirmed the congressman’s sexuality in a statement on October 3, 2006, stating that Foley was involved in a long-term relationship with a dermatologist.

Among a rapidly dying breed of relatively moderate Republicans, Foley is pro-choice and opposed increasing Bush’s power to negotiate trade deals with foreign governments. He sponsored several bills on child pornography and Internet predation, as well as increasing access to FBI fingerprint files and background checks for youth groups such as the Boy Scouts, for screening of prospective employees to weed out pedophiles. Despite a fairly large body of sexually explicit communications with at least three underage males, Foley denies being a pedophile, stating that the contacts were made while he was intoxicated and reveal an alcohol abuse problem, not a child abuse one. Foley has now enrolled in an alcoholism treatment program. His lawyer has stated that between the ages of 13 and 15, Foley was sexually molested by a clergyman.

Although the House leadership denied any knowledge of Foley’s predilections, ongoing investigations have revealed that his inappropriate behavior with minors extends over a decade, to virtually his first days in Congress, and that the leadership was well aware of it. Male pages were routinely warned to give him a wide berth, and the latest round of allegations were reported to the House leadership in the autumn of 2005, at which time Foley was quietly admonished by the House Clerk and several GOP congressmen. House Speaker Denis Hastert has also denied prior knowledge, but has been caught in that lie, and may face serious repercussions to his leadership position, even should the House remain in Republican hands after the November elections. Foley’s disgrace also has implications for that GOP majority, exposing yet another seat to Democratic conquest. In accordance with Florida election law, Foley’s name will remain on the ballot, although votes cast for him will be counted for his hastily-appointed replacement, State Rep. Joe Negron.

Born 8 September 1954, Foley’s chart is riddled with galactic complications. The Sun at 15 Virgo is squared Black Hole Inanna at 17 Sagittarius, indicative of one who may be leading a double life, with secrets to hide and facades to maintain. Mercury at 0 Libra in conjunction with Black Hole Adonis at 1 Libra suggests both hidden, perhaps obsessive, issues with minors, and secretive or somehow erratic communication issues. A close conjunction of Venus and Saturn at 1 and 5 Scorpio is a classic marker of intimacy problems and often indicates homosexual attraction, while Mars at 5 Capricorn exactly conjunct Black Hole Durga promotes obsessive sexual activity and fetishism, as well as unorthodox or socially inappropriate sexual involvements.

The sexual kink becomes even clearer when gay or sexually themed asteroids are added to the mix. Venus and Saturn are joined in a bundle with asteroids Sappho (named for an ancient Greek lesbian poet) and Ganymede (named for Zeus’ cupbearer and boy-toy) at 2 and 10 Scorpio, the entire stellium straddling Black Hole Dionysos at 6 Scorpio, named for a gay Greek god famous for alcohol and substance abuse, as well as the loss of self in sexual ecstasy.

Asteroid Antinous, named for the male lover of Roman Emperor Hadrian, who deified him after his death and whose cult at one time threatened to overwhelm that of his contemporary Jesus of Nazareth, lies at 21 Leo in close conjunction with Pluto at 25 Leo, perhaps indicating a point of undoing. Additionally, asteroid Lust, recently transited by Uranus, opposes the 15 Virgo Sun from 8 Pisces, and asteroid Pecker at 3 Cancer conjoins Black Hole Parvati and opposes Mars/Durga, squaring Mercury/Adonis to form a Galactic T-Square. Asteroid Eros at 11 Sagittarius, indicating passionate sexual energy, is closely conjunct Black Hole Anubis at 10 Sagittarius and squared the Sun, suggesting a passion that was overwhelming in its intensity and central to Foley’s core essence. [Ed. note: click here for more on these fascinating asteroid names.]

Transits for Foley’s exposure are also significant. Saturn, which often applies the brakes and the worldly comeuppance, was exactly conjoined Antinous at 21 Leo. Amazingly, Foley was experiencing returns of both Sappho and Ganymede to their natal degrees, reinforcing their impact in the birth chart, with Sappho at 29 Libra, exactly conjoined Black Hole Pele, about to cross Venus and return to 2 Scorpio, and Ganymede at 11 Scorpio just past its natal degree of 10. Transit Sappho was also conjunct transit Mercury, reiterating the theme of homosexual attraction for minors.

The Transit Sun at 6 Libra was still conjunct natal Mercury at 0, and strongly bringing out the opposition from Mars to Pecker, while transit Mars at 13 Libra was exactly conjoined Black Hole Nemesis, an apt image of downfall via sexuality. Transit Lust at 25 Cancer was conjoined Foley’s natal Jupiter/Uranus pairing at 23 and 26, highlighting Foley’s visibility and reputation, and the hubris (all Jupiter) that allowed a leader in sexual predation legislation to engage in online seduction of minors, a well as the eccentricity and quirkiness of his passions (Uranus). Transit Pecker at 14 Sagittarius was conjoined asteroid Eros and tightly squared the 15 Virgo Sun, and transit Antinous at 7 Taurus opposed the Scorpio stellium of Venus/Sappho/Saturn/Ganymede.

Transit Venus at 28 Virgo conjoined natal Mercury at 0 Libra, emphasizing amorous feelings for minors. Transit Pluto at 24 Sagittarius and transit Mercury at 25 Libra were both keyed on natal Neptune at 24 Libra, bringing to light Foley’s deception and alcohol abuse. Mercury in square to natal Uranus also points up the Internet communications aspect of the incidents. Transit Uranus retrograde at 11 Pisces was exactly squared asteroid Eros and is approaching station direct and the subsequent exact opposition to Foley’s Sun, revealing the extent of his rashness. Uranus turned retrograde at 14 Pisces, just shy of the exact opposition, in June.

It is difficult to understand the mentality of so many conservatives, who rail against the declining moral fabric of our society in public, while simultaneously engaging in some of the vilest conduct imaginable in private. And so many times, as with Foley, their offenses are directly related to their pet peeves. For Foley to be legislating against Internet predators while IM-ing minor males to suggest sexual assignations is indicative of a level of reality disconnect which one only finds in conservative mindsets.

But it does make for entertaining political theatre.

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Alex Miller-Mignone is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book and The Urban Wicca, former editor of "The Galactic Calendar," and past president of The Philadelphia Astrological Society.

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