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M A Y A ' S   V I R G O    M O O N   R E P O R T

Virgo Moon Cycle

by Maya del Mar

Virgo New Moon occurred on August 27. Reread that day’s report for an understanding of the Virgo Moon cycle.

Virgo is about re-aligning in a healthier way, and there were examples of situations which need re-addressing. Popular dislike of California’s Gov. Gray Davis was a high-profile example.

Gov. Davis, in the throes of fighting for his seat, signed into law a number of progressive bills which had been languishing on his desk, but it was too late to tip the scales in his favor. Some of those bills were a consumer privacy act, a bill to allow non-documented immigrants to get drivers’ licenses, an employers’ health care bill, the ban of offshore businesses in regard to doing business in California, and the legalization of same-sex partners. New Gov. Schwarzenegger has threatened to revoke the driver's license law, but revoking laws passed by the legislature is not among a governor’s privileges.

In the U.S., the East was devastated by Hurricane Isabel. Power was knocked out for four million people for up to four days. This illustrated the need for repairs of both the physical and social grids of power in the northeast. The verdict came in for the crash of the Columbia—carelessness. In addition the shuttle was of ancient design, historically subject to problems. The NASA shuttle situation needs revamping, as does most of the power grid in the U.S. The American Society of Civil Engineers released its annual report which said that $1.6 trillion is needed to repair U.S. infrastructure. We’re not even talking about the money needed to update the creaky NASA shuttle program.

But we are talking about Bush’s request for $87 billion for Iraq, and watching most of the money which goes to Iraq going to Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown & Root, Vinnell, and Bechtel, et. Al. It is also reported that much of the money sent to Iraq has simply disappeared. The chaotic situation in Iraq is worsening each day, and reservists there have been told to extend their tours…as well as tens of thousands of new reservists being called up. Investors are crawling all over in Baghdad, because the U.S. put ALL of Iraq’s resources up on the auction block, and are allowing 100% foreign investment. At the same time the U.S. is stonewalling Iraq’s urgent demands for sovereignty. And Washington says they wonder why the resistance grows.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is at war against the U.S., and the northern warlords, equally as repressive, are running most of the country. Like in Iraq, chaos, danger, and hatred of the U.S. are growing.

There is obviously much that needs changing in our occupation of these countries.

Bush has asked the UN for help, but is not willing to share administrative responsibility or decision-making, and has been turned down. One headline said, "Bush to UN: Drop Dead."

The conflict in Israel-Palestine continues to worsen, as Sharon continues on his march to stamp out Palestinian identity, and refuses to abide by any of the "Roadmap" conditions to which he agreed. He bombed Gaza, told Israelis to get rid of Arafat in any way they could, including assassination, and continues to build the huge wall which has taken much good Palestinian farmland. There is a resistance movement of Israeli pilots who are refusing to kill Palestinians and to bomb their homes and land.

The WTO meeting at Cancun, Mexico, during September 6-11, was a major world event which happened under Virgo’s watch. The WTO, expecting to make food trade agreements which would continue the profits to multinationals at the price of the impoverishment of small farmers, was stopped head-on by the newly-formed G-21, a gathering of nations which included perhaps 90% of the farmers worldwide. (Read all about its astrological correlations in the October Daykeeper.) This revolt will most likely kill the possibility of an FTAA agreement at the meeting for that purpose in Miami beginning November 17. FTAA stands for Free Trade Association of the Americas, and is billed as a souped-up NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). This meeting, of course, will be under Scorpio’s watch. Power, death, and resurrection are all Scorpio bailiwicks. Major power shifts occur during this time.

World events are sparsely reported in the U.S., but I did read that North Korea announced that they were working on a nuclear bomb, and on bomb testing. The Saudis said that they were planning nuclear weapons. In the UK, Alistair Campbell resigned as Prime Minister Tony Blair’s righthand person, sort of a Karl Rove analog, although with a more public role. This was said to be because of Mr. Blair’s lies about the necessity of invading Iraq. The UK also began an inquiry into the "suicide" of David Kelly, the British arms expert who first alerted the public about the lies in regard to Iraq’s supposed weapons. A heat wave which swept central Europe killed an estimated several thousand people. France, for example, reports 12-14,000 died due to heat.

Washington was, as usual, busy. The White House rented the use of the Washington Mall to Pepsi Cola for a promotion event. They also gave all White House employees time off to attend, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

There were White House admissions and exposures. The Department of Defense says they can’t dispose of toxins by 2004, as they were charged to do. Also, we hear that EPA Superfund cleanup funds have run out. Furthermore, we heard the news that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) had lied about the safety of Ground Zero after the 9-11 attack. Furthermore, when they did clean the buildings in the area, they didn’t clean them properly—even though they reported that they had.

Bush admitted that 140 Saudi nationals were sent home following 9-11. Also it is known that 120 members of the bin Laden and Saud families, who were in the U.S., were allowed to have their chartered planes pick them up in various places in the country immediately after 9-11, when all planes in U.S. airspace had been grounded, and fly them home to Saudi Arabia.

In June, regulations were changed to allow much more media consolidation than now exists. Nearly all of the public, and many members of Congress were appalled. An Appeals Court granted a stay of the regulations, and Congress set to work to enact laws which would prevent this kind of consolidation. An Appeals Court also ruled that Cheney’s Energy Report must be made public. (I haven’t seen it yet.)

Bush’s special weapons investigator, David Kay, reported that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Nevertheless, Bush asked Congress for another $600,000 to continue the investigation.

Attorney General Ashcroft and GW continue their crackdown on civil liberties, in particular this month against the judiciary. Bush made a very important announcement in Pensacola, Florida, that there would be a new category of subpoenas—"administrative" subpoenas. This may sound harmless, but what it means is that any government official may issue a subpoena—instead of having to go to court, argue the need for it, and have the permission of a judge. These are police state tactics, where the safeguards of our traditional legal system are bypassed.

Ashcroft set strict limits on prosecutors in regard to limiting plea bargains. The great majority of cases end in plea bargains, and if Ashcroft’s limits were followed, there would be thousands of cases clogging the courts. He has also asked prosecutors to ask for maximum sentences, and judges to set maximum sentences. This would make for thousands more prisoners clogging our already overcrowded jails. (The U.S. already jails far more people than does any other nation.)

Judges are speaking up. Judges organized to urge repeal of these draconian regulations. And Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy spoke out, "Our resources are misspent, our punishments too severe, and our sentences are too long."

And last but not least, this news from Little Rock, Arkansas. Capricorn General Wesley Clark, one-time commander of NATO troops in the Balkans, entered the Presidential race as a Democrat. His announcement came September 17, the day Chiron in Capricorn turned direct in the heavens—trining Mercury in Virgo. This is a good omen for Gen. Clark.