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M A Y A ' S   L E O    M O O N   R E P O R T ,   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 3

Leo Moon Cycle

by Maya del Mar

Leo is about establishing command centers. It is a creative, forthright time. In addition, Mars turned retrograde in subtle Pisces to give this period an assertive and sexual twist. For more details, reread the New Moon for the days of July 28-29.

High spots of action were the teeming forces in the Middle East, and the recall in California. There were several deadly car-bombings around the world, and Europe suffered from a terrible drought. Gay rights also made headlines.

On New Moon day, Ariel Sharon came to Washington to confer about the huge wall which the Israelis are erecting around and including Palestinian areas. At the same time the Saudis came to discuss 9-11. Coincidence?

New York opened its first gay high school—such a relief, said its students. Both the Vatican and Congress began campaigns against same-sex marriage. But on the other hand, Episcopal bishops voted their first gay bishop into office. Israel passed a law creating huge barriers for Israelis and Palestinians married to one another.

Security everywhere has decreased. Afghanistan and Iraq are major examples of breakdowns of security, which are leading to deteriorating conditions. The Taliban are returning in Afghanistan to wage war against the foreign intruders. This adds chaos to the return of warlordism which the U.S. has promoted. Women say they are afraid to go out at all. All services are breaking down, and starvation is rampant. And Afghanistan has again become the world’s biggest opium poppy producer. Western reporters who once lived harmoniously in Iraq have become targets, along with other foreigners. U.S. troops live isolated in little fortresses.

Iraq is beginning to show a similar story. People say that security is the major problem there. Both Iraqis and troops feel very insecure, and this situation heightens hostilities on both sides. A huge problem is that now Iraqis who cooperate with the U.S.—who has not fulfilled its promises— are considered collaborators by many, and lose face and thus leadership potential. There have been deadly car-bombings in Iraq, unfortunately killing civilians, and moderate leaders who want to bring peace—Sergio Vieiara de Mello, a high-ranking and well-regarded UN diplomat, and Ayatollah al-Hakim, Iraq’s highest-ranking Shi’ite leader.

Bush’s vision of constant crises, terrible insecurity, and future doom and gloom scenarios, is being manifested.

It’s time we articulate new visions! Crystal Pomeroy is an expert in helping us to create positive visions. Simply following her column and suggested practices can do much to change our mindset to a more constructive and optimistic track.

Israel and Palestine continued to ratchet up hostilities. The Roadmap to Peace, perhaps once a possibility, was neither encouraged nor enforced by the U.S., and has become scrap paper.

Car-bombings killed many in Jakarta and in Bombay. U.S. Marines said that they had bombed Iraq with napalm during the U.S. invasion. And the Pentagon announced development of a new "death ray" weapon, which can kill with gamma rays from a distance of thousands of miles. Mars retrograde indeed!

In California, gasoline prices were up. At the same time, Texas-Chevron’s profits for the last quarter were quadrupled. And Iraqi gas prices were up by ten times.

There were widespread problems in the U.S. A power blackout blanketed the northeastern part of the nation for several days. And a computer virus caused devastation in Microsoft Word.

The environment came under attack by the government. The Administration took wetlands off the list of "critical habitats" in five counties in California. California has already lost 95% of its wetlands. It was discovered that the EPA both lied about the toxic level at ground zero, and neglected to clean it up adequately. And the Senate passed an energy bill, which included much help for nuclear power, and little for alternative energy development.

A retrograde Mars, fast closing in on earth, was not easy with Leo. We could see it bright in the sky, night after night growing brighter, never seeming to move from its all-seeing place, boring in on us.