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M A Y A ' S   M O O N   R E P O R T ,   J U N E   2 0 0 3

Turus Moon Cycle

by Maya del Mar

The Taurus Moon cycle is about securing our territory, planting our garden, being grounded. The U.S. government certainly worked on that by staking out Iraq for themselves, with some help from the British, to whom colonial occupation of Iraq is nothing new. Think about territorial claiming as we review some of May’s news.

Personally, I found Taurus’ magic garden this May, in the guise of a peaceful retreat in the green and beautiful forests of Tennessee, filled with the lovely flowers of my six newly-found grown grandchildren (and one great-granddaughter) and their partners. I hadn’t seen them since they were cute little kids. Now they are loving, kind, wise, industrious, responsible, nature-loving adults. Taurus grows things, and my family has rapidly enlarged. I have a new tribe, and I feel honored to be sharing the earth with them. I also officiated at the wedding of my grandson and his partner, in the green meadow below the garden, backed by a grove of elegant sycamores. The bouquets were wildflowers, picked by the bride and her bridesmaids. The altar was made of big local stones. The whole setting was totally Taurean.

Retrograde Mercury was also manifest. Not only the grandchildren, but other people and connections from those years ago were at the wedding, and the gala party of celebration. It was like both being in a new reality, and returning to an old reality. Sun was in Gemini, with a powerful Solar Eclipse, and we had the two getting married—the Twins. Furthermore, Rachel and River’s names are similar, and they are both born of the same sign—Aquarius. I actually felt like I was in a play dramatizing the energies of that last week in May. I played the Jupiterian minister, with Jupiter in Leo transiting my Ascendant. (Bringing in Jupiter is an afterthought, but Jupiter is not to be left out. Right at this very moment, as I write, Moon in the sky is trining Jupiter!)

I returned home renewed and refreshed. Taurus can be a healing sign, because it supports the life processes.

Earth’s life was highlighted in many ways during May. On the west coast, as federal regulations increase the scope of logging in national forests, resistors moved into place. Tree-sitting in an ancient redwood has become a standard summer activity in northern California.

Everywhere government, industry (a difference?), and activists have been busy readying for the big WTO meeting in Cancun due on September 10-15. The major subject will be biotechnology. Ceres, steward of Earth’s abundance, was part of May’s Taurus lineup. Now she is traveling in Gemini, spreading information and planning for the Cancun meeting. In September Ceres will be in Cancer, where she will be very concerned about food security. Conferences and seminars are appearing now in preparation for Cancun.

In mid-May the Biodevastation Gathering returned to St. Louis, the home of Monsanto, would-be monarch of the world’s food supply, to meet with people from around the world on "Genetic Engineering: A Technology of Corporate Control." It was organized around five main themes: the International Threat to Farms and Farmers; Corporate Greed and Environmental Racism; Biowarfare, Globalism, and Food Imperialism; Crop Contamination; and the Future of Indigenous Agriculture.

From May 18-20, the World Agricultural Forum, led by Monsanto, also held its biennial meeting in St. Louis. It was called Working Together to Create the Future and Disable the Barriers. The format was for government leaders to identify their concerns, and corporate experts to provide solutions—such as privatized water, the sole use of genetically engineered seed, homogenized commodities over cultural diversity, and the transfer of capital and assets from rural communities to agribusiness in many other forms.

As further preparation for Cancun, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman, a great friend of agribusiness, has called together a conference of world agricultural ministers, agribusiness, and biotech in Sacramento, California in June. This is to be primarily an opportunity for biotech to exhibit and sell governments on their products, to prime them for Cancun. Ministers of 180 countries have been invited.

Also in June, the Biotechnology Industry Organization will hold its annual convention in Washington, DC. An educational Caravan Across the Cornbelt is now bicycling from St. Louis to Washington.

As I write these paragraphs, I received in the mail at this moment a postcard from FoodFirst telling about two seminars coming up in Northern California. In San Francisco we can hear a panel on Voices from the South: The Third World Debunks Corporate Myths on Genetically Engineered Crops, and in Sacramento a panel asks, Will Genetic Engineering Feed the Third World?

On May 1 Bush made his big ploy to win the next election by landing in full flight regalia, like a Sky God, on the deck of the SS Abraham Lincoln, where he declared the "war" to be over. (In fact, already more American military personnel have been killed since that time by Iraqi resistance than were killed during the invasion. And it’s likely that the resistance is just beginning.) That photo-op reminded many of Leni Reifenstahl’s 1934 film Triumph of the Will, which showed Hitler emerging from a big airplane as he arrives to address the huge crowds in Nuremberg in 1934.
Bush also filed for the presidency in May, under the influence of Mercury retrograde, two eclipses, and a stationary retrograde Neptune. Looks like there might be some adjustments in his "vision."

On the First Quarter Moon in Leo, GW invoked executive privilege to deny release of documents re 9/11. That same day he introduced a resolution to the Security Council for the U.S. and the UK alone to handle oil and resources in Iraq. The Security Council passed it.

In the meantime brother Jeb Bush in Florida slashed the budget of Florida Library and Information, which is the place where voting ballots and records are kept. The need for personnel is probably reduced, for after 9/11 Jeb declared a state of emergency in Florida, which included eliminating the freedom of information and sunshine laws.

The Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the people’s air waves, moved to deregulate broadcasting, and thus to allow the big three media moguls to take over communication in the U.S. They held a couple of hearings in May, and voted in June. Since the vote, much protest is arising about this takeover of "property," the broadcasting spectra, which the government is supposed to regulate in trust for the general public. At this time Rupert Murdoch, of Fox, is way ahead of the pack in both actual and potential ownership. The new regs would allow him to take over up to 90% of all the media which comes into an area—print, TV, and radio.

In May, probably with the rethinking engendered by Mercury retrograde, there was a big exodus of high-ranking people from the Federal Government. The Army led off with ditching the new commander of Iraq, Gen. Jay Garner, for being too willing to bring the Iraqis in on government. Sec. of the Army, Ret. Gen. Tom White, resigned. Gen. Tommy Franks, who led the Iraq invasion, resigned, as did Gen. Eric Shinseki, Army Chief of Staff.

The State Department also suffered a number of defections. The number three man, Richard Haas, resigned, as did three other top level career diplomats. Mitch Daniels, White House Budget Director, resigned, along with Ari Fleischer, Bush’s spokesman. Christine Todd Whitman, EPA chief, was among other resignations.

These resignations show a lot of dissatisfaction with White House policies.

The courts were also busy in May. Several decisions strengthened the federal courts and weakened the state courts. (This from the traditional States’ Rights party, the Republicans…) For instance, the federal courts upheld the right of federal courts to regulate the consumer practices of all banks. So far those decisions have all been favoring banks over consumers.

Some of the other major news stories were the U.S. in Iraq, trying to nail the country down for multinationals, the so-called peace roadmap presented by Bush to Sharon and Abbas, greater isolation of North Korea, the fear-mongering around SARS, and terrorist bombings in Riyadh and Casablanca, both of which targeted western-run enterprises. Congress voted for increased nuclear weapons research, and Congress also passed a huge tax cut. The Indonesian government, encouraged by the U.S., launched a mammoth invasion of Acce.

The month ended with a G-8 Conference in Evian, France, near Geneva, Switzerland. The major subjects were the selling off of Africa, privatizing water, and how to divide the spoils of Iraq. Protestors effectively blocked the entrance of participants. At the same time, the EU launched the Mars Express, expected to reach Mars in January.