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Moon Report
by Maya del Mar

This report includes New Moon in Pisces on March 13, First Quarter in Cancer on March 21, and Full Moon in Libra on March 28. It’s too much. In even one week—one moon phase—this U.S. Administration initiates so much destruction of human rights and of nature that it’s hard to track. And Israel is like a mini-imitation of the U.S.

All of these Moons are powerful. They all feature expansive Jupiter opposed to Maverick Chiron. One of Jupiter’s favorite characters is The General, and we see General Ariel Sharon holding the spotlight now. The Chiron maverick in this scenario is Yassir Arafat, who is indeed one of a kind, as well as a very persistent instrument of realignment in the Holy Land. In the Chiron myth, Chiron and Jupiter were half brothers. They were said to have been raised by Apollo in a cave on Mt. Pelion, with Jupiter on the sunny side and Chiron on the dark side.

Two planetary stations during this time also show in the action: cathartic Pluto turned retrograde, and Juno, who works for civilized, equalitarian relationships turned direct.

Relationships were particularly featured, and from the standpoint of balancing their power. Issues of abuse stood out, and are standing out. The long-standing illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine is classic. Under Sharon’s war whoops, the Palestinians are fighting in their desperation for survival.

Right now the whole world is protesting Israel’s behavior. There are demonstrations in the streets of all the Arab countries, even in tightly controlled Saudi Arabia, and in Kuwait, both friendly to the U.S.

During these weeks there have been huge anti-globalism demonstrations throughout the world, especially in Europe where the EU finance ministers are trying to develop more neoliberal policies, and in Latin America, where the UN held an anti-poverty conference. Two million workers marched in Rome.

The U.S. continues to promote both war and poverty—which do seem to go together. After all, we put most of our national resources into weapons rather than into supporting people.

The U.S. tested a nuclear missile, Britain announced it could also nuke the same seven countries which Bush marked as potential nuclear targets, and the Bush Administration is seeking exemptions from all laws which protect nature, including the Endangered Species Act—for "security reasons."

The U.S. has sent military help into Georgia, near Chechnya. They are continuing to bomb Afghanistan, and talking about attacking Pakistan as well as preparing an attack on Iraq. U.S. forces in Colombia and in the Philippines are increasing. Afghans are dying by the thousands from starvation and disease due to war and drought. After September 11 an elaborate foreign aid network was disrupted, and it is only now beginning to be reinstituted.

Easter gift: the Catholic Church’s sex scandals are causing bishops and archbishops to resign, both in the U.S. and in Europe. The Pope, however, refuses to face the problem.

The state of the natural climate is deteriorating bigtime. A huge huge chunk of Antarctic ice shelf broke off, and scientists made a statement that all species of plants and animals are being obviously adversely affected by global warming.

Reread the Equinox entry for March 20. It describes well the power struggles of this season.

Let us remember "A better world is possible," and let us develop and maintain visions which call on our higher selves. Crystal’s meditations are a wonderful source of ways to connect with spirit.

Full Moon in Virgo and Last Quarter Moon in Sag. It’s been a long stretch since I’ve written a Moon Report. Life has been full everywhere, and when I look back at the moons, it’s no wonder. The Aquarius New Moon on February 12 featured reformer Uranus to start us off on a grand cycle of independence. The culmination, the Full Moon in Virgo on February 27, was total Saturn—let’s get down to business. Last Quarter Moon on March 5, where we glean the learnings of this cycle, was cathartic Pluto all the way. The heavens have been pouring it on!

Warrior Mars has been in Taurus this month, and there he is determined to hang onto his territory, whatever he considers it to be. Conflict levels have increased in Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan, and Colombia, as well as Hindu-Moslem conflict in India.

Expansive Jupiter, ever the optimistic gambler, ups the ante now. Jupiter turned direct March 1, ready to spread his influence around the world. This is a U.S. imperative, for Jupiter is the ruling planet in the Sag-rising U.S. chart. Jupiter has certain privileges, but perhaps because of that he can be arrogant and careless. It was, after all, Jupiter who slept around and thus damaged his marriage to Juno. Consequences are not Jupiter’s long suit.

During March and April, Jupiter is checked by Churn in Capricorn. Churn was, in fact, Jupiter’s brother, and was said to be a wise teacher. This is Churn’s golden opportunity to use business and government to come through with curbs for Jupiter’s excesses. The Enron debacle is, in fact, a typical Churn healing situation—wounding in order to realign and heal.

At the Saturnian Full Moon, GW described the "shadow" government scattered along the East Coast to provide security backup. Saturn, planet of government, is now in Gemini, sign of duality. Saturn now conjoins Vesta, concerned with security. This takes care of the executive branch, but is that all we protect? What about a shadow Congress?

On March 1, as Jupiter turned direct, the U.S. dropped two BLU-118b "experimental" bombs in Afghanistan. These are 2000 lb. weapons of mass destruction. These are called thermobaric bombs, go deep into the ground, and explode in two stages. The second stage dissolves bodies by taking the oxygen out of its very large area of impact. Indeed, Jupiter is getting carried away with his power down here in the old U.S. of A. Taking oxygen from life is definitely pushing the universe.

At the Plutonic Fourth Quarter we learned that PG&E, the energy utility involved in California’s high rate scams, who filed for bankruptcy last year, at the same time earned $1.1 billion IN 2001. We learned that in 2001 they also doubled their cash on hand to $5.4 billion, among the highest cash levels of all U.S. corporations. All year we ratepayers have said, "Poor PG&E, crying all the way to the bank." (Actually, several banks.)

At the same time, Bush made a huge step towards increased consolidation of media, and putting it closer to the Executive center. Traditionally, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) reviews all business mergers. Bush shifted review of content, media, entertainment, and communication from the FTC to the Justice Department, now headed by John Ashcroft, the Attorney General who has already revoked four of the Bill of Rights Amendments.

This is the essence of Moon in Sag conjoined Pluto. Sagittarius is the great propaganda sign. Pluto is compelling, forceful, lawless, stopping at nothing. Moon is connecting with the people. The holding of the American public in a compelling grip of state propaganda takes another leap forward. An old German commented the other day that Goebbels (head of Nazi propaganda) was a baby compared to the sophistication of U.S. mind control through the media.

Fourth Quarter Moon also ushered in the "economic stimulus" bill, which is mostly a long-promised tax cut for corporations.

The Nuclear Posture Review was leaked in Fourth Quarter. The NPR says that the U.S. will resume testing and development of nuclear weapons. Further, seven countries were named as potential targets of nuclear weapons—Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

A couple of days later, GW gave a speech preparing the U.S. for a sustained war. Truly, madness reigns in the halls of power.

But there is, at the same time, stirring in the grass roots, particularly in the world outside of the U.S. There was a huge peace rally in Trafalger Square in London, and half a million marching at the Barcelona EU meeting against further privatization. One overseas reporter says that an economic boycott against the U.S. is being whispered around the world.

The Last Quarter Moon, suffused with Pluto, was at the same time as elections, March 5. Pluto can also mean disruption of the status quo—and we did it here in Sausalito with our little grass roots movement! The huge, Roman Imperium-like public safety building which would close our neighborhood thoroughfare, was defeated by the voters, 2 to 1! The voter turnout here was double the average in surrounding towns. It was a hard-fought issue, with the city using sleazy tactics—which seemed to turn voters against them.

This result has already brought businesspeople in the two sections of Sausalito together, and we are thrilled by what grass roots organization and work was able to accomplish against a city political machine. Hope for democracy is renewed throughout Sausalito.

San Francisco voted for instant run-off elections, which will change electoral politics greatly, and give more voice to candidates not backed by huge funds. Instant run-off has been used all over the world for years, especially in Europe, but San Francisco is the first city in the U.S. to institute it.

Also in San Francisco, a venerable old party machine, the Democratic Burton machine, received an unexpected comeuppance. Experienced and eminently qualified Jeff Adachi won by a landslide over inexperienced Kim Burton for Public Defender, even though Kim outspent him by many times.

At Last Quarter, just after our victory party, I flew to Mexico City to join Crystal, Fernando, and their remarkable baby Christopher, now an irresistible 11 months old. This was Pluto-Moon for me, very regenerative. It even included a visit to their naturopath doctor, an M.D. who combines many forms of diagnosis and healing to do integrative, non-invasive, and amazingly effective work—a modern shaman.

This Moon-Pluto was exactly on my own Saturn in Sagittarius, and began what will be a two-year process of regeneration for me. It’s certainly off to an exciting start!

First Quarter Moon in Gemini occurred on February 20. Check Daily Success Guide for that day to get the tone of the energy. Vesta, who is concerned about security, was the primary planetary energy. First Quarter is when we move from our personal preparation to making a new move into the social milieu.

I reorganized my finances, and applied for a new credit card, very Vesta. Interesting. At New Moon I was shopping, something I rarely do—and now I apply for another credit card at this First Quarter! Guess I’m being patriotic.

Gemini information was featured in a few ways:
  • The Pentagon opened the Office of Strategic Influence, designed to influence worldwide opinion to support the "war on terrorism." When they announced that they would provide disinformation (which they’ve in fact been doing for many years), a swell of protest caused them to eliminate this particular office within a few days.
  • A U.S. Court of Appeals allowed cable channels to buy and combine with TV stations.
  • GW on his trip to the Orient tells the Chinese they should have democracy and freedom.
  • The U.S. General Accounting Office sued the White House to provide to Congress information on the making of national energy policy. This suit is a historic first. However, the White House bullied the GAO into asking only for the NAMES of people involved, not for memoranda, papers, etc. as they originally intended."

The New Moon, featuring Uranus, was disruptive.

First Quarter, action time, shows conflict increasing in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, and Afghanistan. Also, in Korea there were huge demonstrations against Bush, both for his "axis of evil" characterization and for his lack of support for increasing peaceful relations between North and South, which the South wants intensely. Families grieve because they are split by the division.