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M A Y A ' S   N E W   M O O N   R E P O R T ,   
S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 2

Virgo New Moon

by Maya del Mar

The main theme of New Moon in Virgo on September 6 was transformation.
Read the entry for September 6, along with First Quarter on September 13. Virgo is especially about everyday life, work, service, skills, health, and self-improvement. Virgo is the sign of the Harvest Goddess, and it is time now to choose those elements of our lives worth harvesting, and to care for them. The Virgo moon cycle continues through October 5.

This new moon is particularly significant for me because it was on my own Virgo Moon. I began the cycle by doing my monthly grocery shopping—and truly, I felt the blessing of the goddess as I did my harvesting of delicious, healthy foods. I also did a chart reading for a lovely, productive Virgo woman, another manifestation of the goddess.

The goddess showed up again in Ellen, who is going to help me clean my clutter, and in Helen Caldicott, passionate about eliminating nuclear toxins. Virgo is a sign of purification.

I’ve spent much precious time with dear friends and family—lots of goddess energy there! In fact, goddesses keep showing up on my doorstep or on my telephone! And my Virgo-rising son, Clarke, has a new routine which allows him to stop at my house frequently.

Virgo is an earth sign, and has an affinity with plants, animals, and food. I’ve been doing extra cooking, and much enjoying it. I’ve also especially enjoyed sitting on my back porch appreciating our lovely autumn, surrounded by my potted garden of plants and flowers, grateful for the beauty, peace, and comfort they give me.

And health is a big one. Thanks to the supplements which Joseph Odom gave to me at the Leo New Moon, my energy is returning, and with it that joy in every little moment of the day which is Virgo Moon’s birthright.

Sausalito itself is an integral part of my intimate lunar life, and of course Virgo wants to improve it. I’m helping on the campaign of a really good candidate for city council. And marching with Susan for peace for the nation.

My Virgo expression for the first half of this Virgo cycle has been very satisfying and productive.

I wish I could say the same for the U.S. Administration, which has spent the whole time beating the drums for war. This Virgo New Moon was close to Bush’s warrior planet, Mars. And Mars in the heavens has also been moving over his Mars, strengthening it. (See September's note on Black Holes.)

However, Saddam Hussein has called the Administration’s bluff by inviting the unconditional return of weapons inspectors. Although Bush is not at all eager to check the facts, let’s see what’s really there. In the meantime he wants Congress to give him a carte blanche war resolution—and they’re going to do it! Their master speaks...WE, the people, have to speak!

This Iraq war scenario dominates the news, but there are many hopeful happenings. Japan and North Korea had their first summit meeting. Also, North and South Korea have both been building a highway to connect them, and it is opening. A railroad between them is also under construction.

An investigation of the power blackouts in California reports today that the output of several large plants was "inexplicably" way below normal during the blackouts. It’s hard to prove, but the obvious reason was to cause shortages and jack up prices. The report says there was no need for blackouts—nor for the great rush to build new plants with reduced environmental standards. This is a Plutonic moon, and power is Pluto’s favorite subject.

Let’s see what this coming Saturnian Full Moon brings.