Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

S E P T E M B E R  2 0 0 2   S P E C I A L   U P D A T E

GWB and Black Holes
by Maya del Mar

Oops, George, your Black Holes are showing!

GW’s Mars conjoins Black Hole Apsu.

I mentioned in this month’s General Influences article that Mars in Virgo in the sky would conjoin GW’s Mars in Virgo, which is at the degree of Black Hole Apsu.

Mars in the heavens has been involved with Black Holes Tiamat and Apsu during these last two weeks. These are very very ancient Mesopotamian symbols. (Mesopotamia is now modern Iraq.)

According to Alex Miller-Mignone, Tiamat, a great dragoness of immense proportions, jealous guardian of the principles of Life and Order which ensue from the Chaos which is her very being, dwelt in Apsu, the primal Abyss. From time uncounted Tiamat and Apsu remained alone together, at peace and undisturbed, until Tiamat in a burst of parthogenic splendor gave birth to the gods of ancient Mesopotamia, beings of Light.

Apsu became irritated by the noise and clamor of these recent additions to the Universe, and complained to their mother Tiamat, persuading her to discipline them by creating a horde of beings of Darkness, scorpions, serpents, dragons, sphinxes, and all manner of compound species such as goat-fish and centaurs, a sort of coterie of Night Nannies to ride roughshod over the willful gods.

Marduk fought for the gods, and slew Tiamat.

Apsu is Lord of the abyss, the waters which surround and hold up the earth. He and Tiamat work together. Her ferocious transformations are somewhat eased by Apsu’s watery forgetfulness, says Alex.

Black Holes shows areas of susceptibility to intense shifts in the status quo reality. They can be great energy drains or energy enhancers. Things are never the same after a Black Hole encounter.

In world affairs, Black Hole Apsu is involved with nuclear events, and with flight. The Sun for the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 was opposite Apsu.

Bush’s midheaven conjoins Black Hole Hades. The midheaven is our purpose in the world, and shows our reputation.

Hades was Lord of the Underworld, known to the Romans as Pluto. This gives Bush a double Pluto whammy, for he was born with Pluto itself rising, as well as Black Hole Hades above.

Hades rarely left his dark kingdom, and when he did so, he wore a helmet of invisibility. No one but the dead ever saw him.

Hades is present in the charts of several countries. Iraq’s Mars, which is now up for discussion, conjoins Hades (and GW’s midheaven). Hades also shows up in several nuclear charts.

U.S. Saturn and GW’s Chiron conjoins Black Hole Nemesis, the degree where Mercury stationed on September 14.

Mercury at this same degree, 13-14 Libra, was powerfully rising in New York at the time of the crash into the first Tower on 9-11-01. A Nemesis Mercury, indeed.

Nemesis has a long history, including identification with the nymph goddess of Death-in-Life. Nemesis’ role was to step in and exact punishment when some favored mortal had boasted of his good fortune, without giving due thanks, and properly sharing his largesse with the public. At this point it was Nemesis’ job to intervene and humiliate the offender, sometimes depriving him of all he had to make her point.

She represents a potential Achilles Heel.

According to Alex, the Suns of both Vietnam and Iran conjoin Nemesis.