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M A Y A ' S   M O O N   R E P O R T ,   A U G U S T    2 0 0 2

July Black Holes

by Maya del Mar

New moon in Cancer July 8; full moon in Aquarius of July 24.

Remember the emphasis on Black Holes in the July planets?

Black Holes belong to the catgegory of deep transformation, as do Pluto and Transpluto. They often act exactly as their names—holes into which energy falls, never again to be seen in that form.

A common feature of Black Holes is that they represent dramatic and sometimes violent shifts in the status quo reality, shifts which were generally unsuspected. Sometimes they are great energy drains, and at other times they can represent a great infusion of new energy.

They can be like initiations—shifts which change our perceptions of reality forever.

Certainly the nation fell into two Black Holes in July—the bankruptcy of the huge, supposedly successful communications corporation—WorldCom, added to the failure and dishonesty of other large corporations, and preparations for a "war" on Iraq. Ramifications of both of these events will be far-ranging, and lead to big changes in status quo reality.

Everyone I know had their own transformational situation occurring in July. My Black Holes were connected to a trip to Mexico City to visit Crystal and her family. In the first place, Susan I went together—her first trip to the city for years. Our sharing the experience was a novel and special treat for all of us.

In the second place, Crystal and Fernando had arranged a studio for the three of us to make a self-esteem compact disk. It was Crystal’s first recording session in English, and Susan’s and my first ever. We all enjoyed the process.

Crystal and Fernando took us to many exciting places. One of the special moments was going to the Zocalo—the huge plaza in the heart of Mexico City—at night, and walking amongst the circles of Aztec dancers and drummers, next to the huge dark bulk of the Cathedral. Tiny kerosene lanterns lighting an occasional snack stand made for a magical atmosphere. Crystal said the dancers dance 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, doing ritual Aztec dances for the purpose of bringing down the cathedral and the surrounding colonial buildings.

The ruins of the lovely Azec city of Tenochitlan sit underneath the cathedral, the Zocalo, and the buildings. Tenochitlan was destroyed so that the Spanish could build on the site. Some of those ruins, right next to the zocalo, are being excavated, and are called the "templo mayor," the major temple.

The ruins, as we looked down on them, were obscure in the dark. We could imagine the spirits of Aztec people moving about and living their lives. Behind us the dancers and drummers were evoking their ancient rhythms, perhaps calling the spirits back. Little Christopher, 14 months old, appeared awed (as were we), and reached out his hand in greeting to those spirits.

This was the night of the Full Moon, and as we watched we saw the huge moon slowly rise over the ruins. That night we were transported into magical dimensions.

Sun with this moon conjoined Black Hole Merlin, the magician, the sage of Arthurian legend. According to Alex Miller-Mignone, Merlin is a powerful ally in the healing of addictive behaviors. His gift is the contentment that comes from being, not having.

Another Black Hole, especially for me, was being enormously slowed by the altitude. Mexico City is only about 7300 ft. high, but it felt to me like 12,000. My body felt like it was in a clear, heavy syrup—for me a strange and unique way to move through the world. It was very interesting, and I found I observed the world with much more depth and clarity—rather than zipping unseeing past it... As I write I see Merlin at work here, too: "being, not having" providing one’s contentment.

At home my Documents file in my computer went on the fritz, definitely a Black Hole.

We were working on a potent Cancer New Moon (July 8), and family was important for me. My Spanish daughter-in-law, Clara, with her little girl, Isabel, arrived from Spain for a visit—again new dimensions for all of us.

My long-time astrology-tarot friends and I spent a leisurely day with a picnic in a tree-shaded vineyard garden—a first for us. We did feel total contentment, and I notice now that Mars entered Leo and conjoined BH Merlin that lovely afternoon.

Many of my friends also had transformative experiences in July. One childless couple suddenly became parents to a teenager, after her mother died. One man suddenly got a phone call from a woman with whom he’d been sweethearts 20 years ago. He visited her, they fell madly in love, and both of their lives are transformed.

A friend suddenly moved to a country retreat home of friends, rent-free. Another friend entertained an overseas nephew for the month—his first time in the U.S. A friend and her husband went on a safari to Africa.

I have a dozen more similar stories. Black Holes were definitely aided in their action by the three eclipses in May and June, which set up a readiness for change.