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Astrological Influences, March 2019: Portals of Angelic Action

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 1, 2019

Astrological Influences, March 2019: Portals of Angelic Action

Beginning with a New Moon, and building to a super-charged Spring Equinox, March offers chances to start something—again—as Mercury in shadow and retrograde spotlights things we’ve actually tried or started before. In this mode, the messenger planet also favors inner work, increasing the mysterious, intuitive style of Mercury in Pisces. We’re invited to review, revisit, reconsider, reorganize, restructure, retrieve, rebuild, retry and reconnect with others, with our dreams and with our spirit guides. Throughout the month, this intuitive influence can be accessed to guide our actions.

Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries on Friday, March 1, prompting us to rework inherited dialogues about love, people and money. A highly creative aspect, it also helps us beautify our unusual ideas, giving style to our originality. Women will continue to emerge in politics.

Mercury goes fully retrograde on Tuesday, March 5, although we’ve been experiencing this influence since the messenger planet entered shadow on February 20.

On Wednesday, March 6, Moon becomes new in Pisces, sign of imagination, surrealism and light beings. That same day, Uranus the rebel leaves the pugnacious fires of Aries where it’s been since 2011, and enters Taurus, sign of prosperity. Much has been said about the earth changes and financial shifts that will accompany this transit through 2026. Uranus seeks to free. While in Aries, it was pushing us to free our individuality. In Taurus, it will be about freeing our values, self-esteem and relationship to money.

Applied dexterously, Uranus in Taurus could help us achieve financial independence and give special impulse to web-related business—much more than we’re already witnessing at this time. During March, the rebel planet will be at zero degrees, so it will still have an Aries flavor, emboldening us to act on the need to care for our planet, fight for universal good, leave situations that drain our resources, and stand up for what we believe in. Mundanely speaking, the “living wage” concept is apt to gain ground.

The New Moon in Pisces supports the desire for change, and adds to the gift box of Mercury in Pisces—which offers guidance from light beings and from our own inner voice. It’s a great time to realign with our intentions for inner work. Remember, writing out our intentions is particularly powerful at the New Moon. Check our Daily Success Guide for more suggestions, and the following tips for both your Sun and rising signs.

Sun and Rising Sign Tips for the March 6 New Moon in Pisces Portal


You’re ready for inner change. Apply yourself with forgiveness, apologize, elevate your frequency by doing something generous and expressing your gratitude for support received in the past. Get caught up on rest. These strategies will prepare you for the new cycle beginning when Sun enters your sign later in the month, followed by April’s New Moon in your sign.


Move out of your comfort zone to precipitate new social connections. Seek out a friend or group that sometime in the past had moved you to grow spiritually, professionally or culturally. Consult a coach or wise confidante and reconsider your life mission. Follow through on a promise, and consider the needs of others.


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