Crystal Pomeroy’s Astrological Influences

Astrological Influences, March 2019: Portals of Angelic Action

How to further our goals while Mercury is retrograde in slippery-fish Pisces? Read on.

Astrology for February 2019

February, Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig! How can you grow your abundance during this energetic portal?

Pluto in Capricorn, Astrological Influences, January 2019

How to follow your destiny during this crucial January.

Retrieve Your Mission! General Astrological Influences, December 2018

Mercury and Venus dip back into Scorpio in early December. Are the waters cold, or warm?

Astrological influences, November 2018: Retrieve Your Light Path

Four planets emerge from Scorpio this month—we are newly empowered to connect with our light.

Thumbnail image for General Astrological Influences, October 2018: Light-Worker/Shadow-Worker

How will you use the 42 days that Venus is retrograde in Scorpio?

Astrological Influences September 2018

Felt like you were bicycling through a net? That’s all going to change.

General Astrological Influences, August 2018

Building up a backlog? We’re offered the chance to review, renew, and release our individual genius this month.

Astrological Influences, July 2018: The Light Within the Stone

Two powerful eclipses offer us the brilliance to illuminate that which has been hidden.

astrological forecast, june 2018

June, in which the Goddess within rises

General Astrological Influences, May 2018: Powerful Abundance Portal

How to organize yourself to align with abundance this month.

Astrological Influences, April 2018

A portal for personal resurrection, offering the opportunity to realign with our deepest goals