Subscription FAQ

Do you sell or share my private information?

No we don’t, nor will we ever.

How will I be billed?

Depending upon which subscription you chose, you’ll be auto-billed monthly or annually using the credit card you used to sign up. If you’re subscribing by check, you can send us a yearly check if you choose to renew.

Do I have to use Paypal to subscribe?

No! We have switched to a new service called Stripe which is much more straightforward and user-friendly. It allows us to accept many different currencies and credit cards. Or, you can send us a check.

Do I need a Stripe account to subscribe to Daykeeper?


Is my information secure?

Yes, Stripe uses military-grade encryption. The only way your information will ever become accessible is if you give someone else your password.

Will I be deluged with spam?

We have not experienced this at all. However, spammers and spoofers are endlessly inventive.

To keep your information secure, always take these simple precautions:

  • Never follow an email link asking for your account information (especially if it mentions account “problems”).
  • Be aware that emails from us will always begin with a personal salutation to you.

Being aware of these simple precautions will keep your personal information safe.

Do I need to go to the Stripe web site and then come back to Daykeeper to subscribe?

No, you will stay on our site.

Sounds good, but I still have questions!

Email specific Daykeeper-related questions to Be sure to put the word “Daykeeper” in the subject line of your email.