Premium Subscriber Help

Forgot password
Change password
Update credit card
Pause subscription
Switch subscription type
Cancel subscription

Forgot your password?

Use the link at the bottom of the login screen to reset. (Be sure to use the same email that you originally registered with.)

Daykeeper forgot password

Need to change your password?

Log in, then use the “Change Password” link at the bottom of your profile page.Daykeeper change password

Time to update a credit card?

Click the “Subscriptions” tab on your Account page, then “Update.”
Daykeeper Premium credit card update

Want to put your subscription on temporary pause?

If you’re traveling or in the midst of one of life’s intense times and just don’t have time to check Daykeeper (although, frankly, that’s often when we need it the most!), you can put your subscription on pause. You won’t be billed until you log in again and click “Resume.” Please note, though: somewhere around the six-month mark, your subscription will be cancelled.
Daykeeper Premium Subscription pause

How to switch your subscription plan

To migrate from annual to monthly or vice-versa, go to your Account page, click the “Subscription” tab, and then click “change plan.” You’ll be shown a pop-up that displays the available options.
Daykeeper Premium change subscription plan

How to cancel your subscription

Log in to your Account page, click the Subscription tab, and click “Cancel.”

Premium subscription cancel

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