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Astrology for February 2019

February, Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig! How can you grow your abundance during this energetic portal?

Daily Astrology, February 2019

The best daily astrological forecast on the web!

Pluto in Capricorn, Astrological Influences, January 2019

How to follow your destiny during this crucial January.

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Retrieve Your Mission! General Astrological Influences, December 2018

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Astrological influences, November 2018: Retrieve Your Light Path

Four planets emerge from Scorpio this month—we are newly empowered to connect with our light.

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Isis self renewal ritual

Invite abandoned or lost parts of ourselves into the light of wholeness.

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How will you use the 42 days that Venus is retrograde in Scorpio?

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Astrological Influences September 2018

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